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$4 Fake AirPods – How Bad Is It?

$4 Fake AirPods – How Bad Is It?

– Hey, what’s good, guys,
welcome back to TechSmartt for a classic episode of How Bad Is It? You guys probably expected this. I know I saw all the
comments on the last episode. If you guys missed the
series, it’s right up there in the I-card or linked down below, if you wanna check it out. And in case you don’t know how this works, so basically, AirPods, you
guys might’ve seen them all the sudden, right? And all the videos, all
the memes on Instagram, here’s the deal, there’s
a lot of fakes of these. So in this video, we’re
gonna be going on Wish. You guys know Wish Busters,
the show, you missed that, it’s right up there in the I-card. We’re going on Wish for a classic episode of How Bad Is It where we basically buy a bunch of knock offs and
compare it to the real deals to really put to the test
is it about the money? Or are there other good alternatives? Let’s do it, Ev!
(dramatic music) So we’re on Wish right now,
and if you guys don’t know what Wish Busters is, it’s another show here on the channel,
so maybe get subscribed if you guys are new. In this, we basically
are gonna hop on Wish and combine two formats
and two shows together. We’re gonna buy around six to seven pairs. I know that’s a very specific number, but I wanna put to the
test the entire variety of Bluetooth headphones
and Bluetooth earphones and what prices are like
and how low they go, right? It’s always the limbo game. How low can you get
something and how bad is it? And compare it to the real deal. So I’m gonna search for AirPods. Maybe we’ll pick up some accessories too. See what we go, $10, two dollars. So for two dollars, I can
get a pair of AirPods. “New HBQ i7 TWS Twins Wireless.” Puttin’ these to the test,
gettin’ a pair of earphones for two dollars in red. And all the sudden, it goes to four, sure. Thought it was two, somehow, it’s four. We gotta keep going for more. Six dollars, picture
looks a little different. You can see the LED’s on the front case. And we got some reviews to read. Tyler, “Love them, they
are honestly just as shown “and really good,” from three days ago. So my man got it early. Akil, “I love them, and they came early. “Very nice, good volume,
and they fit perfectly.” Okay, so you’re actually seeing
people buy something cheaper and they’re happy, I mean, hopefully, these reviews aren’t made up. (upbeat music) – Always watching.
– Jazmin. “Pretty good, right
side is slightly louder “than the left, you get what you pay for.” See, she gets it, gonna
scoop those in black. (upbeat music) Six bucks, the shipping is
just as much as the AirPods. Nine dollars for shipping,
nine dollars for AirPods. We better make this worth our while. Let’s get a pair for eight dollars. Just a different design,
I mean, basically, these are all the same. You can tell because
it says Twins Wireless. It’s like I know this site
like the back of my hand. It’s crazy, one pair with charging box. I guess that’s the only option so you can just say it’s one pair. Let’s try out the rose gold color. Sarah, 19 days ago, “Great
for general listening. “If you’re really into
amazing sound quality, “maybe opt for something more expensive.” Like a $169 more expensive, Sarah? (beep)
“Love all three “except it took forever to receive.” From about a month ago, so
we’re hoping on this pair. We are saying a prayer to the Wish gods. It’s got a moving truck next to it, so that means it’s express
shipping by default. Let’s hope that’s the case. No way, a free pair of AirPods. “Cool White Wireless Earphone.” Discount or 2018 new. There are two options, what do we go with? Discount, select color. If I want the red, of course,
it’s gonna be sold out. So I’m goin’ with the pure white for free. We just got a discount pair. Alright, let’s size it up a little bit. Let’s get a $10 pair,
I mean, realistically, all these are the same. We just gotta see at different prices if they stack up to the
real deal at almost $200. This does not make you cool. It’s just headphones. Bluetooth headphones that are really nice until you lose 35 pairs. $11, okay, gotta love a little clickbait. Veronica, “I got them
as a gift for my son, “and he loves it, he said they sound loud, “and they are good, thanks, Wish!” Well, just judging by it, I don’t know if your son’s old enough
to basically understand, but that’s great, that’s really great. We’ll stack that up in there. We got five items in the cart. Let’s go for like two
more, different prices. See what we can get. Alright, we’re gonna go
for an expensive one. Get ready for this, Ev, I even
had to just sit back a little just ’cause of the price. Don’t lose it when you hear this. $33, and I know, it’s a lot,
but look at the savings. $370, Ev.
(bell dings) That’s double what these normally cost if you buy them at Apple,
and there’s two models. Ev, do we want the ordinary
or the intelligent? We want the intelligent, he says, and of course, it’s $36. It’s just beautiful, Ev, look at it. You just have LED’s in the
front, not even something tacky. No, it’s integrated in the case. “These AirPods are better than Apple “for a very small price.” From James. Six days ago, James, Jameson. Sit me down here, and I’m
sittin’ you down here too. We’re gonna have a talk. Are you kidding me? No, dude, these are $36. These better be the bee’s
knees when I get them. That is not a real comment,
and I would be shocked if that was a real comment. See, alright, you know what? We’re gonna just click
buy, got six in the cart. We’re gonna go for one
more ’cause everything and everyone deals with temptation. And for seven dollars, and it’s an ad. Wow, that looks like a real
pair of AirPods on the box. Hm, one pair with charging
box, seven dollars. Let’s hit ’em with the
price increase on the color. Boom, there we go! $13, all of the sudden. It’s like I just know this site. That’s enough fun on Wish. Wow, we got $119 of fake
AirPods, and basically, whenever these things show
up, hopefully, they come. So everything took about a week to arrive, and basically at this
point in traditional style, we gotta rate how these things are. So I’m gonna be giving ’em
a score out of five W’s, kind of like we do on Wish Busters. I’m really just kind of
whipping through what we all got because if you guys can’t tell, we really only got two types of packaging. We got what’s in these bags, and then, 100 percent replicas of each box. Although, the product
images were different, so that’s what we gotta deal with. We’re gonna find out
if a free pair is good. If a pair that was two dollars,
but really four dollars was good, we’re gonna
put ’em all to the test. And if you guys wanna check
out anything in this video, it’s linked down below, and yeah, I mean, you guys saw the last How Bad Is It? Here is the fake iPhone XR. The iPhone XR one, so for
$99, you can get an iPhone XR. And let’s see for how
cheap or maybe for free, how you can get a pair of AirPods. So let’s find out, I don’t
even know the prices on these. You can’t blame me, I mean,
they all came in the same box. But these look like–
(upbeat music) Look at that case, just let’s look at this case for a second. This is like we really tried hard. And we sorta got AirPods,
like what you thought you were ordering on Instagram. Well, they’re technically AirPods, right? (upbeat music) What? Look at this case comparison here. AirPods verse FairPods. Fugazi AirPods, fake AirPods? FairPods, dude, you got FairPods because I mean, it does have a pop up button that’s kind of nice to press. You get to check the battery life. I can’t knock ’em ’til I try ’em, right? So these buds, how large are these compared to the other AirPods? That’s almost double
if not triple the size of regular AirPods, it’s almost
harder to hold in the hand. And just look at that earpiece because these do not fit in my ear
as well as the AirPods, but that doesn’t mean I’m knockin’ ’em because I mean, for
whatever price these cost, it was less than the AirPods. And I could probably buy 10 of them. That’s a feel.
(upbeat music) That is a feel for sure. Just looking at this charging case. There was a connector at the bottom, but you gotta just jam it in there. The connector goes through the hole, instead of it being just two prongs that almost kiss the magnets to charge it. Vote up in the I-card
right now how many more of these you think we’re gonna get. We got five boxes left. Let’s check these out, so
basically, the same style buds just in gold.
(upbeat music) And whoa, check this out, Ev. Let’s say you lose the
case because you’re clumsy, and you’re on pair 35. Well, you could now hard
wire these bad boys in, and you still got the AirPods, dude. The battery’s all inside. I could see why these have a purpose and why these are pretty unique. You charge it, and then, you’re
just running with the pods. And they’re in gold, so boom. You can make this thing
blend into your skin. (Keaton coughs) If you haven’t seen that
video, up in the I-card. Spray painted these bad boys. They look almost flesh colored. (upbeat music) And then, probably the same exact ones. Dang, how bad are these? Really, how bad could these be? The same exact ones as the gold ones. So that’s pair three, Ev. You ready to find out? The same exact pair.
(upbeat music) Is it even charged? That is something I would be
the guy to write in feedback. Got all the same ones, they
said they were different. Only three were charged. But in white, ooh.
(upbeat music) With red LED’s. That’s definitely something I
didn’t see on the other one. These are the most normal looking compared to the real ones. I guess normal isn’t really
the right word to use, but hey, this could be the free pair. I think this is the discount one, Ev. Alright, we’re just
gonna speed through these ’cause we all know what
these are gonna be, even though the picture
said something else. We got lied to. Do have a micro-USB charging
port on basically all of these. Just on the back. What color, black, I think I got a red. We gotta be getting a red somewhere, Ev. It’s the same bud, but if
you look at the actual bud, there’s a button on here. I’m guessing that’s how you pair these. We’ll find out pretty soon. I’m just not even really
finding out anything new. I was expecting some surprises. Give me some surprises, no surprises. Alright.
(upbeat music) What color are these? Whoa, we got another gold pair. Don’t even ask me for a color next time ’cause I know I’m just not gonna get the exact color I ordered. There has to be a red in here somewhere. And it’s not like I like the color red. Don’t really care, but I’m just testin’ to see how accurate these are. All these have gold marked on the box. These are all the colors you can get, Ev. So there’s probably
something in there you like, but if you guys wanna check
it out, you know where it is, in the description, drop
a like on this video if you guys own AirPods, alright. I got a feeling I’ll only
need to test like one or two of these ’cause they’re basically, oh. No, they are all the same. All of them, they’re
probably making so much. (upbeat music) Because you thought on
Instagram, you were gettin’ this, but actual reality, oh! Ev, we got the red pair! It has aligned, the stars,
almost threw the case. The stars have aligned, Ev. – Oh yeah. It’s all comin’ together.
– So here’s the real question. How bad are the fake and
free AirPods in this case to the $169 real deal, so
let’s test these guys out and see what they’re about. I mean, just looking
at the features on ’em, they all have that button
right on the upper side of each earphone, so when you put ’em in, my guess is that’s how you turn ’em on. Gonna hold down each one. Whoa, that was like a robot. It’s like, “Power on,” and I’m like, your headset is connected. To what? I’m just gonna nonchalantly
pull open my Bluetooth, and you’re probably like,
“Oh, no way this kid “has that many AirPods.”
– Weird flex but okay. – This is not a joke, okay. So when you hold down, the right earphone, that
powers them all off. If you hold that down
for like three seconds. Curious if I turn this
on, how do I just get it? Does this one need to go on too now? Okay, now, do I click? Oh, we got it.
(upbeat music) How is my headset connected? It just popped up, TWSI7. I only heard that in one ear, but really, the only way to find out is
if we listen to the playlist. So if you guys wanna check out
any of the music we listen to in here, you guys should just
check out all the playlists. They’re down in the description,
Apple Music, Spotify, even YouTube, no way. Ooh.
(upbeat music) If you could just see my
feet right now, dude, Ev. (upbeat music) Oh, we got audio coming
out of both earphones. That’s rare, I have not
seen it this perfect. Just cuts in and out, that’s weird. So Alone, Never Loved You. (upbeat music)
I’ll let you guys take a listen too while this speeds up. We’re at full volume. They don’t pause when you remove ’em, but you get what you pay for, right? Just kidding, these were free. (muffled music) I mean, you can hear the
music and the melody. I mean, the lowest is
obviously what you get on an airplane for free,
the highest, I mean, could be any price, so
probably give these like a two. There’s no way I’ve ever loved these pair, but for free, I can’t really complain. And you can basically see the assortment that we have here, we got every color. All the same AirPods, the iTWS Twins. One thing that is interesting
on basically all these pairs, and you guys just saw
it, is it flashes blue to let you know when you’re connected and then flashes blue and
red when it’s disconnected. So you ever lose these,
or they fall on the ground in the snow, you do
have a way to find them. They still sound pretty good. (upbeat music)
But every time I move my phone in the room, it just pauses for a sec. It’s just trying to go in and out. That’s another thing,
the Bluetooth reliability is kind of iffy, and I think
that’s just what you get. Another thing that’s kinda interesting is when you’re just playing some jams, you can play and pause just off the button on each earbud really,
that’s kind of cool. Everyone’s talking about AirPods now, but you guys basically got the lowdown. These are all identical so
I expect the same results regardless if you listen
to music, high, low, bass. I mean, you kinda get what you pay for. They are cheap, they
definitely are not $169 worthy, but what they are is kind
of something fun to try. Definitely keep looking
on Wish if you guys do find a pair that cost money ’cause chances are, you
can probably find one where you just pay
shipping, and it’s free. So that’s gonna do it for this video. If you guys are new, make
sure you get subscribed by hitting that button down there. Click my face if you wanna
check out the vlog channel, and check out these two videos after. More How Bad Is It’s coming your way. (mellow music)

100 thoughts on “$4 Fake AirPods – How Bad Is It?

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