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3 Ways To Find Freelancing Jobs | #SpinaBifida

3 Ways To Find Freelancing Jobs | #SpinaBifida

– Ever since I started
opening up about the jobs that I do online as a disabled freelancer, a lot of you have been
wondering how do you find jobs as a freelancer? Now, freelancing is very tricky because there are many ways to do it. I would say freelancing requires more work than a traditional job,
mainly because if you think about a traditional company, a traditional company has it’s employees, it has HR, it has a CEO, it has someone that manages finances and payroll. When you’re freelance,
you’re doing all of that. I will give you three ways
I find jobs as a freelancer. They may or may not work for you, but hopefully it gives you some ideas on how to go about freelancing. The first way I find jobs
as a freelancer is Twitter. I know a lot of people have
their qualms about Twitter. They think it’s just
yelling out into a void and sure, to a degree, it
is, but a lot of companies are on Twitter, so I make sure every day to spend some time on the platform, yes, engaging with my
online disabled community and other friends, but
I stay on the platform because people are
always sharing if a place is looking to hire. Either it is freelance
writing or a video producer, or someone to help as an assistant, or a quick editing job. Twitter is how I was able to
find out about the internship that I did at mitu, which
led to me freelance writing. Twitter’s also how I found
that Bustle was looking for writers for Latinx Heritage Month. Companies are always looking for talent, editors are always looking for writers, and they will do a signal on Twitter to help get the word out. And also if you’re following
people who are in the field that you wanna be in, that
just increases your chances on Twitter of finding a
gig that works for you. The second way I find jobs as a freelancer are through my friends. This ties back to finding people
who share similar interests as you who are in the
field that you wanna be in. For me, that started with
finding other disabled online creators and with that,
every time they would come to LA for certain events,
often times they would bring me along as their guest and
then I am able to network with other people, make
friends with other people. And now because of that, when
friends in similar fields find a job opening that they
think would work for me, they send it my way. The video’s not out yet,
but I will be featured in the YouTube channel
Jubilee’s Spectrum Series and I only got casted in
it because a friend sent me an email that she received
that they were casting for it. And the last way I find
jobs as a freelancer, it’s a little bit intimidating
and requires I think the most prep work is
literally Googling companies or small businesses that
you wanna work with. Google their PR emails and just reach out. Often you will not hear anything back, but there are those moments
you will and it’s worth just going out there
and getting those jobs. I will say before you email,
make sure you are put together, so have a pitch deck of who
you are and what you do, give them examples, have
some kind of pitch ready, not the whole thing because
you don’t wanna give them free content that they can just steal, but have something ready to entice them to let them know you should work with me. So those are the ways I have
found jobs through freelancing. It hasn’t always been easy. I don’t think it’ll ever
be easy because freelancing full-time, it’s still relatively new, but it is possible. It is just a lot of work. You’re having to put on every kind of hat in order to take care of yourself, to complete a job, to get paid. And the scary thing is, unlike
others in traditional jobs, you don’t have a set payroll. You have to work 10 times
harder to make sure you can pay all your bills and live life. And it is important as a
freelancer to take the time to decompress and not work so much. It’s very hard to because
freelancing is so everywhere, but you do also have to really
work on your mental health because of the nature of freelancing. But overall, I think it is worth it. Freelancing, I believe,
is one of the few ways a disabled person can
provide for themselves and avoid a lot of the ableism that comes in a traditional job market. So those are my three tips on
how to find jobs to freelance. If you are also a freelancer, what are some ways that you find jobs? Put them in the comments
below so that people who are interested in
this can have a resource. And if you like this video
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  1. thank you for this, Andrea! i'm also disabled and looking into freelancing. I have cerebral palsy & scoliosis!

  2. Networking is so key. It truly is the slow road. You have to plant the hard winter wheat so that you'll have harvest in summer.

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