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3 Lessons Learned From Spending Over $400k on Facebook Ads

3 Lessons Learned From Spending Over $400k on Facebook Ads

you know what the most popular advertising network out there is Google AdWords you know what that number two most popular ad network out there is Facebook ads but running Facebook ads isn’t as simple and easy as you think I’ve spent a ton of money on Facebook and today I’m gonna share with you my mistakes so that way hopefully you can be much more successful than I was hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you three important lessons learned from spending over four hundred thousand dollars on Facebook Ads the first lesson I learned is don’t spend money on buying subscribers a lot of the money I spent was to build up my fan page I have over nine hundred thousand fans algorithms keep changing yes they don’t they may restrict how much you viral your posts or your video content can end up going and a lot has to do with your content if your content is not amazing you’re not gonna get a lot of reach but if you’re gonna be spending money make sure there’s ROI in it I used to have this concept in which base looks like a well you just keep getting the subscribers and then you can keep going back and back to them for the traffic kind of like well you build a well and then you can keep going back and back and getting more and more water but that was a huge mistake don’t make the mistake I was making I was better off spending money per click to get people to my website drive them to a product or service page and generate revenue during my peak I was getting a three to one that means for every dollar of spending on ads I was generating three dollars in revenue that’s a huge ROI and that was when I was selling info products I eventually stopped something in for price because I didn’t like selling them but it just shows Facebook advertising is really effective the second thing I learned when you’re doing ads the best performing ads are videos by far no one wants to create videos everyone wants to do banners because they’re the easiest but if you take the time to do videos your cost is a lot less and your conversions are a lot higher when you’re optimizing for videos make sure the text there’s a transcription and it automatically starts playing because if video adds the sounds doesn’t automatically show up for people you want to have the transcription going there so people can read they’re gonna be much more likely to convert with your video it needs to convey emotions and these be a good length you need to get really people hooked tell a story because if you don’t and you just try to get people to click through to your site and have the cheapest amount of clicks it won’t necessarily generate you the most amount of revenue don’t optimize just for spend reduction optimize for ROI it’s okay to be spending an extra dollar per click if you’re making more money don’t focus on how much you’re paying per click focus on how much revenue you’re generating for how much you’re spending that’s the key with Facebook Ads the third tip I have for you and this is what most people don’t tell you especially if you’re running banners and Facebook’s algorithm they look at hey this is a new ad we’re gonna push it give it priority and see how it does within the first few minutes or hour of it being up there so what we started doing is we’re throw up ads and within an hour of them being up we would keep changing up the creative and the text or stopping them and running new ones by doing that we’re getting much cheaper impressions and premium placements and we’re generating a much higher ROI inter ads most people won’t do this because like oh this is too time-consuming but I kid you not that one little thing during our peak was reducing our spend I over 30 percent that’s over 30 percent if you’re spending a hundreds and thousands of dollars that’s a huge savings now eventually as we kept scaling it out we couldn’t keep doing that but we still deal with a lot of our campaigns and still to this date when we’re selling products for our clients we’re rotating up their creatives so often it’s generating a much higher ROI they think we’re crazy but hey you got to do what you have to do if you want to compete in this competitive landscape especially with Facebook Ads continue rising in cost so hopefully you learn from my experiences and my mistakes and best of luck with your Facebook Ads if you’re not sure on what you should do with your campaigns or if your landing pages are off you know what leave a comment below I don’t want to just give generic landing page feedback because it’s really different for every product type or business type leave a comment below ask your questions I’ll be there I’ll respond and I’ll help you through the process and again if you liked the video comment like share tell other people about it thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “3 Lessons Learned From Spending Over $400k on Facebook Ads

  1. Hey Neil, you said you didn’t sold that much infoproducts because you simply don’t like it. So what do actually sell instead to get this ROI?

  2. Neil I am a student with a ultra tight budget I wanna earn money online and I am interested in Technology and health and fitness I am planning to make a fitness blog on blogger platform so i don't have to buy hosting for it kindly give me some tips

  3. Neil, could you do some more videos on local business marketing? Think Retail brick and mortar's that won't move to an online store yet. (It's one area that's quite hard to find the right information on what works best)

  4. Thanks so much for the great information, Neil! We appreciate you! Question, when is it better to use FB ads vs google/bing ads?

  5. This was great. What would you recommend for Facebook Ads that are trying to bring people to a Supermarket?

  6. Hello Sir
    I Want To Ask You
    Why You Don't Make a Tutorial So That Who May Learn it who doesn't know english Perfectly

  7. Hey Neil, great tips! To your third point, if we keep changing the creatives and texts wouldn't the engagements be gone?

  8. Hi Neil, regarding tips No 3, did you modify the currently running ads, or did you make a new ad and pause the old one? thanks 🙂

  9. Hi Neil,

    great video thanks! I have a question…

    I am trying to get my web development business of the ground and would love to hear your tips on how to generate great leads on Facebook for B2B business like mine. I already tried some Facebook ads but didn't get any quality leads. For right now we are not running any ads, but I am planning to do that in the near feature.

    Should we give value first (create great, useful info products that would interest our potential clients), create landing pages, ask for their email and use email to sell them on our solution or do you think we should be more "aggresive". Video ads are also an option 🙂

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on that!

    Best regards from Slovenia

  10. Hi Neil,
    I have a question regarding Tip #3. Does this apply ONLY to banner ads on Facebook? Or have you tested this with regular campaigns too?

  11. Hi Neil, Thanks so much for the awesome info! Curious about two things: 1) I was told that if you leave an ad on Fb (e.g. 7 days) it gets optimized over time to better target audience for conversions, but if you change it repeatedly as you suggest in Tip 3, do you lose this benefit? 2) Does repeatedly changing the copy, images, etc. for the same ad over a period of days interfere with A/B testing? Trying to understand how they could work together. Thanks again!

  12. If i make a funny video and i want that to go viral, after uploading in facebook fan page u think boosting is a good option? Or any other suggestions u have?

  13. Thanks for sharing Neil Patel.

    For the tips #3, are you saying that we should run a FB ad for few hours and paused it and run another nee FB ads for a few hours and keep on continue the routine to get the better ROI?

  14. Do you think starting a video/ photography production company is a good idea for your digital marketing company ?

  15. Thanks for the reply and you sharing this info.. I shared this video and your channel. With a hashtag of #neilpatel..

  16. what do i have to do to get me to release my email from your list. I have been constantly emailing your contact page for months asking to be released but you refuse. why is this? are you so desperate for followers? perhaps you should get your own house in order before telling the world how brilliant you are? all i want to do is stop getting your emails and to stop seeing your baldy little head popping up on my screen. thank you.

  17. Hey Neil! I have been trying Lead campaign of FB Ads for a client which provides Digital Marketing services, but none of the Leads are significant. What can I change to get real Leads?

  18. would you ever consider investing in a concept if it proved to be a great idea and be worth your time.?

  19. Great content. I just started selling on amazon and i want to drive traffic trough facebook ads to my listing. Any tips, do you offer this service ?

  20. Hey Neil! Great video once again! I had a quick question that you might be able to answer for me. When trying a new product, how much do you think I should spend on an ad to see if it is a winning product or not? Should I start email marketing with less than 50 emails or should I wait until I have a bit more. Thank you!

  21. Hey Neil. Thanks for the video. I own a fairly big physio clinic and am thinking of adding a second location. If your opinion, are Facebook ads the way to go or google add words? We have blogs and a fairly large following. Thnx

  22. Hi Neil. Thank you for your tips. I have A new site and I use fb ads to get recognition and build a fan base but I don't spend a lot because I don't know how to measure whether I'm getting good return for the money I pay. How can i measure how successful my ad campaign is?

  23. Hi Neil! Thanks for the video. Great insights. Look, I've got a question about tip number 3. When you say keep changing the creative you mean edit an ad which is active? Example, Ad1, first hour, change title, third hour, change image, and so on? Or do you suggest to active a whole new ad inside the same ad set every hour or two? And how many changes do you do per day? It does look a great strategy but could you be more specific to help me? Thanks a lot! You're great mate! Wish you the best!

  24. Hi Neil! I just started my eyelash extension business, made my website, created a facebook and instagram page for the business. Next step is actually finding clients. How do I stand out from the crowd and all the competition? Where do I even start when it comes to marketing with a tiny budget and not being very tech savvy? Thank you!!

  25. You know I notice one thing u r getting good day by day…
    First u started ur videos like today am gona teach u
    now a days u say today am gona share wid u.
    Great…….. it seems friendly

  26. Hey Neil,
    I deal with service like life insurance policy & product listing services on amazon,flipkart ,paytm & others what should be my strategy on facebook ads ?

  27. Neil, preciso muito esclarecer com você algumas dúvidas sobre facebook ads, me adicione no whatsapp +55 38 99812-0112, please!!!!! Aguardo o seu contato.

  28. Hey Neil! Your videos are great. Been watching you for years now. I was wondering if you have any insight on how a music artist can optimize their landing page for track and album downloads?

  29. Hey Neil, thank you for the amazing content. WOuld you recommend that we buy up domains and have them redirected to our main page?

  30. So you edit the copy for ads that are running ? So they go back to review and runs again – don’t you loose the 50 conversions needed to optimize everyone you change the ad that’s running ?

  31. I didn't understand tip #1 because you say 'drive them to your fan page' and also 'drive them to a product/service page and generate revenue' – which one should we do, both? And sending them to a product page, do you mean a salesletter? Sending ppl from fb directly to a salespage goes against every other advice I heard, but I don't mind as long as it really works.

  32. Hey Neil, Great tips and love your energy. How many new ads to run after the hour? What do you suggest for a 7 challenge?

  33. Hi, I'm am insurance agent focusing on night club industry. how wld you adjust your landing page for insurance leads. In particular im providing dramsshop/liquour liability. ~ Cheers Zena Sutherland

  34. The third tip is absolutely gold Neil! I already experienced that but couldn't figure out the logic behind having more engagement on new ads compared to ads that has been running for like 10+ hours. I can not thank you enough for all the content you share with us for free. You said you believe in karma, I believe in it too, the good things you do and the positivity you spread will definitely came back to you, cheers!

  35. Hi Neil, how long would you suggest running Facebook ads? I'll soon launch my website and was thinking of running them 3x per week for a year or 3 months at a time. What do you think?

  36. Neil, I have done a little Facebook Ad experimenting in the past. I have had two strikes against me, and now I cannot advertise. Facebook support is automated and they don't respond. My two strikes were: 1.) I question where a charge came from on my Credit Card statement… it was from a Facebook boast… the bank asked for a refund and I got a nasty letter from Facebook, and 2.) I did a color post. Facebook gave me the option to Boast it… come to find out it is not a valid ad and it locked me out. Do you know of any way I can have my case addressed by a real person who has the authority do something? Love your videos. Keep them coming.

  37. Hi…could you please tell us..how to get best keywords for particular FB ads for web development for more leads and interaction.

  38. Hey, so what did u mean about after throwing the ad, u kept on changing the post, like do u change it conpletely, or just the picture, or the headline?

  39. Neil, if you kept changing ads / stopping one and starting a new one..how can you make sure you are getting it out to the audience and the same audience is not just seeing the ad twice?

  40. Hey Neil how are you how can my product page or home page be optimized for conversions ? Also how can I make a story about a video of products like jewelry ?

  41. One of the most expensive facebook ad mistakes I made when I first started was by not using video!! videos convert twice as better because we are used to video commercials!!

  42. I am a bit unsure when you mentioned in Top 3 to change creatives while you have just launched the ad. Do you mean pause, change the creative and make it active again? I have been warned that any changes I do would disturb the algorithm so I should duplicate and run a new creative as a new ad.

  43. Hi Neil…Regarding your TIP3–I thought its not a good idea to keep changing the ads once its launched unless the ads is not performing well. Just like in youtube, if your video is doing well, you don't want to keep changing the meta tags/description.

  44. Hey Neil, Got a question:

    For facebook ads conversion, i run for conversion (purchase) or should i start with traffic? and what is a good budget for facebook ads algorithm?

  45. Hey Nail. I discovered your page lately. It has very good stuff. I am Facebook ads expert of politics but I never experience of selling real product (shoes or ring or etc). So what is the best way to sell product ? Making branding ? (They always have less money and time!!!) without branding it is very hard to sell something but if it is way to lower the price of ads with selection of the type what do you recommend ? Thank you for you help.

  46. hey there it is a great video thank you for this 🙂 2 days ago i was posting an ad and i wanted to send traffic to my landing page but the thing is i am not getting that amount of clicks nether impression maybe because in the ad settings i picked Traffic should i change this setting ? or should i please help me

    Thank you very much

  47. my ads dosen't work. I think it is wrong ad to wrong audience. But in end i got no idea how to. Budget is low. Death end

  48. Most of the landing pages I see for fitness products or services area pretty long. Is there a basic template of formula I can apply fo creating a great converting landing page from the Facebook ads I spend on?

  49. I’m turned off by Facebook offering me $5 free bucks to reach more people, I have a fun fitness page that’s up primarily to inspire people free but if I were to generate organic attention, likes etc that shows a posible blueprint towards something bigger I would be inclined to pay a nice sum of money naturally thinking wow something is happening here! how can an average individual be motivated to pay FB reaching 2 people? For businesses the mindset is there to pay having a marketing strategy but I think FB is missing out on good revenue from others that would be driven to put money behind a page that shows signals that it can turn into something..to me FB is missing incentives and uses poor incentives like hey “your recent post is doing 85% better than all your other post that reached 5 people,,what do you think Neil?

  50. Hi Neil, great content! Is it better to focus on website traffic or engagement? I am looking to improve my SEO for my blog.

  51. Hi Neil, I am Running Lead Generation Campaign on facebook for one of the client who doesn't have a website, I made a google form for collecting leads and made sure whosoever clicks into my ad comes to my google forms and give us their basic info, I got approx 56 link clicks for Rs.400 but only 3 people had filled the lead form. I need to know where am I going wrong was expecting at least 50% of the people to fill the lead generation form.

  52. Oh mann the third step ….. Would not get this kind of ideas from another people rather than you….. You are testing every niche…. Does this step works in 2019 …

  53. Hey Neil, Great Content! I know my question is late, but I was wondering how much money does one need to make running Facebook Ads and Google Ads effective? Because I don't have 400k just lying around. Thanks!

  54. I've never run a Facebook add for my product yet. I would love to start so I can start generating sales from my website. Would you like me to leave the website address. If youd like to take a look.

  55. Thank You Neil!. The first thing you said was "don't spend money on buying subscribers". I tell my clients that all the time BUT they don't believe me? I have even quoted YOU!! Thanks for sharing your story.

  56. I was getting a cplc of 0.20 with an ad.But after changing page the cplc went to 0.40-0.50 with the same ad.What was happening?🤔

  57. Why did I know I should leave a fb ad for a few days for fb to collect its data first…then kill it or double the budget.. 😑

  58. Hey Neil Patel, Big fan! I Have been running ads for a month now and the number of returns I am getting is very bad like worse. Please help me out with the proper aspects of Facebook ads and targeting options.

  59. Hello Neil Sir,

    Initially when my fb campaigns (real estate, lead generation) with targeted audience were doing very well, but for last couple of campaigns i'm getting some unuseful leads with false email id and phone numbers. What should i do about it ?

    Thank you,

  60. Neil, Always love your content. I liked and subscribed. I'm running facebook ads for a commercial real estate broker, and it's quite difficult, do you have any advice on what type of campaign objective should be used for it? I'm using lead gen, we've only seen about 2 leads come through in two weeks.The goal is 10. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. (: Thanks!

  61. My Instagram Ads were converting well for me, Till they disabled my Ads account and stopped the Ads. Tried running a lot of Ads on Facebook After then using a different Ad account in my business manager. They all got disapproved. I don't know if you could help me check it out. I really don't know why the Facebook's A.I isn't approving my Ads

  62. Hey Neil, hope you good. so is it still possible to change the creatives on a running ad multiple times let's say change the image and add an illustration?

  63. Hi Neil! firstly thanks for such amazing content. learnt alot. but is there any way to promote any digital product with less info online there. and very less audience ?

  64. Hey Neil, I have a question.
    "By change the creative and the text" is referring to the caption or the banner?

  65. Hey Neil, thanks for the video. The thing I really like about you is that you are humble with your mistakes and want to offer them up as a learning experience for the rest of us! Our company is new and we just got into Facebook advertising. My question for you is, what is the best way to convert a Facebook advertisement to a consultation? I've been able to convert people to our website but have had no consultations booked which is our big Call to Action. Any advice would be appreciated!

  66. Hi Neil. Quick question. I'm about to learn paid ads. Is Google AdWords still no. 1? Coz this is a 2018 video. I'm weighing which I'm going to learn: Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. I'll use the skill for freelancing. Thanks buddy!

  67. Any tips on staying organized with your ads. My business runs alot of ads and we spend a lot of money on FB. Do you just try to be as exact as you can with the labeling?

  68. Hi Neil – I've been hearing more and more about you recently as I'm getting started with my whole campaign. I'm in the educational sphere and these videos are a great help! Gonna dig deeper into your videos and learn as much as possible. Thank you for bringing great actionable content to the masses!

  69. Hi Neil great video, interesting about the video rather than image being better. How long should the video be would you say? I'm trying to promote a music group

  70. Hi Neil! Does your last tip of this video still apply? I've always learned that you shouldn't touch an ad in the first 48-72 hours because FB is in the learning process (testing to see what works). So, this one is really new to me. Thanks! Btw, I Loooove your content.

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