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4 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips for Agents and Brokerages

4 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips for Agents and Brokerages

– What’s up, Inman readers.
Today we’re gonna be talking about Facebook ad
tips for your listings. Stay tuned. – Okay. So the first Facebook ad tip that I want to talk about
is using beautiful photos. Now this may sound really intuitive; you may have thought of this
already, but a lot of agents miss this when they’re
setting up their listing ads. Be sure that you only use the
best photos that you’ve taken. Set up your rooms; stage
them; take the four or five best photos; give them a light edit, either on your computer or on
your phone; and then go ahead and start boosting your
posts or running your ads. When you’re editing your
photos, a great app to use on your phone is Aviary;
I’ll add that in the notes below on this page. But that’s a great app you
can use to sort of spruce up your photos, add a little
bit of lighting to them, and really make them pop when
you run your Facebook ad. Okay, so tip number two is to
use a lead-generation form. And what I mean by this is
either a form that you’ve created on your website, or it
can be a landing page specific to the listing
that you’re promoting. The reason that you want
to do this is because it’s a great way to capture leads. If you show people a
landing page that only has some of the information on
a home … Maybe it’s got all of the beautiful
pictures and the location but not the price, or maybe
it has the price but not all of the pictures
… This is a great way to get people to fill out
a lead-generation form and to contact you. If you’re giving away all
the information up front, you’re not gonna be able to collect those people’s email addresses, and you’re not gonna be
able to advertise to them in the future, even
though you already know that those people are interested in buying a property in your area. So be sure that you use
a lead-generation form or a landing page. If you’re using landing
pages, we love Unbounce; that’s a great tool to use if you’re gonna start promoting homes individually. Set them up so that you’re
giving away some information but not all of it, and asking people to fill out a form to see
the full information. Alright guys. Tip number three
is to use a saved audience. Saved audiences are a
really powerful part of Facebook’s advertising platform. They allow you, the advertiser,
to actually go in and upload email lists or
create other audiences in Facebook’s back-end, and then
show your ads to those people. The reason that that’s so
powerful is because people that are on your email list have
already connected with you. They already know who you are,
they’re already interested in buying or selling with you. And their ads, when they
see them, are going to be a lot cheaper for you, because
they’re already interested. If they’re already interested,
they’re more likely to click on the ads, and
that’s gonna save you a lot of money in the long run. So be sure to set up saved audiences and add in any email list you have, and run your ads at those people. Alright guys, tip number four is to set up a retargeting campaign on Facebook. This may sound complicated, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. All you have to do is set up a retargeting pixel on your website. Facebook provides this for
you, and if you want details on how to do it, I’ll add a link below on how to set up your first
retargeting campaign. But what it allows you to do
is to advertise to people that have visited your website
in the last 30 days. This is extremely powerful,
because it allows you to get in front of people
who’ve already connected with your brand and already seen your website. These are people who are
more interested in buying or selling with you
than the average person that you’re going to show your ads to. Thus, the cost of these
ads are much cheaper, and the likelihood that
someone will buy from you or become a lead for you is much higher. So be sure that you set
up a retargeting pixel. Go ahead and scroll down to
the bottom of the page here, and you’ll see the link
as to how to set those up. Alright guys, that is it! Those are my four
Facebook ad listing tips. If you liked this video,
if you found this useful, go ahead and click subscribe in the bottom right-hand corner; I would
really appreciate that. Thanks so much to Inman for having me on. For now, guys, I’m Justin
Kerby of Cave Social. Thanks again, and we’ll talk
to you soon. (light music)

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