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3 EASY TO SELL Services For A Digital Marketing Agency – SMMA 2019

3 EASY TO SELL Services For A Digital Marketing Agency – SMMA 2019

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here in a today’s video? I’m me breaking down five easy to sell services while starting your social media marketing agency Okay These are our services that pretty much any and every client that you’ll ever bring on will want at some Point and in the beginning it’s probably best to specialize in just one of these five But I want to break down five different ones so you can kind of get some different ideas and concepts as you’re going through and starting your business or even growing that business and adding on more services now really quick guys If you want a 100% free training on how to start and grow your digital marketing agency All you got to do is just drop a comment down below this video give this video a thumbs up and I will shoot that training over to you a 100% for free and show you how to get clients a hundred percent for free without spending any money and how to actually get results For those clients right now with that said let’s jump into these five Services that you can offer to these different clients now the first one This was extremely popular probably 15-20 years ago when Google start first started getting big all these search engines the internet everything and that is SEO or search engine Optimization so basically what search engine optimization is if you get a client and they have a website, right? It’s helping them get their website rank for different keywords on the search engines So basically, let’s say for example, you are having a Dennis client and they’ve got their website and they want to rank for the keyword Dentist in Dallas, Texas. So what you can do is there’s several different strategies to help get that client’s website Ranked for that specific keyword. So then once somebody comes in and they’re in Dallas and they’re looking for a dentist They type in to Google dentist in Dallas, Texas your clients website shows at the very top they click on that website go there find out more information about their business and then hopefully ideally they become a client to your client the dentist now one key thing to Remember and take note with all of these different services that are you mentioning today It’s all about helping your client get more clients so more needs more exposure more business more sales more money because at the end of day That’s why everyone is in business to make money So you’re exchanging a product or a service? In return for money so you can actually live pay your bills and survive So that’s the first one search engine optimization helping your client get their website ranked at the top of Google Yahoo Or whatever search engine is out there, but obviously Google is kind of the big one and the most important All right the number two service that is very easy and very hot to sell especially right now and it’s something to actually talk a lot about Right here on this YouTube channel, and that is selling Facebook advertising services so running Facebook Ads also Instagram ads or your clients and Obviously the whole goal of running these Facebook ads is to generate more leads for your clients so they can book more appointments get more phone calls and Ultimately have more sales more deals, depending on what industry what niche they’re in But running Facebook ads and so that they can go through and get exposure Now one thing that you got to remember with all these services as well Obviously your client let’s say a dentist a real estate agent a chiropractor doesn’t matter who it is They could go through and learn these different skill sets themselves Right, but that’s not why they’re in business. They’re in business to be a dentist They’re in business to be a real estate agent to help people find homes Help people sell their homes and at the end of the day, they don’t want to spend their time doing activity That is not their specific expertise. So that is where you come in that’s where you go through learn these different skill sets to help these business owners because honestly as you’re growing a business at first, let’s say you’re a dentist right and maybe you’ve got a couple patients and Then all of a sudden you’re getting so many patients that you need a higher on a dental assistant Then you need to have an office manager. Somebody running the front desk So what you have to do is actually leverage your time to see your business grow And that’s why somebody would hire you and your expertise your skill sets of helping them with their SEO Helping them with their Facebook or Instagram ads or any of these other services they’re going to be talking about today All right, the third service that you can go and offer to some of your clients is google, advertising que Google ads is basically going through and if somebody types in dentist in Dallas, Texas And let’s say your website is not at the very top you haven’t done the SEO or they you know It hasn’t quite gotten there to the top well You can run ads so that at the very top when someone types in a dentist in Dallas, Texas Your website your search result shows at the very top Okay, and also with Google Ads it’s cool because you can have little banner ads on all different blogs web sites showing them to people in your specific area or even Across the country and just like Facebook owns Instagram So when you set up an ad on Facebook You can also have it go show on Instagram the same thing with Google AdWords when you set up an a Google ad you can have it shown on YouTube as well as Google’s networks now just as a quick tip as you’re going through and getting new clients on and You’re basically their consultant because they don’t know all the digital marketing strategies and how to go through and leverage social media Google all this different stuff and so the best thing to do is not offer all of these services It’s best if you just focus on one right out of the gate Ideally the one that you are the best at and then from there once you get results with that one service Let’s say Facebook Ads, then you can add on Google advertising as well in addition to the original service now obviously if you’ve been in the game for a while and you’ve got a lot of Experience with digital marketing right out the gate you could jump in and say hey Look, we’re gonna do SEO We’re gonna do Facebook ads and Google advertising and then most likely You have people on your team to focus on each one of those services individually Now the third easy to sell service that you can leverage with your digital marketing agency is one of my favorites because the ROI is Absolutely insane and that is email marketing. Most people that have been in the business for a few months or even a few years They have an email list of past clients past customer path leads That you can just go through and leverage and the great thing is is you take this list of leads this database that they have you upload it into a CRM or an email marketing software and that you can blast out some promotion emails and really quickly You can get these results for your clients of bringing in new leads bringing new business new sales and write all the gate They’re absolutely thrilled with you because with facebook ads or Google Ads You have to spend some money before you see the results coming in with SEO services You don’t have to necessarily spend a ton of money But it takes usually a few months before you start seeing those results Whereas with email marketing and someone has a list of leads if they have a database this is a goldmine that they’re sitting on top of but most businesses don’t know how to Leverage that goldmine that they have So all you need to do is come in and say hey do you have a list of prior leads a Database something like that that we can go through and leverage and offer out a free promo or some type of way to get them into that clients business and you blast out a couple of emails and just like that you have clients coming in and the ROI is Absolutely incredible because it really costs like a few pennies to send out a couple thousand emails now the fifth easy to sell service as you’re starting your digital marketing agency is the one I’m not a Huge fan of because it’s just like it’s not like it’s gonna grow their business a ton But it is important and the funny thing is is most of your clients are gonna think this is way more Important than it actually is and that is posting content to their social media networks Now this is gonna be more relevant if you’re going and posting content on like an Instagram but in my experience if you’re just posting to their Facebook page what typically happens if your client has 1,000 followers on Facebook you’re gonna get less than 5 percent of those people Actually seeing that post so the organic Reach is Absolutely terrible these days and that’s why I like to go through and leverage Facebook ads because you can see quicker Results and it’s something you can easily scale for your clients business But the interesting thing is is you kind of gotta sell what the client wants but then give them what they need So if they want you to go through and post social media content do that But say hey look also let’s run Facebook Ads in conjunction with posting content on social media because yes They will probably get some engagement on those Facebook posts They’ll probably get some people reaching out, but it might be one to two to even three people a month whereas with Facebook ads or Google Ads They can get several people reaching out because you’re actually spending money to promote that content So what you can do is you can make that post But make that post in essence an ad that’s sending somebody to like a landing page so that you can help them generate leads Make that post on their Facebook page and then promote it within the Facebook Ads manager put some money behind it So they’re getting what they want with the social media posts But they’re actually getting what they need with the Facebook advertising and the promotional content so anyway guys I hope these ideas helped you with your social media marketing agency No matter where you’re at if you’re just getting started and I highly recommend if you are just getting started Just pick one of these services Okay, and if you might be thinking like well Jason, I have no idea how to do SEO I have no idea how to do Facebook Ads Instagram ads Google Ads and any of this stuff. Well, don’t worry. Just pick one Focus on that or really learn that and only have that is your one offering that you’re offering to your clients Then once you nail that down and you nail it down for a specific niche So let’s say you get really good at Facebook ads for dentists Well, then after a few months after some time that you’ve gotten these results You just got everything solid Then you can add on some of these other services maybe hire another person on your team that can focus on that specific service But you’re able to sell different services to this client and eventually make more money So if you’re just brand new pick one start there or if you’ve already got a social media marketing business and you’re like man I’m looking to scale by don’t know really how well a great way to scale is if you have like let’s say five clients Well, there may be paying you a thousand dollars per month well What if they paid you fifteen hundred dollars per month and you just offer them more? Services because if they’re already happy with the existing services you’re offering Hopefully they’ll be happy with more services that you’re offering in the future And ultimately you just went from five clients putting you a thousand dollars making five thousand dollars per month to five clients paying you fifteen hundred dollars per month making out seventy five hundred dollars per month just a 50% increase to your salary or pay just like that So anyway guys, I hope this video was helpful. If it was go ahead give it a thumbs up also once again If you want that free training on how to start your own marketing agency how to get clients 100% for free and how to get results for those clients if you’re like looking at all these strategies in like Jason I have no idea how to do any of these don’t worry I’m gonna show you guys how to get started on this train So just drop a comment down below give this video a thumbs up and I will shoot that training on over to you So thanks so much for watching today guys, and I will see you all later

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  1. Thanks for the free training. I know from experience that running Facebook ads can be difficult in getting results. Hope you can help with that.

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