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416 Wheels & Tires – Testimonial – BreezeMaxWeb

416 Wheels & Tires – Testimonial – BreezeMaxWeb

My name is Justice Okeke, my Company is 416 Wheel and Tires That’s where everyone pretty much searches for tires, tires is an online thing. If someone’s looking for tires they don’t just drive around looking for tires. Like buying a house or something, They inquire whichever shop has whatever you need for your vehicle The sales man came in It sounded pretty good to me, so I went with him It’s been amazing I thought a marketing would be something that I have to be pretty much hands-on, but Turned out like they were pretty much hands-on for me. So it really helped It’s been really good. Cause it’s a seasonal business, the tire business. So I started last winter I noticed comparing the sales of the winter before that it was a huge jump and I’d say it maybe tripled. So it was really good. Definitely, if you’re looking for a company or you know trying to help businesses in the area you know grow on the online market, cause that’s where everything is going. Definitely recommend BreezeMax.

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