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3 BEST WAYS To Start A Conversation With A Beautiful Woman

3 BEST WAYS To Start A Conversation With A Beautiful Woman

Matt: Excuse me. Hey, real quick… Matt: Starting a conversation
with a beautiful woman can be very frustrating and even terrifying
for a lot of guys. But it’s actually a whole lot easier than you think if you
keep the following three things in mind. And all the opening lines that I’m about
to give you have all been 100% tested to be tried and true in giving you the best
reactions from women. I’m Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man and I’m going to show
you how to start a conversation with a beautiful woman. When you start applying the following three techniques to all of
your interactions with women, I guarantee your results will skyrocket.
No. 1 Approach within three seconds When you see a woman that you want to talk to, make sure to start approaching her within three seconds. From the time that
you take that first step, no more than three seconds should go by. Do this no
matter what because it short circuits your brain’s ability to come up with
excuses and which, you know, a lot of excuses can come up. I’m sure you know
that I know that, they come up from me too. And, it also just conditions you to
take action. It’s like you see beautiful woman and within three seconds, you take
that step towards her. Instead of doing what most guys do, see beautiful woman
and think about it, analyze it and eventually, tuck themself out of it. It
also conveys confidence. When you walk up to her right away, which is a really
important attraction trigger for women, I’m sure you know that. So, next time you
see a beautiful woman that you want to approach, count to three and when you get
to the number three, start walking towards her. Okay, take a step and then
taking another step, even if you bail before you get to her ’cause maybe her
boyfriend shows up or she jumps onto a bus or maybe you just chickened out.
Okay, that’s still a success because you’re training your mind and your body to take
action. You’re conditioning yourself to, every time you see a beautiful woman,
that you just go. If you do that fifty or a hundred times, eventually, that’s
going to be a habit. You’re gonna see beautiful women and just be compelled to walk towards them and that’s a pretty good habit to have. No. 2 Open strong.
Coming in with a good opening line can start the interaction off on
the right foot. So, it’s really important. Now, for fun, flirty opening lines that
get her laughing are great. However, there’s no problem with just keeping it
simple, especially if you don’t know what to say or you’re feeling a little bit
tongue-tied. Here are some examples of some great opening lines. I really like
banter openers because there are fun, flirty way to start an interaction going,
especially in the nighttime environment like a bar lounge or club or part
or maybe even a concert. “Hey, have you noticed that you and I
are like the hottest people in this entire place? It’s true, so I figured we have to at least meet” “Hey, are you shy or something? Because
I’ve been here for like 25 minutes and you haven’t come and said hi to me yet
or buy me a drink or anything. So you must be shy. Because people are there to
have a good time, so if you can get the girls bantering back and forth and
laughing and being playful, then of course, it’s really good. Now, my favorite
way to start a conversation, especially during the daytime, is to use a direct
opener because people are busy, so using something indirect, beating around the
bush; a) it doesn’t show any attractive qualities and b) it wastes a lot of time.
So, I like to just show my intent and my interest right away because that shows
confidence, it shows that I must believe that this girl is also attracted to me.
And it can create, as long as you do it the right way, it can create sexual tension.
So, for example, I might say something like: Another favorite of mine is the intro opener, which is where you just introduce yourself. It works really well at nighttime, at bars, parties and meetup
groups or you know any type of social gathering, really, where you just
introduce yourself and that shows a lot of confidence. It shows that you don’t
need a reason or an excuse to go talk to somebody. Matt: “Hi, I don’t believe we’ve met yet. I’m Matt.”
Woman: “Hi, I’m Dianna.” Make sure to say that confidently
with strong eye contact and a warm smile. Now, feel free to modify these openers
based on the situation or the, you know, the type of girls you’re approaching or
your individual mood or your own vibe, whatever. What’s most important is, to
keep in mind that ninety-three percent of communication is nonverbal. Therefore,
your body language and how you actually deliver your opening statement,
is gonna matter a lot more than the actual words you say. This is exactly
what I mean by that and to learn how to spark sexual tension immediately, which
is, extremely powerful. Then, make sure to watch my YouTube video on “how to spark
sexual tension immediately” and there’s a link to it down in the description.
No.3 Don’t get caught up on the opener. Remember, like I said, the actual
words that you say when you first approached her really aren’t all that
important compared to the overall vibe that you’re giving off. Later on when
you’re a little bit more advanced, it’s nice to come back and kind of practice
some of these different types of openers but in the beginning, when you’re first
starting off, keep it simple, man. It’s totally fine to
just say whatever is on your mind because that will get you in the habit
of going for it, instead of always second-guessing yourself. And developing
that habit will get you more women than any pickup line ever could. Now,
of course there’s other ways to start conversations with women as well. Such as
being indirect or using an observation. Something you see about her or a
situation something in the environment. The problem with those is it’s harder to
keep the conversation going because she doesn’t know the real reason that you’re
talking to her which is probably because you’re attracted to her. So, use the
examples that I gave you in this video or something similar. Especially during
the daytime, be direct. Don’t be afraid to show your interest right away. And of course, like I said, it all depends on how you do it. There’s a
needy, supplicating way to do it. That’s gonna repel women and then there’s a
really badass, more attractive way to do it. That’s gonna build
sexual tension right away. And of course, it’s gonna work much
better. What’s key is that, after you show interest in her, you slightly take it
away by challenging her. If you show too much interest too soon, it seems needy
and it pushes her away. You have to also be a challenge. So, to show you how to be
more of a challenge and get women to actually start chasing you, I created a
video called how to get women to chase you. And there’s a link down in the
description and also on the right side of the screen. So go ahead and click that
right now, and watch that video. Make sure to also subscribe to this channel for
more dating tips and click that bell icon or notification. Also, if you’re
interested in live coaching, if you want us to take you in feel and show you
exactly how to meet an attractive and attract women, then check out our
boot camp schedule. And also schedule yourself for a free consultation with us.
My name is Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man and i’ll see you in the next video.

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  2. Just me or when I talk to a girl that’s a friend it’s so easy but when I like her I freeze and I can’t think of fuck all to say

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  7. Am sociable person and u ain't gonna teach me my job how to do it.
    I know how to start speaking with beautiful one, with ugly one, with lil one , with big one and with anyone
    I know how to do it basically and naturally.
    U know what IAM saying?

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  9. The best 3 ways to start a conversation is to either open up with a compliment, introduce yourself or tell a funny joke simple as that.

  10. Stop using words like beautiful in your titles, some guys are intimidated by looks…I refer to them all as bitches until I see they have something more than looks, which they were prob just lucky to be born with…But most aren't beautiful on the inside, or what you'd call a "lady"

  11. Just go at a bar, put your car keys on the bar, make sure a lamborghini emblem is showing, the bitches will run.

  12. those opening lines are so ridiculous and rehearsed, please don t do that to yourself. find something about her that you honestly like and tell her. then follow your man instincts.

  13. No. This is not how it works at all. Women DO. NOT. Like when you come off like you want them because WE DO NOT WANT YOU. If a woman likes you, she will find a way to talk to you first!! It is a HUGE turn off when you call a woman hot, or when you tell them they look beautiful. It makes us feel less than you and it makes us feel like objects!! Which we are not! Please just be friendly and don't let your horrible instincts get in the way..

  14. Introducing yourself to random women in the middle of the night is literally the worst possible advice I’ve ever heard. If I’m walking alone to my car after I get off work at night and some random dude comes up to me and says “Hi, I’m Matt” ima be like “And I’m creeped out, get the fuck away from me :)”

  15. Only 50 seconds in. First of all, you can't group women into a category. What works for one woman may not work for another. We are human beings with different character traits, life stories, and aspirations.

  16. The first tip is about becoming a douche. Just walking up to random women trying to get their attention with no other intentions. If a stranger walks up to me while I'm going on about my daily life, I will feel creeped out a bit. It has happened before actually and I did not like being put on the spot like that.

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    You walk up to her and you say wow I didn't think I would see you here. And she will probably be like what are you on about and you say remember me I'm that boy who fuckd your mum then she'll be like what the heck and you say I know I'll tell you more let's go get a drink… And that's how you do it ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

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  26. Okay, this video is so SO BAD for anyone who wants a girlfriend. Firstly, You can't just make a beeline for a woman as soon as you see her, that's really intimidating and creepy. Secondly that opener… "HI! I just saw you here and I thought you were really pretty. I had to come say hi." again, really creepy and awkward. Being direct is okay but a means-nothing compliment that you put no thought into right after making a beeline at a woman will immediately make her push you to arms length, if not make her look for an escape as quickly as she can.
    I DO agree with one thing he says. Don't give yourself time and space to make excuses. You see the woman, you begin to plan your approach.
    First, try to notice something about her specifically that you like which other people might not notice, maybe her nails are really well done or something. Use that.
    Second, make eye contact before you approach, don't stare but catch her eye and hold it for a moment. It's a respectable heads-up that you might come and talk to her, don't just walk right at her as soon as you see her.
    Third, when you approach, ensure that you never EVER trap her. Don't walk up to her and block off escape routes, women will instinctively react VERY negatively if there is no easy way out. If they're in a corner, approach close to one wall so that the other side remains clear. If she is sitting at the bar by the wall, maybe sit a space away from her rather than right next to her.
    Fourth, when you finally get to the point of making your opening line, mention those nails or whatever it is you saw, and compliment that, preferably with some humor. I swear if anyone takes this out of context and pulls a "You're breasts are magnificent" shit and point to this comment… I mean something NOT SEXUAL.
    Elaboration on the Fourth: A great rule of thumb when complimenting a woman you just met is to just avoid any erogenous areas. Focus on hands, face, accessories, things that are meant to be seen by everyone, but that not everyone might notice. Don't point out scars, or other blemishes, especially on their face even if you are calling them cute or attractive and avoid other things that might be obvious insecurities as well.
    A great example of an opening line I got from someone who was being sarcastic recently and didn't realize their own genius: "Wow, your nails look great, I wish I could get mine done like that!" (if you steal it, say it with a playful tone, its a joke!) Something like that which can make her smile, make her feel nice that someone noticed it, and immediately have her liking you a hell of a lot more than the guy who just walked straight at her as soon as he laid eyes on her and spouted out "HI! I just saw you here and I thought you were really pretty. I had to come say hi."
    This entire process should only take a few seconds if you're in close proximity. You like the way she looks, now find something unique to compliment that isn't complete inappropriate, make eye contact, approach, but leave an escape route and let out your opening line. I can't stress enough, humor is very good in an opening line, it will give you a GREAT first impression if you can make her laugh, or even just give a genuine smile while she's first meeting you. Bonus points if you do something like the nails one, which shows that you are also confident and secure enough to joke about getting your nails painted.
    Another example: "Your charm bracelet is really pretty, what inspired you to get one?" This one has very different advantages. Firstly, it has a good chance to be able to bring up if she's taken right away, because if she has one, her boyfriend may have gotten it for her, or she may have gotten it partially because of him. This can also give you insight into her interests and her general outlook on life depending on why she got it. This is one that will more easily lead into deeper conversation, though the initial impact of this opener on her isn't quite as powerful due to the lack of humor and obvious confidence (you'll have to portray that with your body and voice)

    If you read this far, congratulations on having an attention span greater than the vast majority of people and I hope it helped.

  27. Is it bad that there’s 5w’s (who,what,when,where,why) and after watching this video there is somehow 7 more

  28. me: approach a beautiful lady and says "uhm, you have a beautiful skin. I like how it holds your internal organs together."

  29. Dude like I'm 14 and I see one girl on the beach for about four days that even gave me a smile and I'm just not that brave to meet her and start a conversation. My inside is afraid of a fail and that everything will go wrong. I have 2 days left and I don't know what to do.

  30. Me: "Hey were the 2 hottest people in the room"

    Her: "What the fuck are you talking about your so ugly ew"

  31. Guys: Never let any girl lack respect to you. But first let me tell you why girls don't respect you:
    Because you don't respect yourself first:

    – You don't value yourself
    – You sell yourself too cheap ( I mean that you have an attitude as if you were a too easy/available guy )
    – You have a needy or insecure or desperate or begging attitude

    – You act as you were a weak guy ( weak in the psychological sense )

  32. I typically go for the direct approach the only modification I do is yell because the music is always loud in the club

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    – Ah, she must be on the blob.

  36. In your experience. Is the approach different from country to country and age. You are young poss 20s 30s.im in my 50s and there are a lot less women available for me.

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  38. one great advice: prepare awesome story with many fictitious elements,or with something that is awesome what happened to someone else

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