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3 Facebook Targeting Hacks | Target Audiences GUARANTEED To Convert

3 Facebook Targeting Hacks | Target Audiences GUARANTEED To Convert

– Hey folks, in this video, I’m gonna walk you through three of my favorite targeting hacks on Facebook to ensure you’re
targeting the right people with every single campaign. (upbeat music) Hey everyone and welcome
back to another video. In this one I have an
absolute cracker for you because I’m going to be sharing three of my favorite ways to find the right audiences to target on Facebook. And when I talk about audiences
to target on Facebook, in this video I’m going to
speaking about cold audiences. Now, cold audiences is
an audience of people that don’t already know who you are. So, I could talk about re-targeting and how we can re-target people that have been on our website or watched our videos because typically they are going to be our best performers but if you’re going out to a new audience, people that don’t know who you are, a cold audience and you’re trying to find the right audiences to target, then this is the video for you. Facebook targeting is the thing that makes Facebook Ads so powerful. We’ve got the ability
to pinpoint a message and serve an ad to a very,
very specific group of people with the targeting options
that we have available to us. We can target people
based on demographics, like where do they live, how old they are. Interests, what are they interested it? And online behaviors, so what are they actually doing online? For example, are they keen shoppers? Are they shopping a lot? All these different things,
Facebook has so much data about it’s users, which from
a consumer point of view, yep, might be a little bit concerning but from an advertiser,
a business point of view, gives us a huge, huge potential because regardless of the industry, regardless of the space that you’re in, we have the ability to pinpoint an ad to our perfect customer. Now, there’s two billion
monthly active users on Facebook at the time
of filming this video and one of the things
that people come up to me and says “well Gav, I’m not sure “if my audience is on Facebook.” The answer is they are,
you just have to be smart in finding out how to target them with an ad they’re actually interested in. If we target the wrong people, fundamentally, our
campaign will never work. We might have the best
ad, the best creative, the best ad, copy of the
most beautiful landing page, the best offer in the world, but if we’re sending
that to the wrong people, our campaigns will never ever work and so it was vital that every single time we build a campaign,
we’re targeting the people that are most likely to convert and I’ve got three ways to find people that are most likely to convert. So, I’m gonna jump into my screen now and I’m gonna walk you through the three different ways we can do that. The first one that I’m
gonna walk you through is actually using Amazon. Amazon is one of my favorite ways to find really unique niches and interests that we can use in our targeting and I’m gonna use the example here of just business and finance but this would obviously relate to any industry that you’re operating in and one of the things
that I always try and do when it comes to targeting on Facebook is ensure that we’re targeting an audience that our customers, our perfect customers would be interested in but no one else would be interested in and
so one of the best ways that we can do that is to
target the likes of authors, thought leaders, public speakers, the big speakers in the industry, just the biggest people in the industry and typically, they are all authors and so we can come onto
the Amazon Best Sellers and we can look at the best selling books in our industry or the industry that we’re trying to target and find some names, find some book titles that might be relevant and
might be interest on Facebook. So, here I am over in
the Amazon Best Sellers in the Business and Finance section and we can see here that all
of these different books, obviously, have a title and
obviously have an author. So, these are potential interest for us to target on Facebook. Now, not all of these are going
to be interest on Facebook. I haven’t actually tested this yet so I don’t know how many of these people will actually be authors but what you’re wanting to look at is, have a look at the review rating because typically if
someone has 16 reviews, four reviews, 33 reviews, they’re
not going to be big enough for Facebook to deem them an interest and so we’re looking for
the hundreds of reviews or the thousands of reviews. So, if I scroll down here, we can take a look at Simon Sinek, he’s a big author in the space. He’s got 393 reviews, I thought
there would maybe be more but let’s go into here, we can type in, in our detail targeting Simon Sinek, he’s an interest! So, let’s come back to here. Now, this one here, 1400 reviews. We can try Leading From The Front, let’s see if that is an interest. Nope, and the guy’s name, Ant Middleton, nope, not an interest in this case. Facebook doesn’t deem it big
enough to be an interest. So, let’s keep looking. Elon Musk, he’s obviously
going to be one in this space. Amazon is essentially
doing the research for us because you might think yes, it’s obvious, Elon Musk is a business
entrepreneurial person but what this is allowing us to do is, Amazon are doing, Amazon must
get thousands and thousands of purchases on their
books every single day and so Amazon are doing the research on which ones are performing the best and if we have Start With Why sitting at number eight in the
Business and Finance section, if we have a business or finance product then we know that our
customers are reading this book and so we want to target
the author of that book because chances are, people
that aren’t with this industry aren’t going to be reading
it as much as ours. Here’s another one, Dale Carnegie, this is my favorite book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. So, let’s try Dale Carnegie, he’s in and How to Win Friends, great. So, they both are. So, we come back and we can
keep looking and go down. Stephen Covey, 981, here we go and there’s actually two of them. So, we can go ahead
and we can target both. That is my Amazon Best Seller method of finding audiences that we know our customers are interested in that other people might not be And we’re letting Amazon
do all the research there for us which saves time and it’s a win-win situation. Now, let me jump back into my screen because I’m gonna walk you through the next targeting hack that I have which is using a tool
called Audience Insights which is already in Facebook. Now, to get to Audience Insights you come into your Ads Manager, you hit the hamburger
menu at the top left, all tools and then click
on Audience Insights here under plan and what you can see here is Audience Insights is a tool that gives you insights
into audiences on Facebook and we can see that this is just looking at every single person on
Facebook aged 18 or over. We’ve got more than one
billion people here. You can see 56% are men, 44% are women, the age demographics, relationship status, education levels, job titles. What’s really interesting about this is it allows us to dig into interests to see what we’re actually targeting when it comes to an interest. So, let’s say that we
have a fishing product this time and we’re trying to sell this to a fishing audience. So we’ll come into here, type in fishing and it’s gonna tell us. Okay so, with the audience of fishing with the interest fishing which is essentially,
if I were to coming here and typing fishing there is
200 to 250 million people on Facebook aged 18 or above and you can see the breakdown here in the demographics, relationship status and the education level. Now, if we click on
this Page Likes section, What this is going to do is it’s going to bring
up a list of the pages or interests that we would be targeting if we were to target
the interest of fishing. So, for example, we’ve
got a fishing product, we use the interest of fishing, what we’re actually
doing is we’re targeting people that like these pages. So, if you use fishing,
your targeting people that like Donald Trump, Tipsy Bartenders, Samsung, Monster Energy, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Subway, these aren’t related to fishing at all and so, because this interest is so broad, 250 million people, all we’re doing here is just targeting a very broad audience of people that
aren’t very specific to what we’re actually trying to sell. So, what we want to do here instead, is we want to try and find, like I said before, in
the Amazon Bestsellers, find something that our
audience is interested in that other people aren’t and one of the best things
that we can do with that is we can take a look at
things like magazines. So, I might want to type
in fishing magazines and what will come up is Google gives us all the fishing magazines. So, I’ll just go with
the first one as a test, Angling Times, so if I go back to Audience Insights, get rid of fishing, type in Angling Times, now we can look at the page likes and we
can see what comes up. Carpfeed, so if I open that, Tommy Pickering, let’s try that, Rob Wootton, let’s try that, Honest Carpy Blogs, let’s try that and what I’m doing is
I’m right clicking these and opening them to
take a look at the pages on Facebook, what these pages are and if these are related to fishing then I know Angling Times
is a good interest to target because the pages that people like within that interest
are related to fishing as apposed to when I targeted fishing, it was so broad, it
just wasn’t worth doing. So, let’s take a look. Rob Wootton, let’s see here, this looks like a fishing guy to me. Great, looks like a fishing guy, again, to me which is great. Honest Crapy Blogs, fishing,
carp feed, fishing again. So, that Angling Times interest now says to me that is a
really, really good interest to go and target and what we can also do is we can then take a look at these pages and we can then try and
use these as interests when we’re creating a campaign. Now, not all of them will be big enough to be interests but we can try putting some of these things
into our Facebook Ads targeting to see whether or not
they come up as interests because we know that they are
also going to be relevant. So, whenever you’re creating, you’re thinking of your audience, you’re coming up with different interests, put them into Audience Insights and see whether or not they actually are a good interest for you. The third and final targeting
hack that I want to talk about requires a lot, a little bit less research and more allowing Facebook
to do the work for us and that is using Look-A-Like Audiences. So, if I jump back into my screen and I head up over to Asset Library. Now to get here, go to your Ads Manager, Hamburger menu, all tools and
then audiences under assets and Look-A-Like Audience is essentially where we create a Custom Audience which I’ve got plenty of videos on which I’ll link too, below. Custom audiences are an audience of people that already know who we are, website traffic, video
views, our email list and a Look-A-Like Audience
is where we say to Facebook “can you go and find more people “like the people in our custom audience?” So, let’s say create audience,
Look-A-Like Audience, I already have a Custom Audience in here of my email list, let’s see. So, email list from the 11th of March and I want to go to United Kingdom. What Facebook is going to do there, is Facebook is going to take my email list and it’s going to then say “right, you’ve given us this email list, “we are going to go and find more people “that match the demographics, interest “and behaviors of the
people on your email list” and what Facebook will do is it will go and you can see here, it’s going to try and create an audience
of 418 thousand people because what you can
do when you’re creating a Look-A-Like Audience is
you’ve got this slider here and this slider is based on the percentage of the population of the audience location that you put in here. Facebook is gonna go try
find 1% of the population of the UK, based on my email list. If I went to 10% it’s gonna
try find 4.2 million people. In theory, what will happen here is the closer you are to 1%, the more specific and better targeted the audience is going to be for you. The higher the percentage,
the broader it’s going to be so that might be useful for things like when you’re scaling your campaigns but I would tend to always stick to 1% as your initial first thing to try. There we have it, those are the three ways that I try and find audiences that are most likely to convert. We used Amazon to try and
find books and authors and thought leaders in the space, we then used Audience Insights to dive into our audiences to find out which ones are actually
worth targeting or not and then thirdly, we used
Look-A-Like audiences to get Facebook to go and find cold audiences for us to target. So, these are all ways
to find cold audiences, people that don’t already know who you are and use them to bring
people into your business, that top of funnel to
maybe provide them content, provide them a lead magnet, provide them something of value. If you liked this video please be sure to drop a comment, leave a like, share it with someone who needs to see it, hit subscribe, that bell
notification, it’s my surname! And as always, I’ll see
you in the next video. (upbeat music)

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