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3 Ways to Make Money with Live Streaming

3 Ways to Make Money with Live Streaming

– If you guys wanna
learn how to make money on your YouTube channel
through live streaming, and this is Barbara and she’s gonna give guys some task information about that coming up right after this. Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer, and welcome to Video Creators. We are all about helping
you grow your YouTube audience so you can spread
a message that reaches people and changes their lives. And you are reaching people!
– I like that. – You do a great job with it,
tell us about your channel real quick.
– Yes, so my name is Barbara, hello everybody. I live stream on YouTube
gaming every single Tuesday night starting at eight PM PST. And I play all sorts
of random video games. So that’s kind of what I do. – [Tim] Do you have the same
type of energy on your– – Yes, I am known for blowing
out my little mic audio meter. Happy Tuesday, happy Tuesday everybody. Barb Tuesday, happy Tuesday. I get excited, having fun,
interacting with an audience so I just keep positive. – How long can you keep it up for? – The longest stream I
have done is 12 hours. – Woo, awesome.
– This is just kind of how I am. – Yeah, I love live
streaming with you guys because I feel like it’s
a great way to interact, to engage, and rather
than reply to comments, you can talk–
– and building a community. You really do get to know people, especially if you’re a
regular live streamer. You get people coming
back every single week, you really do get to know
them over the course of years. You hit that play button,
and you’re on, you’re going. And you have your audience right there, they’ve been waiting for you to start. They’re so excited to do
whatever content journey you have planned for them
over the next three hours. You’ve got your captive audience there. And you’ve got chat and
all of these other things for people to be able
to interact with you. And so it’s just a
fundamentally different way for you to think about creating content. And kind of what we’re
doing here which is much more, we can’t get that
real time feedback. – We’re gonna upload this later. So on YouTube, you can
upload a video with adsense revenue that comes and there’s other ways to monetize that. Live Streaming is a little
bit of a different thing, what are some of the features that you use on your channel for
monetizing your audience? – Yeah, so I do have advertising revenue and YouTube Red, YouTube premium
revenue that comes through. But I would say the bulk
of the revenue I earn is actually more on the
fan funding side of things. So while you’re there, while
you have your audience, just have these really
tight feedback loops where people feel compelled to really
help support your channel and help contribute to
you’re creating the content that you want to make. So YouTube has a couple
of features, Super Chat, a way for fans to get their
chat messages highlighted and stand out within chat. I also have sponsorships on my channel. And so that’s a $4.99 monthly subscription in exchange for getting various
custom emojis, and things. Then I also use, there
are third party donation and tipping sites out
there that you could use to also give your viewers
more of an option range. – How do you get people
to start engaging with those on your channel? You’re like, hey guys,
I’ve got sponsors now, you can give me money, yay. – It does feel awkward, right? Because you’re not there soliciting money, and you’re not asking for it. So I try to focus more on
other types of motivation. So something fun I have
set up in my studio with Super Chat is whenever
Super Chats come in. And these are neon chat
messages, all of my lighting is actually connected to
Super Chat through the internet of things. What? Oh my god I forgot I made the– And so when a blue Super Chat comes in, all of my lights
immediately turn neon blue. And oh, wait, you want them to be red because you really
don’t like a blue color, and you wanna battle against the person who made them blue, then you drop $100, and you get the red lights. And for me, I’m streaming
in front of a green screen and so you get people who are like, I want to break her green screen. So trying to give people
other fun things to do, I also have done some Minecraft streaming. Where I have a custom
mod for every Super Chat that comes in, use on
enemies inside my game world with your name on it. And so for like $1, $5
maybe a skeleton comes in. $20 you get an ender dragon,
who starts breathing fire on you, and you’re just, I’m
just trying to build a house. Why do you have to be
burning down my house. And so those are ways for
your audience to be able to interact, be part of the
content that you’re making. And it gives them a
different motivation for tipping or donating, or contributing. – It seems like that could be the key, is to make them part of the content, or making them feel like they’re invested. I’m supporting my favorite creator, but I’m also contributing in some way, that this is like having
an impact on what we’re all experiencing together. – Yes, I’ve also done
things, so I need a new gaming PC, my graphics hurt. I don’t know if you are into computers, I have a 760, which is super old. And so I am actually
doing a little bit of a crowd funding type of thing. I have a new PC that I’m
ready to spec out and build, and as I’m building I’m
gonna be live streaming the whole thing so it’s
producing more content. And so over the past
month, I’ve had a little goal to say hey, if you’d like to help me produce better content by
purchasing a new computer, contribute to this, so that’s been sort of another way for people
to see we can all make better content together, help me buy a very expensive computer. – If you guys wanna learn
more about how to do this. There’s some links in
the description below this video that’ll take you through how you set up Super Chat, some sponsors, and how you connect them,
the cool, crazy lights, and things like that. So more information is down there below, check out her channel,
Barbara E Macdonald, also down there if you
want to have some fun watching her and hanging
out with her live streaming. I also put together a
short playlist for you guys who want to learn how to
do live streaming better. Click that on the screen right now and we’ll see you guys
over in those next videos.

100 thoughts on “3 Ways to Make Money with Live Streaming

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  11. Gaming seems like a no brainer for this kind of stuff, but I'm starting to do it with comics!

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  17. It's very unfortunate that you've chosen to interview this particular person on the topic… because here's what reality looks like: 3 ways to make money with live streaming. Step 1) be a woman. Step 2) be attractive. Step 3) do absolutely nothing and see the cash flow in. That's it. Women face absolutely zero challenges on the internet in terms of money making opportunities, as long as they're half way decent looking and willing to double down on that as a sellout.

    And I see how you might want to call me "sexist" and other names now, or maybe approach me politely and say: "that's kinda mean, and you're most likely wrong" – but here's the point: I would bet everything that if you were to replace the person with a dude or an ugly chick, all starting at zero followers (on an equal level), the given advice wouldn't work anymore… or at least it would be way, way harder to grow an initial audience.

    I'm not even meaning that in a derogatory way; it's just how the internet works, and people wanting to start a live streaming channel should be made aware of that, lest they could end up very disappointed.

    /EDIT: after watching the video, I can at least admit that yes, Barbara does have a good personality. She seems pretty excited and enthusiastic about the stuff she does, so that's a plus (the main reason many people fail is due to lack of personality). Yet I'm still unconvinced and would say, nonetheless, people without her looks have it harder to kick off a channel from scratch.

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  37. Ideas are indeed very creative and possibly very paying off! I am just a very introverted person that doesn't like to express emotions with all of a sudden, I hope I don't need to be veeery expressive, I can be humble to thrive in my niche, right? Besides, it's okay I guess.

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