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3 Facebook Ad Hacks That Will Convert Like Crazy | 2019

3 Facebook Ad Hacks That Will Convert Like Crazy | 2019

Hi everyone. Today we’re going to talk about
three sneaky Facebook ad hacks that we use within our
lead generation agency. Not many people are using these. We’ve only kind of stumbled across these from spending millions of
dollars on Facebook ads, so really cool, really kind of up to date and I think if you use
some of these hacks, you’ll notice some significant changes within your lead generation efforts in a very short amount of time. So, the first one, it’s a bit of a hack,
it’s definite a hack. It’s advertise through an avatar fan page. So, you’ve got to remember
that people do not want to be sold to on Facebook. This is a recurring theme within a lot of my kind of content. They want to be educated, they want to learn what
their friends are doing, they want people to share
information with them, they want to be entertained. So, if you’re advertising
through your business name, people immediately put blinders on. So, what we do within our agency is we have what’s called a pen name. So, this is we’ve got a
copywriter in our office and we have a pen name for her which is a fan page. It’s all filled out,
works for Flexx Digital, our agency, it’s just a different name to someone in the actual office. And what we do is we put all of our ads through that pen name. It’s similar to what some
of the big newspapers do. People don’t always write
under their actual names. It’s completely above board and it works really well because when people see an ad from an individual fan page, they relate a lot better to it, they see that tiny
little sponsored content underneath it but
sometimes people miss that and they think it might a long-lost friend giving them a recommendation
or something like that. And what you’ll find is
your engagement rates will go through the roof, your cost per click will come down and your cost per lead will come down. Really cool, I recommend you try it. Second thing is and I don’t
see many people using these, they’re called collection ads and if you can, I’ll do a really
quick crappy little drawing but if you can imagine a Facebook ad, there’s the image, and then under that, they have four little boxes where people can click on any one of these four little boxes, you’ll have to google it, actually I’ll get the videographers, the people that are recording this for me to show you a few examples of
what this actually looks like after I’ve explained this but it’s an image and then
there’s four little boxes underneath that image ad. And you can use a collection ad to be able to ask a question of someone. So, how many credit cards do you have? How many kids do you have? So, once they click on that, and then they might of to
a survey or a questionnaire or an assessment or something like that because they’ve taken the first step. It’s not really advertising, it’s asking a question, it’s like a survey and we’ve worked, we’ve figured this out over the kind of last three/four months within the business and collection ads are
consistently performing at a level above the
usual kind of link ads or video ads. It won’t necessarily
work for every industry but it’s definitely worth a try. The last one is and it kind of ties into this one here, through an avatar but create curiosity within your ads. Don’t try and sell the product or service within the ads that you are writing. Create curiosity and send
people to a blog post or an advertorial where
they can be educated about the solution or the service that you might be selling these people. Because at that point in
time, they’re intrigued. They’re going to have some pain
points that you can touch on and you can speak to them
about within that blog post. And you’ll find that you’ll
actually get a lower cost per lead and the quality of those leads will go through the roof because people that aren’t interested are going to click the back button, people that are interested are going to read
through that advertorial, click through to the landing page and put in their details. So, there you go, three very
relevant Facebook ad hacks that we’re using within
our lead generation agency. If you want to know more about how we build a seven-figure
lead generation agency rather than a low-value
retainer service-type agency that we used to do four/five years ago, then we have a case study on exactly how we did
that below this video. I think you’ll enjoy it. Click the link below and I’ll
see you on the other side.

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