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3 things that can work against your Facebook ads image #bertaTips #65

3 things that can work against your Facebook ads image #bertaTips #65

Hello! Today I;d like to talk to you about 3 things that could be working against you when you’re creating your images for your Facebook Ads. There’s a few things you can do to make your Facebook ad images work better. If you’re not doing these things it’s possible that you’re not going to get as much reach because of the way the robot works and because of the way that human brains work 🙂 Let’s get right into it! Number one is: using a contrasting colour I think this one is interesting and I don’t stick to it strictly but I do sometimes think about it when I see someone’s visuals – it’s a bit like – ooohhh! that’s a lot of blue. So, Facebook’s branding and clolour scheme is very blue. the suggestion I heard was to try to go with orange tones because orange is opposite to blue so that would stand out more If you have an image that looks a lot like the Facebook branding you might be blending in and I guess that the underlying tip here is to try to find visuals that really stand out. A second thing could be if you have really shiny, polished images that don’t look like a native part of the feed it’s really obvious that they’re an ad. So if you’re using really generic stock images, or very clean, shiny, perfect pictures it doesn’t really look like a natural part of the feed and I don’t know about you but I’m sure for me – when I’m scrolling, If I can tell it’s an ad I’ll quickly scroll past and I have thought that some ads were part of my actual friend feed because it was just a real, authentic picture It didn’t look really polished, it wasn’t so fancy. So, that’s one thing you can try – is just showing up in your ad in a really more authentic way either video or photo-wise where it’s not looking so much like machine polished because people are now more savvy about what’s an ad and what’s not an ad and they’re just going to flick quickly past if they think it’s an ad and the third thing which is a really easy one that you can control is to make sure you have less of your image less than 20% of image is text becuase if you submit an ad that’s got lots of text on the image – you’re not going to get as good reach on your ad I generally don’t put any text on my image – I let my headline and my captions do the work but if you feel like you absolutely have to have words on your photo there is a way you can figure out what percentage of text you have whether you have 20% or not and I’m going to show you that now. I’m going to do a screen share right now – I think it’s called the text overlay tool and it’s actually a tool – the image text check – Facebook actually gives you this I’ll put the link in the video description below basically they don’t want you to have more than 20% text so and over here they’re going to give you a rating so this is how this works: you come to this page, you click Upload – I’m just chossing my image I’m going to test this one first it’s just processing the image now but it doesn’t actually say processing or anything – it just makes you sit here wondering… Do be patient – it’s probably loading. Now we can see “Imge text medium” Your ads reach may be much lower – and we can see over here – the ratings This image is way down here at medium (reading the rating) You can still put in the order for your ad the ad will still run but it just won’t get as much reach so now let’s upload another one – just click upload I’m choosing another image just processing This one is ok! My ad will run normally. This is a smaller amount of text. The way I achieved this is by using an online graphic design tool called Canva You’ve probably heard me rave on about Canva before You just go to www.canva.com you log in with an email address create yourself an account and they have all these cool templates lots of them – Instagram post, blog banner, so many – they have a Facebook ads one – just type in here – ads Choose Facebook ad – and the beauty of these templates is that generally this is the right size:1200×628 – so this is already the perfect size for your ad which I have covered in other videos the other really cool thing they have is these layouts and all of these layouts are graphic designer created so you’ve got someone who has trained – they’ve got the eye for it they’ve made this layouts and these all have less than 20% text coverage so youcan use one of these and as long as you don’t blow the text out and make it bigger you can trust that your ad image will get through and this one here – the biz global summit thing is the one I used for the ad that got through on the image checker I just chenged it a tiny bit – Imoved it down and I changed the text Generally I just use these – they make it really easy All you have to do to use them is click on one and then you can change the image and the wording – you can have no wording and just use the template with no wording at all (tech glitch) so much for my excellent example! You can delete the words and have just an image, knowing that your image is the right size I hope that helped – Bob’s your uncle. Who is Bob? And whose uncle is he? It’s funny the things we say unconsciously I hope you are having a great day – I hope that video really helped you – if you need a hand with Facebook ads drop me a line – I love helping with Facebook ads – it’s a beast that I know my way around and if you’re struggling to find your way around or it’s just really intimidating, book a free chat with me – we can also have 1-1 sessions and have a play Have a great time. See ya

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