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4 Tips for Making Kids Ad Savvy

4 Tips for Making Kids Ad Savvy

Here are four simple tips for raising
ad-savvy kids in the digital age. 1. Help identify the ads. Watch TV, play a video game, or download an
app with your kids, then take the time to point out all the product
placement, logos, and sly calls to buy. 2. Be careful where you click. Tell kids to avoid filling out online forms
and clicking or swiping on ads. Contests and promotions are often sneaky ways for companies to collect unsuspecting kids. 3. Expose the tricks of the trade. Talk about the true purpose behind promos, downloads, and links that promise something for nothing. Kids need to know that no matter how clever
the gimmicks, they’re all still advertisements. 4. Resist peer pressure. Remind your kids that just because YouTube
celebrities or social media influencers think something is cool, it doesn’t mean they have to agree. For more tips, visit us at commonsensemedia.org.

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