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$41,077 SHOPIFY Facebook Ads Strategy | CRAZY Targeting Adset For Dropshipping

$41,077 SHOPIFY Facebook Ads Strategy | CRAZY Targeting Adset For Dropshipping

it’s a super cool technique you should
definitely try out what is going on guys it’s your boy the Beast Of Ecom back
with another video dropping nothing but value bombs so in today’s video I’m
gonna show you an ad circuit that generated over 41,000 dollars just one
ad set but what I’m gonna show you as well is the technique behind the ad set
as well but before I do that if this is the first time ever watching one of my
videos hello and welcome if it isn’t then hello
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do have a new pop filter now so my mic and words and all those peas and bees
should be sounded super crisp so let me tell you about this ad set that
generated over forty one thousand dollars okay and the technique behind it
what was the technique that was actually used well it’s something called flex
targeting now you may have heard of flex targeting you may have not but basically
what it does is it allows you to hone in and narrow down a specific audience that
you’re trying to target so as an example someone must like X but must also like Y
so putting that into practice into context someone must like running but
must also like dogs or someone must like tennis but must also be a nurse you get
what I’m trying to say you can get super creative with flex targeting and in this
video I’m gonna break down okay how to use it what’s the best practice and how
I personally used it with this ad set well without further ado let’s jump into
the screen and let’s get on with some value okay so let’s jump into the video
and let’s start talking some value and actionable content okay so what I’m
gonna do is break down what flex targeting is why it’s good to use flex
targeting some of the pros and cons of using it and how I use it so as you can
see let’s talk about the ad set in question okay here are some of the
results spent around $10,000 to bring in around about $41,000
as you can see he was a little bit less than 10,000 fantastic results as you can
see another nethertheless and this was obviously something using flex targeting
so let’s jump into it on on how it all works so what is it and what can you do
with it essentially so what flex targeting does is it allows you to
narrow down on a more specific kind of person so the person must like X but
they must also like Y now as a prime example okay let’s say you run in a dog
running lead that’s what he’s selling a dog running lead which allows you to run
with your dog it wraps around your waist allows you to run with your pet okay so
you can target people who like running okay but they must also like pages and
interests relating to dogs so you can see how they both go together and you’re
gonna hit a certain type of person because of course if you just send in a
product to people who like dogs not everyone who owns a dog you know or
likes dogs necessarily likes running and same on the opposite side if you just
target people who like running not everyone who loves running has a dog so
you can see how narrowing them both down and making sure that the person who you
are targeting Lux pages related to both of them you can see how powerful this
technique can be another way of what it does is it you can use it to narrow down
even further to find the most passionate people in an audience so for example
again let’s say we’re selling a gym bag okay a super cool gym bag for gym goers
bodybuilders whatever it may be now you may target gym as the first
interest okay massive broad one and then what you
might target is barbell which is another big fairly biggish audience and interest
but then you will flex it down with Dorian Yates people who like Dorian
Yates now if you don’t know who Dorian Yates is
you can do a google search but he’s a famous bodybuilder unda mr. Olympia and
stuff like that so people who like all of those three interests remember they
have to have interests in all three of them generally are gonna be your people
who are gonna be the ones who are going to the gym hey and it hard you know game
big and all those sorts of things and of course you can flex as much as you want
so you don’t just have to do it twice can do it three times can do it four
times but let’s jump into as manager to show you how it works in practice okay
so we’ve got here I just created a fake ad set and stuff like that as you can
see you scroll down on target in world wide so you can see how it works we’re
gonna get a lot of bigger audiences I ain’t gonna mess with anything else here
is your detail targeting so if we put in kitchen which is 252 million people
you’ve now got two hundred and seventy people two hundred and seventy million
people okay who like that audience now here’s a little button here that says
narrow audience if we click that button it says and must also match at least one
of the following so if we now put in something like let’s say vegan veganism
I think it is we went from two hundred and seventy million people down to just
fifty nine million people okay now you can even flex this even further if you
want to put in say football again we flexed even further so if we sell in a
ran a random product okay that is you know I’m not sure what you would sell
for someone who likes football vegans and kitchen as well maybe a kitchen
gadget or something like that you can see how we would target this down on how
we can niche it down using flex targeting so the people must like
kitchen they must also like veganism on be vegan and they must also
like football okay and as you can see in practice that’s how you know flex
targeting works in practice and again you can flex down as many times as you
want keep narrowing it down until you’re happy with an audience size that you
want to target so going back to this why is it good to use flex targeting well if
great if you’re selling products that have multiple angles okay now for
example let’s say you sell in a veg vegetable kitchen slicer you know you
can target people who are interested in kitchen but then flex down a lot we did
with vegan or for example you know you can target kitchen as a broad one and
then flex down with people who are interested in dieting because the gadget
itself makes dieting a lot easier in Mead you can you know coffee and stuff
like that a lot quicker cook your veggie up no one really loves cooking veg and a
product that makes people’s lives easier okay is always best to sell so that’s
one way of using things again for print-on-demand and for everyone anyone
who’s watching this video who is selling t-shirts print on demand stuff hoodies
t-shirts and those sorts of things flex targeting is fantastic why because
you can hit highly targeted group of people now for example let’s say we sat
in a t-shirt that is for nurses who loves cats it may be something like you
know I like I’m a nurse but I work to feed my cat something random like that
okay now what you can do of course is you can put in the Flex target in people
who like cats but must also like pages and interests related to being a nurse
so like nursing associations nursing websites you know whatever it may be but
stuff relating to nurses so that’s another way of using flex targeting and
also like I’ve mentioned previously is great for finding the most passionate
people in a niche so breaking down broad audiences into
much smaller ones so say for example cats massive broad interests such as
like 10 million people okay you can put that as your first one and as your
second one as you narrow down as I heart cats or something like that which is a
website for cats which is may have you know a million or so and then also
another one which is full of just the cat breeds so as you can see okay if
some person out there who likes all three these things you can pretty much
have a good bet that they are interested in cats now whether or not when they buy
your product that’s a different question but you know that this person okay that
you are targeting is highly interested in cats okay because they like all three
related interests now the final way you can use flex targeting is flexing it
with behaviors now what do I mean by behaviors now Facebook may be getting
rid of this soon only because the the collection of their and gdpr and blah
blah blah but what you can do is flex it down with behaviors so let’s say for
example you’re selling a product related to fishing you can do fishing but they
must also like online shopping or being an engaged shopper as the content as the
as the behavior sorry which shows that the person has buying
intent okay you targeting people who are fishing but look but they have brought
stuff online or their own engaged upper there actively spending money online so
they have the buying intent now of course there’s some negatives for use
and flex targeting again it’s just one way to target I use it as just a test
not all ad sets I use flex targeting but you should 100% give it a go in trial
again you can miss out on people who will still buy your product so then back
to of course selling to you know nurses or know the dog running lead you may
still have people who will buy if you just target dogs because they may have
someone who loves running but again you can sell it to people who like running
because so so may like dogs but they just don’t
show interest in those pages so again you can miss out on people using flex
targeting so just use it as a tester Cape always be testing also what it can
do is push up eCPMs a lot so if you are flexing down quite a bit
you can push up them CPMs so you know keep an eye on that as well but as long
as you’re you know robust is fantastic and your cost per purchase is love then
CPMs is irrelevant but always want to watch it and finally of course it can
leave your audience a little bit too small if you are an itching down quite a
lot it may leave you with only an audience of say 200k and if that ad set
is doing fantastic you can’t grow that one any further because the audience is
you know fairly limited so how do I use flex targeting for the numbers are kind
of achieved well what are the news off flex three big audiences Kay a massive
one such as a kitchen feel extinct was another massive one and flexed it with
another massive one so I still had you know an audience left of about 10
million people our targeted worldwide because that’s where all the massive
audiences and of course had English as the language okay but I want to talk in
English speaking countries primarily and excluding obviously all of the back
traffic’s countries now last mentioned I was still left with an audience of about
10 million people so more than enough to be able to scale this you know and of
course it scaled fantastically for myself and remember I am always testing
it and that’s what I tried to tell you guys it’s always test as much as
possible of course with an audience of 10 mil if it’s doing fantastic I can
then break that down even further okay you know and still break it down look at
my winning genders look at my winning ages and look at my winning placements
as well and still have enough room in that ad set to scale it further and
break it down and stuff like that so you know that’s how I used it for this
actual example and it this really shows you how flex targeting okay can be super
powerful to use remember always be testing and always test
flex targeting with you know in Adsense because it allows you to get super
creative and you know target people who you know naturally you wouldn’t be able
to target if you just targeted the broad interest okay so you know get creative
with the people that you’re talking and run as many tests as you possibly can as
always I hope you got some value from this video if you did please please do
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targeting and if you haven’t success with flex targeting as well like I said
you can get super creative with flex targeting and actually narrow down into
a specific audience but make sure you are watching those CPMs because they can
creep up if you’re flexing a little bit too much drop or comment down below as
well if you’ve got any burning questions or any burning topics or anything like
that that you want me to cover in a specific video okay it’ll help me out
and no doubt of course it will help you guys out as well so any sort of topics
that you want me to cover or drop a certain video on let me know in the
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that is it for this video again I hope you got some value if you did make sure
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guys make more money online so that is it for this video
you take care and I’ll see ya bye bye yes

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