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2017 Australia Day Lamb Ad Video Full Version

2017 Australia Day Lamb Ad Video Full Version

First here
Hey, what do you reckon? Cracking spot, Fire up the Barbie (BBQ)
Anyone else coming? Beautiful spot like this it will be packed
before you know it! Oh, here we go
Did you organise the chips and dips? Yeaah Great Spot AHH Thankyou
How long have you guys been here? Since…. Forever mate haha , hey where you mob from? We Sir, are from great Britiania, We are the
first fleet Yeah, not quite mate
haha Bonjour
Oh my god its the french Its the Germans
At least they brought there own Whos bringing the ice? How many bags do we need Douggy
Keep chipping Shackles its going to be big Oh fiddle sticks China’s Arrived Whered you get those? Fyshwick ACT
Whats this? Sixteenth first fleet
Its the Italians, the greeks and … the serbians Hey mate do you know where the backyard is? We got about four thousand k’s of it out here
Need a wicket? Trust me, you need one of these at around
2am Chilli Sauce? You did remember to let the neighbours know
right? Yeah Choice Barbecue ay bro, Ay where should i put the chilli bin? I couldnt keep them away
Should we crack a vegan joke? Nah
Its not a party without ice Fiddle sticks
Hey guys whats the occasion? Do we need one? Look Its the boat people!
Hang on.. Arent we all boat people? And your welcome
Hey look, its the boat people Hi Guys Thanks for having us guys great spot for a barbie Best in the world

34 thoughts on “2017 Australia Day Lamb Ad Video Full Version

  1. ONE OF THE BEST!! no need to be so stuck up, just enjoy the brilliance of this ad. Australia!! The greatest country on earth!!

  2. I do hate the way anti-white and anti-Australian nation state cultural Marxism shite is taken up by bullshiting advertisers as if we're all "bonza cobbers."

  3. Great Ad – those that don't like it can Pissoff and Live in there own Squallers instead of the Greatest Country in the World 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  4. Mate, Chinese characters don't look like that back then

    And the Germans certainly don't fly a flag like that back then

    Other than that, great ad!

  5. 0:40 Apparently it's pretty common for Aboriginals to think that they've always lived in Australia, like they never had to migrate there at one point like everyone else.

  6. Retarded advert. Australia is and will always be a European country, not some mongrel mix of Asian, European and African. Whether people believe it or not, Australia is no longer Aboriginal land, it's both of our land.

  7. Ironic how the clothes on their back, the cooking utensils they’re using, and the slang that they speak were all from white settlers that came to Australia.

  8. It wasn't "aboriginal land" as there were no formal laws designating Australia as a "country"…. it was simply roamed by mobs of aboriginals that settled in various places…..these mobs were not united and hardly knew each other and spoke different languages. There was no collective noun called "aboriginal people" until modern more advanced countries found Australia. Australia was rife for take over by anyone simply because people could "settle" anywhere they wanted…. there was no "invasion"…. there was settlement. Just be glad that is wasn't the Chinese or Indians or malaysians that found it first.

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