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3 Things To Stockpile For Apocalypse Emergency

3 Things To Stockpile For Apocalypse Emergency

hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper today I wanted to share with you some thoughts I had about prepping for a zombie apocalypse shtf emergency now that may sound like it’s something ridiculous that we should be concerned
with that it’s something out of the movies but when you really think about
what an apocalypse means then you realize that maybe we’re not too far off
to plan for the worst case scenario an apocalypse would be the end of say the
world as we know it TEOTWAWKI which doesn’t have to mean the end of the whole world it
could mean something that completely disrupts the area where you live maybe
you live in an area that has an earthquake a tornado floods hurricanes
wouldn’t something like that be considered an apocalypse to you
personally and so then you have to think about the other people that are around
you people live according to their addictions if you take away their
ability to get the things are addicted to they turn into zombie like creatures
maybe you yourself have some kind of an addiction that is something that you
want you crave you desire maybe you want your morning coffee your Diet Pepsi with
your lunch maybe you want a glass of wine with dinner or a cigarette those
are the kind of addictions that make people turn into zombies when they can’t
have what they want in emergency situations the first stores that are
looted are liquor stores do you think people would become zombies without
their alcohol well I think the answer is yes I did a little research and found
that the most common alcohol spirits consumed in the United States is whiskey and in
something like 15 states the most common whiskey is Fireball would that be
something worth having on hand in case you encountered people who were
desperate for some alcohol maybe it’s worthwhile to have a few small bottles of liquor alcohol
on hand in case you needed to barter with someone or reason with someone or
help them deal with their addiction in a time of emergency another addiction that
people have is smoking people go crazy if they can’t have their cigarette I was
on an airplane one time and a lady across the aisle got out a cigarette
and was just dangling it in her mouth and the flight attendants were like you
can’t have that don’t light that don’t do that and she’s like I just need to touch cigarette it in my lips I just need to touch it to my lips obviously if this was just a six
hour flight can you imagine if this woman had been six days without a
cigarette people with addictions can actually have erratic behaviors they can
put others in danger when they can’t get what they want maybe you want to pick up a few packs of cigarettes have a few lighters you never know when you might
be able to barter those for something that you need even more did you realize
after liquor stores the next stores that are looted in emergency situations are drug stores there are lots of people who have drug addictions it’s just a fact of life now I am not
proposing that anyone put a stockpile of illegal drugs in an emergency situation
people can’t have their drugs but they’re still going to have those
symptoms they want to feel better they want to relieve whatever is bothering
them so we’re not going to have illegal drugs on hand but you could head to the
Dollar Tree store you could pick up some over-the-counter pain medications people zombies are going to have headaches body aches sore throats in an emergency
people might also need antibiotic creams rash ointment first-aid creams there are
all kinds of over-the-counter medicines and remedies that you could choose to
stockpile with your emergency survival prepping prepper gear stash a few extra items a dollar at a time put those away you have those in case there is something like a zombie apocalypse TEOTWAWKI SHTF think
if you had a supply of things for addictions and you did encounter desperate addicted people you could even be in a position to protect your own family if you encounter people who
are in desperate straits addicts needing a fix because you might have something just a little bit
that you can help them on their way so they feel a little better and then
they’ll go on make sure that in any kind of a bartering situation that you never
reveal all the supplies stockpile that you have show a few items and see if maybe they have something they want to trade or barter with you or maybe you’ll be in a position when you’re willing to just donate the supplies cigarettes alcohol drugs so that
they’ll be on their way and leave you alone we don’t know what we’re going to
encounter but we do know that there are emergency situations SHTF apocalypse that all of us will encounter some time in our life we also know that there are people that
when they don’t get what they want their addiction addictive substances they just become erratic and
irrational and then they can be a danger to you stockpiling a few items that
could help those with addictions feel better and keep them going on their way
could be something that keeps you and your family safe when you never thought
that was coming don’t think that in an emergency situation the only people
you’re going to encounter are coming after your spam your rice and your beans
that’s not what they’re looking for people with addictive behaviors
something like drug addicts are willing to do just about anything even on an
average day so make sure that in an emergency apocalypse SHTF you are doing what you can to protect yourself and your family we don’t know what we’re going to encounter
so it’s best to think of all different kinds of scenarios and then do what you
can to prepare to meet those unexpected emergencies if you’re concerned with
prepping for a zombie apocalypse SHTF TEOTWAWKI consider these items that I’ve suggested
for you to have a stockpile with you’re prepping supplies your emergency gear in
case you meet up with some of those zombies in an apocalyptic situation
leave me a comment on what items you think are most important to stockpile in
case there is an apocalypse in your life learn more at alaskagranny.com please
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23 thoughts on “3 Things To Stockpile For Apocalypse Emergency

  1. My concern is if its real bad and long term fuel will go first then we will have to fall back to horses for transportation and working the land dont think there are many horses anymore or poeple who know how to care for them. Hopefully it never comes to that.

  2. Great advise AG. Not something most folks think about. I would be reluctant to use these items for barter except for close family or dear friends because once known you have them, folks will return for more. They will have nothing to barter. They have nothing to offer but their addiction.They just want and will do anything to get. Just beware. Sadly, trust no one.

  3. Hi AlaskaGranny, Thank you for sharing an excellent video on what 3 things to stockpile for emergency. AG you are spot on on the Cigarettes. I seen this first hand when I went thru basic training in the Army when everyone's cigarettes were taken away during the time we were in basic training. First day wasn't too bad, but starting on day 2 things started to get bad, really bad, the guys just started to shake and tremble really bad and as time wore on we would be marching down the streets and these guys would jump out of formation and grab any cigarette butts that accumulated on the edge of the road and started just puffing on the cigarette butts, they couldn't light the cigarette butts as they had no means to, anyway, to me what they were doing was the most discussing things I had ever seen in my life at the time, to take a nasty old cigarette butt that someone threw out on the ground, grab it up and just puffing away on the dirty thing. Like you said AG, people who smokes will do anything to get a cigarette to light up, I even know women and even men who smokes, that their habit is so bad, they will forgo any food for their children, and gas for their vehicles, just to get a pack of cigarettes for a smoke.
    It is truly a shame when a person has a habit so bad that they can only think of themselves, and no other but themselves, regardless what they may say to your face. Thank you again AlaskaGranny, for sharing your thought's for stockpiling for an emergency. Very Respectfully, dd

  4. Our grocery store has a mark down bin and sometimes it has liquor in it. I suspect it just didn't sell. I was thinking of picking up some alcohol mainly in case it was needed for sterilization. But, if I wanted to trade it I imagine that it wouldn't matter if it wasn't a top of the line brand. I need to pick up more bic lighters. I have really noticed food prices going up and I am not just talking about veggies. The Hannaford brand elbow macaroni went up 10 cents. And canned soups also. I buy on sale and with coupons but still there are times you have to pay full price. I feel sorry for young families who are trying to make healthy meals.

  5. very good points I saw a video on a survivor of war and one of the many important things was matches/lighters for warmth fires and cooking, cleaning products to keep disease at bay/medicine and of course water/food finding different ways to source water besides the tap in a populated area and doing it discreetly.

  6. Don't help anyone with an addiction problem. If you give him or her a mini bottle of alcohol, cigarettes etc. They will come back with friends and take what you have. They will likely injure, maim, rape or kill. Only trade with known neighbors. Never say how much of anything you have. Hunger and addiction will drive people to take lives within 72 hours of a disaster.

  7. You are right….everyone has something they will want. I dont drink anymore but having a few bottles for "medicinal use" might come in handy as barter. Thanks my friend and enjoy your Labor Day…..GBY

  8. Thank you for your video.
    These days we don't "help" people as much as we "enable" them. IMHO.
    Drunks and cigarette bums aren't too bad, .. and the "real junkies" won't be a problem either.
    Those useless tools that would steal the eyes out of your head and come back for the holes today, wouldn't be so nasty after a serious SHTF event.
    They'd be too sick.
    And with a sickness I'd only wish upon all my enemies.
    And face it. Junkies are not the healthiest creatures to begin with. Suicidal really. They might not even survive the two weeks of withdraw hell they'll go through with out their junk. It's nasty business, just the cramps alone, … the convulsions, … dehydration, … the belief that you're dying, and wishing you were, …
    And after that two weeks of withdraw hell is over and the sick creature can stand up without pooping their pants, do you think they'll be ready for any kind of nasty action?
    At best, they'll be dirty, shaking, weak, blurry eyed, sweat stained and not thinking clearly at all. And that would be under the best of conditions.
    They'd need some kind of support structure or "clan", that's for sure. Someone to "enable" them.
    There's no such thing as a "prepared" junkie, … lol Not a practicing junkie anyway.
    About now, it's about time to remember that death is the ultimate healing, … just saying.
    I have all my "addictions" covered, … for a couple of years at least. I quit drinking, quit smoking, and decided that I just love freeze dried coffee, and if you have to be addicted, freeze dried coffee isn't that bad. "If" I were to reduce my coffee consumption to two cups a day, … totally doable, .. I could really stretch out my coffee preps. Years, I tell you, …
    I took up gardening as a hobby and now I'm addicted, … it's awful. I'm able to ward off the winter withdrawl with seed catalogs thank god.
    And to sum up, I believe that the vast majority of us are addicted to the convenience of this so called "modern life", where we exchange our lives for somebody else's idea of a good time, and we're not really allowed to develop our own ideal are we?
    Have a great one.

  9. Wow never thought of those things It makes so much sense..I guess for me it would be cawfee 🥴Thank you for the enlightenment God bless 💚👵

  10. I agree with stockpiling over the counter medications for your family but not for the use of others.
    I would never store cigarettes or liquor for any reason. If a crazy person or addicted person showed up at your door and you gave them something just as soon as the effects of whatever you gave them wore off they will be back at your door to take every thing by force.
    You will not be safe guarding your family and these people will not just be on their way.
    Real experts say if something did happen no one will be bartering anything. People who have had the foresight to be prepared they will store what they will need. And will want to keep what they have stored. Only people who have not thought this through will stockpile things they don't use or need.
    You also don't want anyone to know what you have or don't have. Not even other family members. If they are starving and they know you have a fully stocked pantry they will be there demanding your stored item.
    You might have a couple years to 25 years of food stored for your family but that wouldn't last long if everyone you know shows up at your door step expecting you feed them, And if you don't give it to them you better be prepared to defend it family or not.
    There is only about 3,000,000 out 329,387,810 Americans that prep and most only have a few weeks to a couple months worth of food or water in their homes. These unprepared people will soon begin to starve They will become as bad as an addicted person looking for their next fix. And they will not just go away.
    Example; I was at my neighborhood grocery store this pass week and my neighbor Debbie was at the store and noticed my cart was full of canned foods, pastas, rice and beans. She had seen me before taking a lot of these same items in my home over the past year. She made the comment I know where we will be going if we get hungry. I quickly told her I am a deadly shot and carry a 357 magnum S&W every where I go. I just wanted her to know I would be willing, ready and able to defend what was mine.
    I am not the only one out there that feels this way.

  11. I'm an alcoholic so I do not keep whiskey in the house. And yes, I was a zombie during my withdrawal and recovery! It was a sobering experience LOL

  12. I fear if you barter or give someone what they want, they'll come back, thinking you have more. In a desperate situation, addictive craving become more intense. Not sure I want to deal with that. I quit smoking but I have one pack, just in case. 😵 I wonder if expired nicotine patches are safe? Good subject. Thanks, Granny. 😀

  13. Stocking vices for anyone but your own family is a bad idea. "Barter" just gets all of you killed for a few liters and pills. Addiction is real, but you are a fool to ever stock up for someone besides your own family. STFU, stock up, keep everyone else a gun barrel away. And stay STFU. Really. Real disaster preparedness isn't really apocalypse. Real apocalypse, you are getting killed for 2 aspirin and the contents of your shelter. You aren't giving shit away to make friends..

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