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4 Tips on How to Sell Digital Products with Facebook Ads for Beginner

4 Tips on How to Sell Digital Products with Facebook Ads for Beginner

00:00 Xavier Kelly: In today’s tutorial, I’m
gonna walk you through four different tips you can use with Facebook ads to sell digital
products online. Make sure you stay tuned to learn more about
it. [music] 00:13 XK: Like always, guys, I’m gonna leave
all the links down in the description, so make sure you’re checking those out at the
end of the video. And if you haven’t already, go on and subscribe
to the channel, let’s get straight into it. Tip number one: Make sure that you’re targeting
interests that are very specific. A lot of people don’t use Facebook for the
actual targeting that you possibly can do in it. Narrow it down as much as possible. If you’re dealing with bikers who like soda,
make sure you’re narrowing down to that actual interest. Break this down and only do those, and exclude
other interests, and make sure you’re doing it in a specific area as well. A lot of people go for the whole world, start
off with a specific area, make that ad for that, and if you go to a different location,
make a ad specifically for that ad right there. Tip number two: Make sure you have a consistent
message. This can go from when you’re ad… You create it make sure you create it for
you’re doing, the photo you’re doing, that leads to the landing page. A lot of people have a inconsistent message,
and basically they’re talking about selling one thing, and then you get to the actual
landing page and it’s about a whole different… Another thing. 01:10 XK: This is going into actually solving
that actual problem, and make sure you solve that problem across your ad, in the actual
interests you’re doing, and also on the landing pages. Tip number three: Create a multi-stage ad. A lot of people go on there and they try to
sell and convert people on Facebook, specifically straight into buying something. But it’s a couple steps you have to get to
that. First of all, people need to be aware of you;
and once people are aware of you, which is stage one, you go to stage two, which is actually
trying to get them to either purchase something at very low, low price, or to get them to
actually convert into a actual email subscriber. And then stage three is getting them to purchase
whatever you wanted them to purchase. But a lot of times, people go straight into
the sale, people do not know about them, and have not made a transaction with them before. If you do multi-stage ads, Facebook ads really
work for people and it’ll actually convert a lot more. 01:56 XK: Tip number four: You need to create
specific landing pages for each one of your ads. A lot of people go through and send all their
traffic to their homepage, if your homepage is not specifically made for this advertising
you’re doing, then it’s not gonna work, so the people are not gonna convert. Make sure you’re doing specifically, actually
going through and creating landing pages for each one of your ads. And this is the whole thing with making it
cohesive and making it have a consistent message. Guys, if you liked this video, or you wanna
learn more about selling digital products on Facebook, throw me a like down below, leave
some comments down as well, and share this with someone else that you know who’s a beginner,
who’s trying to get started selling digital products on Facebook. And guys, I’m Xavier Kelly, if you haven’t
already, go and subscribe. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the
next one. [music]

2 thoughts on “4 Tips on How to Sell Digital Products with Facebook Ads for Beginner

  1. People have set up a shop tab on their page so customers can purchase any type of music. Do you know how to set it for digital music sellers. Because the old videos I have seen had this option. But I have been looking for 2018 versions.

  2. Xavier Kelly
    thank you! Great video! It’s good that digital sales have professionals like you. I want to share my experience in selling physical products using paid advertising on facebook ads and using pixel facebook. I really want to hear your opinion on sales of digital products. Will it make sense if I continue to work the same way as with physical goods? I am tormented by questions about the logistics and production of the goods I deal with. I plan to go towards digital sales (for print). With my product that I sell it should work like this: the customer buys a PDF, and then prints on its own. I just do not know how effective it will be with digital products? Physical products fly off very well. Сan i contact with you via email ?

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