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3 minute Caramel Apple and Bran Flakes Cake #ad

3 minute Caramel Apple and Bran Flakes Cake #ad

[Mike]: Hi. [Jamie]: Can you make a cake during an ad break? [Ben]: Yes. [Barry]: Prove it. [Ben]: How about *you* prove it? [Barry]: How are you doing that? [Ben]: This is the perfect evening snack because it’s really quick and easy to put together. So easy, in fact, you can do it during a standard TV ad break. It’s caramel, apple, mile crepe cake in a mug, and it’s got bran flakes in the sponge. I’m gonna show you how to make it. You guys have to pay attention, ’cause in a moment, you’re gonna recreate it, against the clock. The recipe’s really easy, you don’t even have to weigh anything out. What you need is one tablespoon plain flour, two tablespoons of soft brown sugar, one egg, one shot, or, two tablespoons— that’s about 30 ml of milk, If you want to weigh out, you can do, but to be honest, you can also do it by eye, it’s not the end of the world. That’s the amount you’re looking for. It’s plain flour, so you want a pinch of baking powder, a splash of vanilla, and the star of the show, we’re also gonna blitz some a generous handful about 35 grams of bran flakes. And then, all you need to do is layer it into a mug or a ramekin; ideally something with straight sides. So about a tablespoon of caramel sauce, These are all kind of basic stove cupboard ingredients that gonna hang around, you can use them as when you want them. A tablespoon of apple sauce, I might put this in the bottom, what you’ll end up with, is on top when you turn out. and then your cake batter, half of it is gonna go in. This is enough for two cakes. All you need to do is give it one whisk, to make sure it’s all combined. Don’t be tempted to overfill it; you only want half of this in here. Cling film over the top, so we’re gonna soak half steam in it as well as microwave it, and then it needs one minute in our microwave which is 800 watts. Simple as that. While it’s in there, you can slice yourself some crisp apple so it got a little of bit of fresh bite in there as well, It’s risen out, but it will sink back down; that’s your sponge. Now, all we need to do is take the cling film off, ease a knife around the outside, give it a wiggle, turn it into a bowl, and drizzle with cream. If you’ve got a second left, a little sprig of mint. (laughter) And there we go. During an ad break, it’s our caramel apple bran flakes cake, sorted. But just how quick can we make this? This is how it’s going to work. Our three regular guys, Jamie, Barry, and Mike, are nominating one of them to step up to the challenge using highly scientific means. The nominated party will be required to recreate the dish in the time it takes for an average UK ad break. That’s three minutes. For the sake of this challenge, the other guys will be mascots. Three, two, one, go! [Jamie]: Two, two, egg. In. Shot milk. There we go. Pinch. Splash. Uh… bran flakes. [Barry]: Handful!
[Jamie]: Handful. [Barry]: Keep moving! [Barry]: In! In! In! In!
[Jamie]: Got it. Got it. Got it! [Jamie]: Go. In!
[Ben]: Twenty seconds, James. [Barry]: Whisk! [Jamie]: Whisk. [Jamie]: Caramel. Caramel. Apple. In. [Ben]: Half of it, half of it… [Jamie]: Yep. [Ben]: Jay, you’re on 45 seconds. [Ben]: Get it in the microwave.
[Barry]: Get in. Get in. Get in! Get in! [Barry]:Do you have to clean the sides as well and the bowl. [Jamie]: Three, two, one, [Barry]: Go, go, go, go! You got this. [Jamie]: Watch the steam, watch the steam. [Barry]: Flip it, flip it. Flip it, flip it. Flip it. [Jamie]: Yes. Apple. Stop the clock! [Ben]: Did you know what, you’ve got time to come through to get back on the sofa before the ad break ends. Two minutes, eight seconds. [Jamie]: Come and taste. [Ben]: It was good. Soft, fluffy. [Jamie]: That is a cake. [Bary]: That is a cake in two minutes. [Ben]: The caramel apple combo… and kind of the bran flakes there, it’s… mmmhmmm. [Mike]: That apple sauce makes that taste great! You absolutely nailed that, mate. Well done. [Jamie]: Nailed it. [Barry]: You did. And I’m proud of you. [Jamie]: Aw, thank you. [Barry]: Well done, you. [Mike]: We did prove it. [Ben]: The proof is truly in the pudding. And you know what, you can make these yourself at home, and you can swap things in and out. Whatever kitchen stations that you got. So, swap up caramel sauce and chocolate sauce, swap up apple sauce and peanut butter, make it your own. [Mike]: Yeah. [Jamie]: I’m interested to see who can beat my record. [Mike]: Comment down below. [Ben]: I think it might be possible. But perhaps, only just. If you want the full recipe, it’s available down below, but just remember, 1, 2, 1, pinch, splash, that’s for a tablespoon. One minute. [Mike]: Easy as that. Also, if you enjoyed it, remember to give this video a like, and we’ll see you next time! [Ben]: See you guys!
[Jamie]: Goodbye! [Jamie]: Got any ideas for snack season Kellogg’s cereals? Share your photos on Kellogg’s Facebook page using the hashtag #BecauseYum.

100 thoughts on “3 minute Caramel Apple and Bran Flakes Cake #ad

  1. yea.. Id rather miss another minute of whatever Im watching than to have to clean up that mess that Jamie made afterwardsx')

  2. Question! Can I use Cheerios or Regular corn flakes instead?
    Edit: Nevermind, this is what i get for not waiting until the END of the video… as it answered my question XD
    I am going to make these as a quick dessert tonight!

  3. Does it bugger up the consistency if you only put one tablespoon of sugar? Cus of the caramel sauce and sweet apple thought it wouldn't be too unpalatable with a bit less sugar haha!

  4. How about putting 1/4 of the cake mix in first , then some jam of any sort , then another 1/4 , then take it out and dust with icing sugar and BOOM you have a mini Victoria sponge

  5. I'm with the others complaining that their ingredients were already out of the cupboard… it's a fast cake. I'll give them that, but if you have to get it all out and put it away after… this is not a 3 minute cake.

  6. Ahhh yes the common kitchen ingredient of caramel sauce and the comment kitchen tool of the food chopper thing. Lol

  7. I need more sorted travel videos in my life…

    Even if they're just traveling outside of the studio into London. 😂😩

  8. I know the saying "Everything you do, seal it with a K.I.S.S" (Keep It Simple Stupid), but I think for these guys, it should be "Everything you cook, finish with some M.I.N.T" (Mint Is Needed There)

  9. Can I ask, is there a way to make this without a microwave? ie steaming it or something. I realise it would take longer than 3 mins, but is it possible?

  10. A standard tv ad break can be up to at least 8 minutes, I could cook a multi course meal in that time.  I do enjoy cake though.
    Tell me there's a time limit and I guarantee, I'll injure myself.

  11. Just made this with Special K instead of bran flakes and pudding instead of applesauce. Turned out good but not as fresh as the applesauce would have been. Thanks Sorted!

  12. That looks super good! I would have to swap the microwave for a traditional oven though so it would take longer than 3 minutes.

  13. I wish I could tell the different kinds of British accents apart- Cause iv'e notice that every one of the guys have a different type of British accent

  14. Ok but really… did Mike lose the game of rock paper scissors? Barry and Jamie both did scissors and Mike did paper?

  15. Do a "college life" week. A week of affordable, cheap, and easy food for the college kid lifestyle. It's gonna be something I need in a few weeks. Lol 😂

  16. Hi guys – what can I use instead of bran flakes/milk/cream as I'm seriously allergic to wheat, gluten, rye, bran, malt, oats – oh and lactose – I'm usually on a diet of white wine and fresh air – but I love the thought of this recipe!!! Meggles

  17. you probably need more time to clean the mess up than to make this make… especially when jamie is making it! 😂😂

  18. I never realised how beautiful Barry's sky blue eyes are. My oh my his hair is on fleek, I mean pause it at 4:22 and see for yourself. Barry is a beautiful human being damn

  19. Made this with my kids last night, was delicious! We used peach sauce instead of applesauce. Question: Can I triple this and microwave in larger dish?

  20. Did it with chocolate sauce and peanut butter with mashed corn flakes (we keep a container of it around). Took me 1:49.

  21. Cool! That was quick, and looks great, Can't wait to give a try. Just realized I've subscribed to your channel.

  22. Hey can you make a recipe for Aligot? It's the stuff of everyone's dreams. Technically a side but spooning straight from the bowl is fine too you know…

  23. By the time he started for the '3 minutes' there's only 2 minutes 10 seconds left of the video, I spy some cutting will occur.

  24. Sortedfood Here's a challenge for you guys: I have no microwave (honest truth), I can't cook to save my life and I don't like it anyway, I have a sweet tooth that has me going to the gym three times a week (but what the heck, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make as long as I can stuff my face with sweet things.) and I'm a vegetarian. How can you guys help me? Don't be smart and say something along the lines of:"Meet someone who can cook." Or "Go on a bloody diet and leave us alone." I won't hear of it ; )

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