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3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Instagram Sponsored Ads

3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Instagram Sponsored Ads

– Hey, it’s Andrew Hubbard here,
founder of Hubbard Digital, where we help world leading
experts, coaches and online course creators grow their
business using Facebook ads. I’m going to show you three
steps that will dramatically improve the performance
of your Instagram ads. So if you want to lower your
cost per click, your cost per lead, and your cost per purchase with Instagram ads, this video is for you. Okay, so step one is to make sure that you use square images and square videos. On Instagram, the native format is square. It is not a rectangular format
like on Facebook, and for that reason, you want to use
square images and videos. The idea here is you will look more native in the news feed, less
like an ad, and that will improve the performance
of your Instagram ads. Tip number two: make sure
that the ad copy in your Instagram ad is formatted to
look great on the platform. Instagram ad copy is formatted very different to Facebook ad copy. The biggest difference is there are no empty lines or blank
lines in Instagram. If you try to leave a new
line in your Instagram ad copy, the text will
simply roll back up and flow on from the last sentence,
leaving you with a big block of text instead of
nicely formatted paragraphs. Even if it looks great inside
the Facebook ad manager, when you hit publish it will look
like one big block of text. So here’s how you fix that. Go through and when you write out your Instagram ad copy, enter a new line and just use a period to leave a blank line. So the only thing you would
have on that line in between paragraphs is a period,
or a full stop, okay? Space ad your copy like
that and it will look great on Instagram, you’ll have
it formatted out nicely in separate paragraphs,
making it easier to read, meaning people will read through more of your copy and they’re more likely to click and convert into
leads and customers. And finally, tip number three: remove all links from your Instagram ad copy. People are unable to click on links inside your Instagram ad copy. Again, very different to
Facebook ads where you can put a link inside the copy and
it’s clickable and it will take people to that page when they click. On Instagram, it just appears
as text, and even if people tap it on their mobile device
the link does not work, it doesn’t open the desired webpage. Therefore, what you should
do is in your Instagram ad copy, remove all links
and put in the CTA telling people to click the button
on the Instagram ad. When you set up an ad, you
have a button, you’re able to choose the text on that button,
like: Learn more, buy now, watch video, there are a
bunch of different options. In your copy you should
clearly tell people: if you would like to get these
things, click learn more, or click watch now,
whatever the button says. So replace your links in your
copy with a call to action that tells them to click the
button on your Instagram ad because that’s the only
way they’ll be able to tap and get sent to your webpage. So that’s my top three tips for instantly improving your Instagram ads. Highly suggest you go and
apply this to your ads today and see what they do for your results. If you liked this video please
hit the subscribe button, drop me a comment, if you’ve
got any questions I will be answering questions below
in the comments as well. Thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you in the next video.

5 thoughts on “3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Instagram Sponsored Ads

  1. Thanks Andrew! These are great tips. I'm not running ads on Instagram yet but I plan to start in the Spring. Hopefully by then this will still be relevant.

  2. You can add paragraph spacing without "." by formatting the text in an app such as Latergram! That way it looks cleaner, and you just copy and paste the text =)

  3. Great tips, thanks a lot Andrew.
    One question: Melyssa's Instagram Ad inviting to her free workshop still contains a link. Is there a special reason? Yes, it's bit.ly, but what comes after the slash is not easy to remember.

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