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4 Ways to Speed Up Your Keyword Research (SEO Techniques 2018)

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Keyword Research (SEO Techniques 2018)

in this video I’m gonna give you four
ways to speed up your keyword research to help you skyrocket your traffic. So my
name is Eric Siu, I’m the co-host of Marketing School and the host of the
Growth Everywhere podcast. So let’s dive right into it so we’re looking at my
screen right now and you can see Neil’s face and the favicon right here this is
Neil Patel Zuber suggests it used to be Ober suggested but he decided that he
just wanted to buy it so he bought it and if we look at Ober suggests what we
can do is we can just type in let’s say I want to rate for online marketing for
example let’s type in online marketing let’s take a look at it and here it is
online marketing 995 keyword ideas found for online marking so ad agencies ad
agency ads internet marketing advertising campaign data it’s all here
okay it’s free to use he bought it thank him for buying it thank him for making
it free so you can actually export it to CSV as well
god bless so next thing is we look at online marketing Oh guess what guess
what was ranking number one for online marketing I guess this whole episode is
about neo portal but the first result is Neil Patel calm and the second result is
quick sprout calm those are both his websites but I’m not really I don’t
really care about that sorry Neil I cared more about the people also asked
like you see this box over here you can see there are four questions so what is
an online marketer how do I get into online marketing what does online
marketing include what are the different types of online marking these are the
top questions that’s Google is seeing so if you don’t think those are keywords
those are gonna help you get ideas for keywords well you’re not a complete loss
you definitely can get some keywords there but I like looking at those that
least get some ideas but let’s say you’re lazy so you know you’re lazy you
can scroll down to the bottom over here searches related to online marketing
scroll to the bottom internet marketing examples online marketing sites online
marketing PDF how to do online marking it’s all there the other thing is you
can use Google Trends to Google Trends and gives you a good idea of where
things are at in terms of well trends so if I just type in online marketing for
example it shows you the trend from the keyword great but you are also looking
at related queries you are looking at related topics as well so oh I can write
something about influencer marketing I can write something about jellyfish
online market Ltd is probably online marketing agency and it online marketing
trends our online marketing rockstars I don’t know who online marketing
rockstars are but whatever but it’s gonna give you some idea so it’s
obviously trendy now the other thing is this is free you can
use Google search console as well so Google search console is going to give
you data around how things are going on your website so I can see right here I’m
ranking for some stuff around su I’m ranking for some stuff around blockchain
ranking for some stuff around digital marketing examples maybe I can
brainstorm with my team and everyone comes up with two three four or five
ideas around the the keywords we have and then you’re kind of crowdsourcing
the ideas out there but if you don’t have a team that’s okay you can look at
the data you have already the data doesn’t lie now the last and final thing
I have last but not least you can use HS HS is my one of my favorite SEO tools
out there and again in the spirit of keeping the video consistent with Neil
Patel we have Neil Patel s website over here
so you can see what I’m looking at is I searched his website and I’m looking at
the number of organic keywords that he ranks for because if he ranks number one
for online marketing he’s probably doing something right so I can see here okay
he ranks number five for SEO he ranks number one for affiliate marketing
Rick’s number four for digital marketing rings number five for being ads my god
he just ranks for everything if you want to go a little deeper you can see how
he’s doing something and trying to reverse engineer and do better than him
but these are just a couple ways to make keyword research faster and make things
easier for you without having to pull your hair out so hopefully you enjoyed
this video hit subscribe if you enjoyed it and we’ll see you in the next one

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  1. "How to analyze client's website and internet presence to see what they are doing wrong?"
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