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4-Step Method to build an Effective Facebook Ads Strategy

4-Step Method to build an Effective Facebook Ads Strategy

Hey this is Jason. The easiest way to understand a facebook advertising strategy is to start from how you got here. You’re here because you have watched some videos on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, probably you have googled something related to Facebook advertising and that’s the reason you are here. Now we have captured your intent, you already have the interest to find out more about what we do but the challenge starts here. Now you will be distracted from this video or this website soon You will not take the action that I want you to take because eventually this is how the real cyberspace work right now, so much distractions, so many reasons for you to just leave, it’s so easy to just walk away but that’s the thing most businesses miss the 90 over percent of visitors that have landed on the website but did not convert, now what you gonna do next is to create a series of actions, a customer journey to lead them through from one step to another and another to nurture them to become your customer. Because you see a lot of people thought that Facebook advertising is a zero to one process like this so a lot of business would think that, look this is how Facebook advertising work, you run an advertising and eventually you come to this and people will start buying that’s not true, what really happened here is this you run an advertisement and people will come to your site and they will start doing some other things that you can’t really capture. The question is what are you doing to bring people together through a well-designed customer journey to make sure that they are being nurtured and learn more about your business and eventually take the action that you want them to take. That’s what I mean by Facebook advertising strategy. So basically the Conversion to Profit method is really a method that we have developed in the past few years, implemented in hundreds of campaigns and in 2018 alone it has guided over five million ad spend basically we have generated hundreds of millions in revenue for our clients. So it’s really a method that focuses on bringing three key benefits to the businesses. First this is a method that is supposed to increase your advertising ROI by multiple fold. Second, it is supposed to help you save costs and reduce budget waste by up to 5X, and last but not least it is supposed to help you build strong branding effect, that eventually these people if they don’t become your customer, they will always remember your brand. So how does it work? The Conversion to Profit method is actually a method that builds effective Facebook advertising strategies based on four main pillars First is the audience intent, second is the customer journey mapping and the third one is the connection building and the last one is the sales process. So let me explain. First the audience intent. Put it this way a lot of people goes after interest but at the end of the day it’s really the intent that actually converts let me give you a very simple example. If you are not interested or not intended to buy any property right now no matter how many times a developer advertise to you, you will not take action. Likewise if you already have the intention to buy a product or to subscribe to a service, what you need is really the push and the strategy and the reminder to help you take action at the right time. So basically that’s how we want to capture the intention of the audiences and by doing so we want to push them into the customer journey that is well designed to bring them through a series of actions ultimately to turn them into a customer. And by doing this customer journey mapping at the same time you’ll be able to achieve super powerful branding effect for your brand. Imagine you’re seeing advertisements from this brand for a month, eventually if you do not buy you would definitely remember this brand you might become a customer in the next time when you want to make this decision. And last but not least we will dive into your sales process, every business will have different conversion window, every business we have different way of upselling, cross-selling, and to increase the customer value of their customers. So that’s what we want to focus on when it comes to the Conversion to Profit method. So if you want to find out more how we can create powerful Facebook advertising strategy using Conversion to Profit method for almost any industry, click on the button below to view the video case studies that we have put together for you.

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