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4 Keys To Scale Your Advertising

4 Keys To Scale Your Advertising

This video, I’m going to walk you through
the four key things you need to be paying attention to if you want to scale your Facebook
and Instagram advertising. My name is Traci Reuter. I’m the CEO and founder of Divine Social we’re
an Instagram and Facebook advertising agency. And this channel is all about how to help
you scale to the customer journey, your advertising strategy and beyond. Okay, so scaling is something that everybody’s
talking about, whether you’re just getting started in your advertising or even advertising
for a while, everyone’s always thinking that they want to get to a point where they can
scale. We think about it, if you’re investing $1
in your social ads, and you’re getting $1 or $2, or $3 back, who wouldn’t want to be
able to scale and spend more totally makes sense. But there are four key things that you really
need to be thinking about. Number one is your offer, this probably seems
like a no brainer, but it’s not, you need to make sure that your offer is dialed in,
and that it’s a good offer and that it’s converting, before you start ratcheting up the spend,
you need to make sure that it is converting to cold traffic, it’s converting to warm traffic,
and it’s converting at a cost per acquisition that is profitable for you. So the offer is really, really important. Your offer matters. Number two is your funnel. And this is something that I see people overlook
on a regular basis. There’s this concept called conversion rate
optimization, or some people call it revenue optimization. And if you spend some time optimizing your
actual funnel, optimizing your actual customer experience, there are little things that you
can do. And there’s an entire industry that’s been
built up around revenue optimization, if you do that, and you have a fully fully optimized
customer journey, and a fully optimized funnel, you’re going to put yourself in a great position
to scale. So that’s number two. Number one, again is your offer. Number two is your funnel. Number three is audiences. So Facebook targeting is something that a
lot of people get very, very excited about. And you can over target, you can under target. But the fact of the matter is that you want
to make sure that before you’re ready to scale, that you’ve done tons and tons of research
that you’ve tested multiple audiences, and that you have the room to go after the right
ideal people. And sometimes that means having lots of interest
based audiences that you’ve been building out, lots of lookalike audiences. But it’s super, super important that if you’re
going to start scaling your spend to a massive level, that you have enough audience data
and enough audience research to be able to turn up the heat, turn up the gas, and go
for it. So number one, to recap, it’s your offer. Number two is your funnel. Number three is your audiences. And finally, number four is your creatives. Now, I’ve talked about this before in other
videos, but this is really important. The biggest advertisers in the social advertising
game are changing their creative daily, seriously, daily. Now, I’m not suggesting that you need to do
that. But you definitely need to be ready to be
changing out your creative on a regular basis. And that could mean several times a week,
that could mean several times a month. But you have to be able to not only have the
ability to create and produce creative freedom your advertising team, you have to have the
mindset that that’s what you’re going to be doing. And so that is incredibly important. And it’s a thing that so many people especially
as are trying to scale, they overlook, they think that you have one great add one great,
add one creative and you can let it run forever. Well, that doesn’t really work. It doesn’t really work. So if you really truly want to scale you have
to make sure that you have a machine that you have a you have somebody on your team
on your staff that can create image assets, video assets, animated gifts, slideshow, videos,
you name it, you want to be always thinking about having new and fresh creative, because
if you’ve got your offer, right, you’ve got your funnel, dialed in and optimize. If you’ve got the audiences built, targeted,
you’ve done the research and you lack the creative, you’re missing that fourth key component
that you need to be able to scale to the level that let’s face it, you and I both know you
want to do so let’s make sure that you have those four things dialed in. And if you do have those things dialed in,
you’re going to set yourself up for great success. So if you haven’t yet subscribed to our channel,
make sure you hit the somewhere down here. If you want to know more you can reach out
to our team at info at divine social info at divine social.com My name is Traci Reuter. The best is yet to come and we’ll see you
next week.

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