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4 Ways To Scale Your Coaching Business With Facebook Ads

4 Ways To Scale Your Coaching Business With Facebook Ads

There`s basically four ways to scale your
coaching business with Facebook ads. Most entrepreneurs think there`s only one
way to do it but in this video, I`ll quickly go over the four different ways to scale. So, starting out with way number one, is what I call vertical scaling. Vertical scaling means that you increase the budget of your campaigns or ad sets by 50% every 3 to 5 days. Vertical scaling can get dangerous when, let`s say you`re spending $1 000 a day and all the sudden you increase to $10 000 a day. This is a sure-fire way to screw up your campaigns. So don`t do that! You have to give Facebook enough time to adjust to the new budget increase. Moving on to way number two, is horizontal
scaling. What this means is that you`re researching new audiences and including those audiences inside new ad sets. Or creating lookalikes of custom audiences that are already performing well for you. Way number three is offer scaling. Now, let me just tell you that it`s almost
impossible to build a scalable business with only one offer. You need to have variety. So let`s say you`re running a webinar right
now that`s super profitable, it`s bringing you a lot of leads… and what you can do
is take that content from the webinar and turn it into a video series, splitting that
content throughout multiple videos. But, you know, don`t give up on the webinar! 🙂 You can have two different offers, right? The video series and the webinar. Or maybe you only have one coaching program
right now. What you can do is create a new program that
solves a different problem in the marketplace but, you know, a problem that`s still relevant
to your audience. And finally, way number four is creative scaling. Now, this simply means creating new ads, you
know, keep the creative fresh! Maybe you`re running ads right now and they`re starting to fatigue a little bit, what you can do is change the image or the copy or
the headline or the type of ad. Maybe you`re running, you know, a long form
text ad. What you can do is turn that into a video
or into a carousel ad with multiple images telling a story. Remember that Facebook wants to keep their
users happy and for as long as possible on their platform. So these four ways to scale will give you
enough variety for you to build a sustainable business and to deliver a great experience
to the end user. So, I hope this was helpful to you, try those
out and let me know what you think. Take care!

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