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30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

This is a little intimidating, I’m not gonna lie like I’m gonna get like the shit beat out of me like This is gonna be weird. This is gonna be weird. I’ve used a couple, everything from Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble. I don’t think it’s weird to meet someone online I think it’s more you just you know, go into it open and with the possibility of meeting someone cool Jesus Fucking Christ This is a little intimidating, I’m not gonna lie. I feel like I’m gonna get the shit beat out of me like – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you, I’m Emily.
– Anshul.
– Anshul! – Jasmine.
– Anshul, nice to meet you.
– Anshul? – It’s like enchilada. – Hello. Nice to meet you. Catherine
– Nice to meet you, What’s your name? Catherine – I’m Gloria
– Gloria, Anshul, Nice to meet you – Jasmine
– Jasmine, Anshul, Nice to meet you.
– Anshul. – What’s your name?
– Kathy, nice to meet you.
– Kathy. Anshul, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you, Anshul. Cool. So how’s your weekend been? How have you been? So, I guess like first question: would you spend three hours on the moon or three months in Europe? – Three months in Europe. Three months in Europe, really? – I like, don’t usually date so I’m like okay…
– Really?
– Yeah – Yeah
– That’s awesome. Are you from LA or Huntington Beach area originally? – Yeah, I live kind of in the USC, I’m a grad student there so…
– Ahhh… – What are you interested in or trying to go towards?
– Um, towards the Arts. – I actually haven’t been with my family for a really long time?
-Oh, okay. Okay. – Yeah so this is like totally out of my comfort zone [Wow]. I don’t-I don’t do this. So I’m like…
– I feel very special, I thank you
– Yeah! – That’s good. Do you play any sports?
– Ah, I used to be a swimmer. Yeah. – That’s like when I was 12
– Hold up, you had a blog when you were 12? That’s insane
– Yeah – I love Indian food, I’m just putting that out there.
– No, I do too. I love it – You never know what’s gonna like – what’s gonna happen, like, yeah – yeah, if they’re gonna leave or if he’s gonna stay or not. And it’s like both are scary. Yeah. – Well, it was great meeting you.
– Nice meeting you too.
– Good seeing you. – Awesome. Cool. It was great meeting you.
– Thank you. Nice to meet you.
– Have a good one. – You too. – Have a good one. – Have a good time.
– You too. Stress of dates, you know. Oh boy Choose one person right now? That’s hard I mean like I feel like this is the part where the dating life goes into the real world, right Like how do you make that kind of decision? Hello again, hello Nice to see you yet again. Yeah Cool, so I had a really great time talking to you. I’d love the chance if you’d like to see me again sometime I’d love to take you on a date maybe like next weekend? – I would love that… yes.
– Yeah, let’s do it
– Yes, perfect. Okay, cool. I’ll send you some times. Let me get your number real quick. Here you go. It’s… … strange, strange. It’s interesting that we do this all the time and like I’ve definitely done this multiple times on my phone but… … It’s definitely weird when you’re in person, you’re like, oh I have to do this to you right now. Ah… definitely… I feel like it’s so different from dating in real life or even dating generally. It’s… generally takes a lot longer, a lot more… … talking, a lot more understanding but this was like Oh done in five seconds That’s so straight so you can judge a whole person in five seconds

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  2. I would just swap all the bitches to the right.
    Makes them know they are not special but also decreases the chance of them swiping left on you later.

  3. Don't know why anybody man o r female, would agree to do this without being paid a lot. I would have to be paid at least 10k personally, and I would only go because i'm desperate, and the women would have to be hot as hell as it's seriously degrading, even if you're the one picked imo… This guy isn't even good looking…

  4. they definitely put kathetina last on purpose – so gorgeous, I would've swiped no on literally everyone behind her if she was further in the line

  5. I had actually singled out Katherine from the get go, girl is a babe and let's be honest it was the only reason he chose her…. Swipe left on all except her and let's go straight to the finals

  6. I woulda swiped right on 1:44 she was really pretty and looked like she had a sweet and intelligent personality

  7. My man and I meet online 11 years ago. We have a son, love at 1st sight which is crazy!!! But we love each other a lot and r real happy

  8. I. LOVE. THIS. EXPERIMENT! I would often say to people that doing sh*t on social media is the same as real life and was always accused of being over the top. If you won't do it or say it in real life to someone's face, don't do it or say it online. But the barrier of a phone or keyboard makes is less intimidating.

    I'm so glad you decided to do this experiment! The rude things people do and say online is not the same as in real life and given the opportunity of being identified face to face may make it different for most.

    On the flip side, he seemed genuinely interested in who he chose and maybe it made no difference at all because he was gonna be who he's gonna be. He did admit to being intimidated and ultimately played along.

    Ultimately, everyone wants to feel valued, whether it's swiping, thumbs up, hearts….it's just kinda sad that that's what it seems to be coming to.

  9. I got more mad when some of the girls he picked said no to him then when he was saying no to the girls in the first place

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