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3 Profitable Types of Facebook Advertising (3 Minute Watch)

3 Profitable Types of Facebook Advertising (3 Minute Watch)

Hey guys, Justin from the Cave team here. Today I want to talk about three of the most
profitable Facebook advertisements that you can run, that a lot of people are missing
out on. Stay tuned. Cave Quick Tips coming up, turn that sound
on. Okay so the first Facebook ad that I want
to talk about that a lot of people miss out on when they’re trying to sell products or
get people back to their website, is retargeting ads. Now, retargeting ads can seem really complex
but I promise they’re not, just stick with me for 30 seconds here. All you have to do is add a Facebook pixel
to your website. Now that sounds complicated but Facebook gives
you all of the instructions on how to do it and we’ve also written a blog on it that I’m
going to link to in the notes of this video. You add that pixel to your website, and then
what you can do is you can run ads to people that visit your website. It’s that simple. The ads convert 33 times higher than a regular
Facebook ad so it’s extremely profitable. It’s definitely the most beneficial of the
three ads that we’re going to talk about today. It’s my favorite form of display advertising
so take advantage of that. Okay so the second type of advertising that
you can do on Facebook that I want to make sure that I mention is custom audiences. There’s a lot of different things that you
can do with custom audiences, but one of the most valuable ways people can use it is with
their email lists. If you have an email list maybe you have 1,000
or 10,000 people that have subscribed, you know that maybe between 10% and 20% of people
are actually opening that email. The good news here is, with Facebook ads,
you can get to the other 80 or 90% of people that aren’t opening. All you have to do, is upload that email list
into your Facebook custom audience, it creates the audience for you as long as people have
signed up for Facebook with that email address, you can then start running ads to them. It’s a great way to get in front of people
that have already expressed interest in your brand by signing up for your email list. Okay, the third type of Facebook advertising
that I want to talk about that a lot of people haven’t heard of already is running dark posts. And that sounds really scary, I promise, dark
posts are not scary. Basically what it is, is when you post on
Facebook, your posts gets shown to people who like your page, probably 20% or 30% of
the people who like your page. A dark post is something different. It’s when you post from your Facebook page
and you get to select who sees that post. So the post isn’t actually live on your page,
you get to pick through targeting who sees that post. This is really beneficial because if you have
a product or a service that is only for a certain demographic, or a certain age group,
you can run that ad at select people. Dark posts are definitely one of the most
under-utilized types of Facebook advertising, that we really want to stress that you start
doing. Alright guys that’s it for our 3 favorite
types of Facebook advertisements that you can run. A lot of those are really under-utilized right
now so they are quite affordable. Go ahead and check out the blog post underneath
this video if you want some more information on those types of ads. We’ve got lots of info on how to set up a
retargeting campaign, or a little bit more explanation as to what dark posts are, so
check that out below this article. Thanks so much for tuning in. Check us out on Twittter @CaveSocial you can
head to cavesocial.com for more info on our business, but until next time thanks for tuning
in guys. I’m Justin Kerby, talk to you soon.

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