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3 Dropshipping Products That Will Make $100,000 Per Month (Untapped Winning Products 2019)

3 Dropshipping Products That Will Make $100,000 Per Month (Untapped Winning Products 2019)

(Shopify Winning Products) In this video I’m gonna show you three Untapped winning dropshipping products that you can sell right now in your Shopify store to make a lot of money in 2019 2020 and beyond these are awesome products They’re not making millions of dollars, but they have the potential to make a ton of money. Stay tuned to find out Hey, what is up, it’s Raphael here And like I said in this video We’re gonna go over three products actually four that are untapped to have a lot of potential and some brands Absolutely crushing it with I haven’t seen that much saturation coming from this product So there’s a lot of potential still to sell them If you’re struggling to find a winning product If you don’t know what product out there you just sell these ones will definitely help you out But before we start if you’re interested in a one on one call conversation either me or somebody in my team Make sure to schedule a call down in the first link down in the description Click that call apply for a call and you’ll get a one-on-one consult with me or somebody in my team and in every video I give out a full list of ten winning products that are only accessible to my mentoring program people that pay a lot of money to get mentored by me if you want that list and want to get That giveaway of that list make sure comments secrets kind of secrets down below subscribe Hit that notification bell and that thumbs up and let’s get into the products right now. This is a first product It’s called a magical mold remover. Gel You can see it right here from this particular store as a general store called triangle best Calm and it’s this little gel that removes mold from a lot of places This is a thing that a lot of people struggle with in it and I remember when my mom when I was living with my mom a couple years ago and we were trying to remove and basically Clean the kitchen. It’s really hard to find a product like this. That’s one not super expensive and also actually works It’s really hard to get mold out of the kitchen just like this product does and it’s pretty cheap at 1699 I think the margin is quite high on this they’re even using Chinese pictures, which is a little bit off but That’s completely fine. If you look on Aliexpress, there are a few suppliers selling this particular product you have this 186 38 265 this one has 1530 right here and there’s a few if you look up mold remover gel You will find a lot of different suppliers that are selling this particular product I think it’s a product that has a lot of potential and it’s a product that big big brands have sold before For very expensive prices and you can get it for pretty cheap. This one is 366 right here You can sell it for even nine. Sorry 999 or $15 and sell it pretty well Also this particular store that’s selling the mold remover. I want to go into another product from their own brand. It’s called the high tech Surfactant car scratch removal, which is also a product that is doing really well if we look on sale source And we click and see how much money this brand in particular is making or the store is making They start about two months ago doing eighteen thousand to thirty seven thousand per month and if we go down To the winning products you can see that the car scratcher is the first one. They’re also selling this Halloween one or weight This is the recently uploaded product. Sorry about that the best sellers. Oh, well, sorry about that. This is a recently uploaded product So this one in particular is the one that they’re advertising hard Which is the one that they’re selling the most and then they just uploaded this car scratch Polishing walks if we go to their ads library and check out which ads are running on the bottom You can see they’re already testing that car scratch repair Polishing wax if we look at that video right here instantly and safely removed scratches and that was tested 20th of September today We’re at 21. So they started to add yesterday. They uploaded the product two days ago so it could be a product that has a lot of potential and a lot of just Scalability from what I’m seeing from this particular one, they launched these two different ads They’re two different thumbnails same video and same ad copy right here and it’s a product that has a lot of potential and it’s Scalable to everybody cuz a lot of people especially in the US Canada UK have a car So this is a product that fits pretty much anybody that has a little car scratch if we go here and you see that they have the little The mold room or right right here They’re advertising it also advertising this remove rust product right here You can see this one removes rusts. There’s the mold removal Car scratch car scratch this rust removal again and they all launch these ads 25th September 20 of September. These are the launch of the 2nd of September. This one is inactive and this one is active right here So this has been running for almost a full month at this point and it’s still running So it’s probably doing really well for them. They just launched a bunch of new ads That’s why it’s good to look at the ads Library when you find a store or you find an ad that is doing pretty well It’s good to analyze their launch process and their test process So for example this particular brand launched on 25th of August, they launched this particular ad it’s still active it’s still running and you can Check on the ads library if it’s still active or inactive this one in particular is active and it’s still doing pretty well Then you can track. Okay. This one is inactive It didn’t run and it says this ad around without a disclaimer after the ad sort of running We determined the ad was about social issues and the ad was taken down interesting. Okay? Um, I don’t see how that ad could be about social issues, but That’s that’s pretty interesting that Facebook took down this ad because of social issues. It’s very interesting So if you go through all the other ads, this is the scratcher again And those are the two main products that they’re advertising since the store Isn’t making like millions of dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars. It still has a lot of potential to compete against them They just uploaded this Halloween one, but they’re not testing it on Facebook That’s why I’m not thinking it’s gonna have potential Also, if you’re thinking of selling Halloween products, it’s such a tight space of time that you have for Halloween And it’s a it’s a holiday or a special event that not that many people Celebrate a lot. They don’t buy products for it. They don’t buy decorations from it Only a small percentage of people really decorate for Halloween or prepare their home for Halloween What I recommend is if you’re thinking of selling products for Halloween just change your focus to Christmas and then absolutely crush it selling products for Christmas and Thanksgiving, which is the Weekend of Cyber Monday and Black Friday which people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars Some of my students have made half a million dollars only in that weekend, which is insane So that particular store making eighteen to thirty seven a month and it’s doing really well those two products have a lot of potential Check them out for yourself for the second product or actually the third in this case. It’s Dazzling diamond art. You might be thinking. Okay. This is art. How am I able gonna sell this? Well this actually products that you can check right here that people create themselves with little tiny Actions, I’ll show you how exactly how this works. So here right here, and I was analyzing this product I saw an ad from these people and it’s this one right here This one create vast like masterpieces in about two months. It has six million views So it is a pretty skilled of product It still has a lot of potential later on and even more now that it’s gonna be Christmas I think it’s gonna be a huge one for Christmas is a really good product for kids has a massive engagement right here eighteen thousand likes seven thousand comments Just absolutely super scaled up. And if you look at the video right here You can see how it works creating dazzling masterpieces with little diamonds I think this product for kids that’s gonna be huge and if you’re in the kids in each baby in each and you want to sell products for Christmas or Just any type of store and you want to sell products for Christmas. I think this one can absolutely crush it In your check right here you can create a beautiful masterpiece off of these little arts and they’re not super expensive It’s not like you’re gonna have to spend a lot for Magic Kingdom $20 for galaxy night-sky 24 seasons 320 bucks like it’s not terrible. Right $20 for this. It’s actually pretty good I wouldn’t recommend selling anything that’s from a particular brand or a big brand like Little Mermaid I’m not sure how they’re getting away with that I would not recommend you sell anything that’s copyrighted or from a particular brand just And stay away from any of that We check on sale swords and we click that analyze store tab If you want to get sales source The link is down in the description and we’ll look at how much this particular store is making and some Uploaded products some best selling products as soon as that loads. You can check the whole product page here And for example, they have different sizes 25 25 25 by 30 and each one goes up in price as you keep going so the bigger it is if you get a really good order that’s good about products that you can sell a bunch of or a bundle for example those little hexagonal lights They sell really well and they sell Especially well when people buy a lot of them like ten to twelve you can solve for about a hundred bucks for example You can get a purchase for maybe $10 $15 on Facebook and they buy the 60 by 80 and they spend $80 on your site or even let’s see if around there’s another price not it’s the same on so round and square and then if You go down the product page looks pretty solid It’s a really really good looking product page and then it has only one review in the bottom But the store in general looks really good I’m not sure if they’re pushing this one too hard the particular store in seven months visu arts Calm is making about fifty one thousand to one hundred two thousand dollars per month, which is insane It’s crazy numbers and their best sellers are oh, they actually have a custom diamond painting kit They have a painting kit that people can use to create. Oh and they get their own custom picture. That’s insane. That’s awesome Right, so people can actually upload their photo and they get their own customized diamond painting kit I think that’s a beautiful idea And if you have any type of store Really and you want to sell product for Christmas this fit and personalization products are getting very popular A lot of stores are selling products where you upload an image you get a product based on that image So I think this one could have a lot a lot of potential you go through the product page again It’s pretty much the same product page style and in the bottom you have I think this is beautiful This is an awesome product It could have a lot of scale of Italy ability and it fits a lot of different people I can just upload a picture get the diamond painting kit I think it’s a really solid Product to sell if you want to go out and sell it check it out and you can also leverage that Customization aspect of it and the third product that I want to show you is this particular tile laying gear you can see it right here and you can use the little Leveling tool to level up tiles in the home it isn’t a Product that can fit everybody but people that are interested in interior design People that are interested in the Y just fixing up the home and a lot of people now that it’s winter They’re trying to find a ways to make the house warmer There may be working on construction renovation over the winter time to prepare for the next year So I think it’s a solid product in about two months They’ve been able to scale up to three hundred and four million views their revenue Older the revenue actually doesn’t mass match up to the amount of views that we have three point formula views in two months If we look at the revenue, they start two months ago 6,000 to 12,000 months Which I’m guessing that a lot of these views are either worldwide a packet We’re just not direct views for getting sales It could have gone them very cheaply cuz that’s not really a revenue that you’d get with that amount of scale And this is their particular best seller I think could do really well because I haven’t really seen it from many different people and it hasn’t been running for that long It’s just been running for two months. So I think it still has a lot of potential this particular page right here You can see how it looks and it’s not a particular It’s not a normal Shopify product page where the images are on the side. And then the description is on the side It’s it’s a really different type of page with a video on the bottom. Check out the video here You know basically what it does Pretty solid product I think it has a lot of potential and then it has a 50-piece pack what you can do for these products is target people interested in Home Depot Lowe’s other home-improvement brands and just brands in general or People in general that are interested in home interior DIY design interior design and so on I think it could be a very scalable product. You can see the reviews down here in the bottom in Aliexpress You can find it pretty easily and this one also makes your own dumpling mode set, which could be really good But this one is the main one driving most of the revenue for the store They’re doing really really well and absolutely crushing on Facebook ads That’s it for the three untap drop shipping products if you’re interested in a one on one Strategy call with either me or somebody of my team to see if you’re the right fit to mentor Directly with me and take your business to the next level. Make sure to click that first link in the description click it right now and if you’re interested in the top ten Products to dropship right now and in the rest of this month and in the coming months check out the video right here check out That video click that video subscribe to a channel Hit that notification about that thumbs up right there and schedule a call with the first link in the description Click that video schedule call subscribe to the notification and that thumbs up

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