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4 things to study EVERY DAY to become fluent in English

4 things to study EVERY DAY to become fluent in English

100 thoughts on “4 things to study EVERY DAY to become fluent in English

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  2. Good thing I'm on the right track, thank you, Lucy! ❤ I always emphasize pronunciation first before learning the grammar. But of course different folks, different strokes. And indeed! IPA is my bible 😂

  3. Lucky, I do like your pronunciation! Very British and absolutely clear. If only I had it. Please make IPA videos.

  4. These 4 things are :
    1- pronunciation.
    2- lsiten with teacher (with Lingoda marathon).
    3- Grammar.
    4- Vocabulary.
    Thank you Lucy 🌹🌸🌺

  5. Oh dear. The text at 1:15 has 1 spelling and 1 (or 2) grammatical mistakes: shcedule -> schedule; whats -> what's; teacher -> teachers (which is what you say)

  6. do you speaking like that in every single day? i mean do british speaking slower than american? 🤔 sorry for my english

  7. if someone wants to practise or learn Rusian or Ukrainian we can help each other. I am looking for a native English speaker

  8. HELLO, I have a question? I forget the spelling during exams like in paper. NORMALLY i speak and write better but during exams i completely forget about how to spell a word. So how can i solve this problem?

  9. Hi Lucy, I love watching your videos to learn English. In this video, you mentioned about teaching in Spain and said "……their pronunciation was so bad…". I couldn't hear it clearly that whether you said "their pronunciation was" or "their pronunciations were". Kindly pls help clarify. Also are they both correct grammatically? Any difference in their meaning? Your help is highly appreciated.

  10. You are very kind im glad to watshing your vidyo l enjoy where see you thank you very mach from sirya kurdish agin thanks

  11. I think you need change your name to honey 🍯
    You must to say well come to English with Honey 🥰
    Why you this much sweet ? God bless you

  12. Dear Lucy, May I ask you to make a video about IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and other English international courses and exams (which of them, I have no clue) and detailed differences for each one of them?

    Wholeheartedly, Thank you 🙏💓💐

  13. Lucy, please do make a video series on the IPA as we would love to learn pronunciation with you.

  14. This vid reminds me of one teacher when I was in higher secondary 😁 she use to pronounce in plural form in every end of the words

  15. People usually learn grammar from books and think that they understand. It's better to test yourself instead of study too much. I like your suggestions about learning to grammar.

  16. I like all your videos and they are useful.
    As a side note, in one of your videos you mentioned never use 4 words including "thing" and it's used for the title in this video.

  17. I think a series on the IPA would be great. I ended up teaching it to myself as I looked words up on WR, but I could use a tutorial

  18. Mam please do make a video on IPA … it would be not only helpful but also interesting to learn with you !!

  19. Люси, ты очень обаятельная. Слушая тебя, хочется учить скучную грамматику и произношение.

  20. Люси, ты пятый элемент в английском! Само совершенство!

  21. Lucy which one is correct 1. Practice makes perfect or 2. Best practice makes perfection or practice makes perfection?

  22. 18 years ago I had „long man dictionary „ and I wasted time learning English without getting the proper pronunciation, your students and I’m one of them are lucky to have you as the most wonderful „ long hair dictionary „ 😁❤️. Love you Lucy , lord sends u happiness in every single breath u take.

  23. Non-english countries’ english teachers mostly value the grammar but fortunately my teacher taught us both 😋 Nice video though

  24. Hola Lucy!!! Tienes toda la razón, en España mucha gramática y poquísimo pronunciación. E mi caso sé mucha gramática y vocabulario, leyendo en inglés entiendo todo, pero si escucho inglés mi nivel es muy bajo. Y para qué quiero tanto inglés si después no me puedo comunicar? Es una pena que se enseñe así inglés. Besos y gracias por tus vídeos

  25. Thanks for your sharing,Lucy.Your tutorial is really really useful.
    I hope my spoken english ability could be more better….from Taiwan^^

  26. Voici 3 vidéos qui vous prouveront hors de tout doute avec preuves à l'appui. Que notre élite mondial veulent nous endormires. Ainsi que l'implication de c'est même élites dans des activités plus que crapuleuses. Si vous vous définissez comme étant une personne forte Où instruite. Prouvez le et écouter les, si vous désirez vraiment sortire du systeme.




  27. Wow! I’m definitely started not with grammar. It’s mean that I started with pronunciation. Never known that I so smart! Very thank, you!

  28. Aside from i really love how you speak clearly in English, because i dont even need to look at the subtitles just to understand you, unlike the others. I love that bloopers at the end of the video as well .

  29. Thanks for this. Learning a second language seemed almost impossible until I found an English course based on this philosophy: "Learn English the way you learned your native language, nobody teaches grammar to a newborn baby". If you have an extensive vocabulary with good pronunciation, a basic working grammar will allow you to practice, and more importantly, you'll understand your teacher.

  30. madam! can I know where I can find the resources or like PDFs, for learning vocabulary which can be used as synonyms; not the terms which are technical ones…???

  31. "English is not important than god"
    In fact 4 things you need to study everyday:
    Apologize to God!
    Pray god
    Thankgod for choosing you to be alive
    Respect everyone

  32. Hello , I am partner , we could speak daily in English . I am student at English department .
    Here my what's up ,

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