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3 Steps to Get Real Estate Listings with Digital Advertising

3 Steps to Get Real Estate Listings with Digital Advertising

Hi everyone, I wanted to shoot a quick
video. A lot of the real estate professionals that I meet with have
expressed that they’re underwhelmed with their marketing or they’re not getting
the results and the new clients that they need. And they’re not really sure
why. And so since I focus on real estate marketing and digital advertising I
wanted to talk on the subject because digital advertising specifically is such
a useful tool to help get new clients and build a brokerage. And in order to do
so you need to understand the three required steps to make it work. So if
you’re running ads now great if you’re kind of just getting started on it also
great but the success of any digital advertising really hinges on these three
things and they are who you target, what you put
in front of them, and then how you convert them. So number one who you
target. Obviously it makes no sense to put an ad in from somebody who doesn’t
need your help. You’re not doing them any favors and you’re certainly not helping
yourself out. So you have to understand your target audience and you have to
understand where they are and what they’re doing.. And then depending on
the platform you set up you’re targeting so we use Facebook because there’s a lot
of things that you can target, but also because we can plug in our behavioural
targeting data which tells us who is actively researching online about selling
their house.. We focus on sellers but this applies to buyers and sellers as
well. And then once you have that targeting in place and you know who
needs your help you have to get in front of them. And so number two is what you
put in front of them, and this is the actual ad. This is where they raise their
hand and say that they want your help. And there are so many variables here. There’s the wording on the ad, there’s the picture, there’s the offer, there’s a
lot of different things that you can tweak, but your goal is to get
these as perfect as possible so that as many people as you can convert into leads do convert. And you’ll test this and you’ll figure out what works and what
doesn’t. And once they do raise their hand and become a lead you’ve got to
have the right system to turn them into a client. So at this point, you’ve found
the people that are looking to buy or sell a house and you’ve gotten them to
raise their hand and share their information with you.
And.. if they never… if you call and they never answer the phone then, what’s
the point of the first two steps. And so an important thing to understand here is
something called speed to lead. So for digital advertising reaching out to
leads within one to four minutes increases your chance of converting them
into a client by almost 400%. Message me for that case study I’ll send it to you. it’s really really interesting, but this is where having a really good
system is important. For example, our follow up system automatically sends
leads texts and emails right away and helps you get in touch with them quickly.
And then of course after that you have to be able to close the deal and help
them sell their house. But those are the three most important things. If you’re
not having success then it comes down to one of those three things, I guarantee it.
So use this to troubleshoot or just to understand the process better. And if
you have any questions about how we help brokerages with these three steps
then send me a message. But I hope you found this video useful and let me know
if there are any other videos or things that you’d like to learn about and I can
make some more. Thanks!

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