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3 Myths About Facebook & Instagram Ads and How They Can Grow Your Business

3 Myths About Facebook & Instagram Ads and How They Can Grow Your Business

– Guys, today I am busting three myths that I hear small businesses say about Facebook and Instagram
ads every single day and to show you how to use
them for your business. Now, if you’ve thought about using Facebook and Instagram ads
to help grow your business and increase sales, put
me in the comments below. Now, I have been running
Facebook and Instagram ads since basically they
came out in, like, 2012. Those little, tiny right hand rail ads. And a lot has changed. But they’re still one of
the best marketing tools that you can use for your business. But there might be a few things that you’ve heard about them that are holding you back from using them, so today I’m going to talk about those. The first thing that I
hear small business say about Facebook and Instagram ads and what’s holding them
back from using them is that they are expensive, when actually, Facebook and Instagram ads are one of the cheapest
advertising tactics that you can use for your business. They’re also one of the cheapest ways to reach more people and the right people for your business so that you can get new customers and clients. Now, if you think about it,
you can literally get started with Facebook and Instagram
ads for like $5 a day. Where, if you were trying
to be on TV or radio, you’re talking about spending thousands of dollars all at once. With Facebook and Instagram ads, you can get started with
just a few dollars a day. Now, that being said,
some small businesses get a little frustrated with
Facebook and Instagram ads because they say, well, I put
$5 dollars behind this post and I didn’t see anything. Here’s the truth. $5 dollars is not going to
get you anything, right? You can’t expect to spend $5
and then get $5,000 in sales. It’s just unrealistic. If you really wanna use
Facebook and Instagram ads to help grow your business, then you’re going to want to make sure that you’re investing
at least $500 per month into Facebook and Instagram ads. This is going to help you find
new customers and clients, get in front of those who
have already shown interest in what you have to offer and then convert them
into a sale or a client. Now, $500 might sound like a lot, but it’s really only about $15 a day and that $15 a day can
dramatically increase your business and grow your profits at a very rapid pace. Now, the second myth
that I hear people say when it comes to Facebook
and Instagram ads is that my customers and clients don’t use Facebook and Instagram. That is complete B.S., my friend. There are over two billion users on Facebook and Instagram worldwide. 70%, approximately, of
U.S. adults use Facebook. And three quarters of them
use it at least once a day. So whether your ideal customer is a doctor or is a stay at home mom
or whoever it may be, they are using Facebook and Instagram. And guess what? A lot of them are finding new products and purchasing directly
from these platforms. So your customers and clients are there, you just need to go and find them. The third myth that I hear about
Facebook and Instagram ads, is that they are complicated. Now, I’m gonna be honest,
if you’re boosting posts, you should probably stop right now. You’re really just helping
Facebook’s stock go up. You’re not gonna do much for
your business boosting a post. And the reason why is because
the goal of boosting a post is to get you more engagements. What does that mean? It means the goal is
to get you more likes, comments or shares on that post. So, if you are wanting
to do something like drive people to your website, get them to sign up for email list or even to purchase,
you’re going to have to do a lot more than boost a post. You’re going to have to get
comfortable with ads manager. But you have to remember, Facebook and Instagram ads
aren’t taught in school. Everyone that are using them has figured it out for themselves. Now, here’s the best part. You don’t have to figure out for yourself, exactly how to use
Facebook and Instagram ads for your business, because
I have put together a free training that you can access at http://www.annakonchar.com/digitalads In this free training,
I show you how to use Facebook and Instagram
ads to grow your business, I talk to you about the sales funnel and how to build a sales funnel with Facebook and Instagram ads. And I even show you how
to grow your business using Facebook and Instagram ads on a small budget, like $500 a month. Again, if you want to access that and you wanna learn more about how to use Facebook and Instagram ads. Probably the most powerful marketing tool and tactic out there right now, and the cheapest way
to grow your business, get more clients and customers, then head on over to http://www.annakonchar.com/digitalads Again, that’s http://www.annakonchar.com/digitalads I know that you will get
a lot of great information that you can immediately take action on in that free training for your business. Now, if you enjoyed this tip and you wanna see more content like this, make sure to like my page and subscribe and of course, until next time, stay ambitious.

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