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2322 Negative Keywords For Google Ads / Google Adwords List

2322 Negative Keywords For Google Ads / Google Adwords List

Miek Mancini with PPC Video Training.com. Today we are talking negative keyword. Now while I could pretty much
have a whole playlist on negative keywords and what they can do for your
campaign and and if they’re not implemented correctly obviously what
they can do to waste your ad spend. A lot of the time the questions we get aren’t
necessarily how to add them or how important they are, but where do you
start out with getting good negative keywords to add to your campaign. So
today we’re going to share our negative keyword list with you. Stay tuned. So real quickly for those that are
unfamiliar with negative keywords… Negative keywords are keywords that we
add to a campaign that if someone types in one of these keywords, it makes
sure that your ad will not show up. These are preventing your ads from showing up
where you don’t want them to so what we’re doing here is we have put together
a list and as you can see right here of 2323 as of right now negative keywords
and these are all from different industries but there are also some very
general ones and people also say well how do we know if we have enough
negative keywords the number one rule is you will never be completely finished
keyword and search intent has changed over the past several years a good
example would be we used to have a lot of people when looking for service
businesses they might type in plumber five five three one seven which would be
their zip code that has changed a lot now people still do type that in but we
are seeing a complete shift where people are now just typing in plumber near me
because they realize that the search engines know exactly where they’re at
and they will show them relevant search results and let’s be honest a lot of the
time if you’re moving around especially doing a mobile search you might not have
any idea what zip code you’re in so intent has changed as people have
realized the search engines are getting smarter another example would be a
geographical search so if I was looking for a dentist I might type in dentist
near me but perhaps I work a couple of towns over I work in a different suburb
of the city I’m looking for a dentist and I might be looking for a dentist for
my child so I might type in dentist Minneapolis that’s not necessarily where
I’m at when I’m doing the search but I’m looking for other locations so we’re
starting to see that if you’re not adding in these negative keywords I may
just be I live in Chanhassen Minnesota so
I’m a dentist I’m probably don’t advertise in Minneapolis that’s 20
minutes away and it’s probably better to spend my marketing dollars locally
versus 20 minutes away where I’m gonna have a harder time luring people to
drive out to the suburbs to get their teeth cleaned so if this were my market
I would be obviously advertising Minneapolis as a negative keyword and
you can find those through your search terms when you’re in your campaign go to
your keywords and then look under search keywords and you’ll be able to find a
number of keywords in there that you probably don’t want your ads showing up
for and we have literally started seeing where people are in Minneapolis this
might be the local market but they’re looking for a dentist in Kentucky
because like I said they might be traveling here for work in they’re doing
a search while they’re here but they’re looking for a dentist for their kid back
home so one way we would do that is we would make sure that we go over to the
geography tab and we would take every state in this keyword list as well as
every state abbreviation other than ours and we would add those to the negative
keyword list we would start right there we would also start in the general area
these are a lot of negative keywords that people might type in so for
instance if somebody is looking for PPC training and I’m advertising that if
somebody types in PPC training blog that might be one but I don’t think I want to
pay to advertise my blog so if somebody types in the keyword blog my ad would
not show up but these are a lot of general keywords that we see people type
in over the years and I would go through these general keywords and make sure
that if somebody typed in your biggest keyword and then see if any of these fit
and even if they don’t add them in there it’s always better to be safe than sorry
but as you go through here there are a number of different lists so for
instance here is a cheap bargain and price shopper list this is if you are
trying to avoid people who are looking for something for free looking for cheap
or bargain price or they’re basically doing some research
but they are not ready to purchase they might be doing reviews whatever it might
be but for instance we’ll find people who are doing searches for floor
refinish errs and they might be looking for cheap floor refinish errs well as if
I was a floor refinishing business I might not want to advertise for people
looking for cheap those tend to be very difficult customers they probably are
expecting more than they want to pay for they’re trying to always price shop and
drive the price down sometimes I may just want to avoid that so I would type
in these keywords into my negative keyword list cheap cheapest deal free
freebie you get the idea but on every one of these lists there’s a little
explanation of who this is a list for avoiding searches by people who if they
have a computer campaign this might be a negative keyword list or somebody who is
selling computers if somebody typed in the word computer game you don’t want
your ads showing up so that’s why game would be a negative keyword but we put
together a number of different industries on this list and as you
scroll through it and you get to the end there are four other lists and these are
titled Automotive Health real estate and travel now these are keywords who are
for people looking to advertise in the automotive space you might want to add
these negative keywords to your campaign so if you have an automotive campaign
maybe it’s automotive repair you might want to add these to your campaign these
are very specific antique auction you want to make sure that the word career
is a negative keyword to a campaign if you are an automotive repair shop but
you can go through these automotive employments automotive insurance here’s
one for real estate so if you have a real estate campaign you might want to
take a look at these keywords here’s another one for travel as with
everything that we do in our industry these are guidelines and our suggestions
always make sure you go through all of the keywords that you are going to add
to your negative keyword list before you add them you don’t want to be going in
there and adding an negative keyword that’s gonna keep your
ads from showing up if it’s an area that you absolutely want them to show up in
so make sure you review them carefully now these are not necessarily keywords
that we have come up with ourselves but we’ve got them through other lists we’ve
gotten them from campaigns that we have been working on just that we put
together literally over the last 10 years so this is always growing and with
that said your negative keyword scraping is never ever done
we have campaigns literally with 1500 negative keywords in them down below
this video there will be a link where you can download this spreadsheet for
free and once again this is a guideline remember to just to treat it as a
guideline you’re always going to be growing it always going to be making it
better but we hope that helps thanks for watching thanks so much for watching our
video if you enjoyed it please like and or subscribe to our channel or share a
video with someone else who might find it interesting or if you knowif someone
who’s in need of PPC or Google ad services please forward our information
to them we’d love to help thanks for watching

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