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2015 Commercial – #RealStrength Ad | Dove Men+Care

2015 Commercial – #RealStrength Ad | Dove Men+Care

Dada Daddy
Daddy Daddy
Dad Daddy
Dad Dad
Daddy Daddy
Daddy Dove Men+Care
Care makes a man stronger Share how care makes you stronger with hashtag
real strength

99 thoughts on “2015 Commercial – #RealStrength Ad | Dove Men+Care

  1. Thank you for one of the best commercials ever. In a culture that minimizes my role and tries to make me feel less than, it's a breath of fresh air.

  2. I like how the entire commercial is about fatherly love and the children who appreciate their fathers. Then it just drops into a shampoo ad…really weird. It's like watching an ad where a healthy mother and daughter go out to eat together and have a good time, then it cuts to a PSA about prostate cancer.

  3. Daaaaang, all you cheeky scrubs in this comment section like to go full metal dedotated weetard  on so called "gender steryotypes" dontcha?

  4. This always makes me cry… It's so sweet and loving….but makes no sense that using deodorant makes a father strong…

  5. So Dads everywhere need this bullshit, sexist ad to tell them they can care for their kids and show love to them? Feminism and its misandry (and stupidity) strikes again.

  6. Great commercial…you made my cold dead heart actually feel something…now stop testing on animals and I might actually buy your products. 

  7. stupid commercial.  stupid womyns here commenting on it.  too much materialism.  get minimal.  man up and go MGTOW.  enough of this feminine crap, already!

  8. I married my first girlfriend. I was 18 when we met. That was nine years ago. She had two children previously (she was 26 at the time) with her late husband, and after the second she had her tubes tied. I had always wanted my own children but I was willing to look past this. I love this woman to death. I never realized exactly how much this really meant to me until today though, when I stumbled across this video. Never in my life have I mourned the loss of something I've never had until today. 

  9. Somehow I seem to have got a tear jerker when watched this comm.
    Guys voice at end kills it.
    This should be a clothing ad, not a hygiene ad.

  10. I've never watched a commercial that made me cry so much before, It brought back so many childhood memories, I really miss my Dad. My son didn't have a Dad but my Dad was there for him, now that my son is grown up and I see him around his younger cousins I know that he is going to be like this, It is the most beautiful side of men. I just wish that everyone had a Dad like I did. He was everything that was portrayed in the commercial and more. 

  11. So if I care about my son I should use your product? Love how they use the fact that children grow up quick so you act fast to buy it.

  12. I hate men,women, puppies, kittens, and if there were a Lama here, I'd kick it in the stomach. I even hate some of the other people's comments below mine, but from a PR/Advertising stand point..this ad hits the mark!! I don't hate this ad!!

  13. Just wanted to say this commercial breaks our hearts daily.  As a couple that tried everything but has been unable to have children, or even adopt – the one thing that both my husband and I wanted more than anything was to have a child call him daddy.  Not your intent, I know – but just wanted to share.

  14. I'm downloading the spot and chopping off the end.

    The video brought a tear to my eye. My wife always told me that I'd love being a dad. Man was she spot on. My little girl brought out my soul.

  15. Awww . . . 'Dad', a word that has become a part of my passive vocabulary, rings through 15 times or so . . . !
    This advert pulls at my heartstrings, because my Dad would answer me no more.
    Love it! ♥♥♥

  16. I love an ad that is more than a commercial–that leaves a constructive message, like this one does. Thank you, Dove, for doing more than just advertising.

  17. Nice ad however the voice of the avo and the copy breaks a bit abruptly the emotional part of the spot.

  18. Well done Dove.  Another AWESOME commercial about what it really means to be a MAN in this world.  The good, the bad and the poopy!

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  20. My father is my Hero, I learned from him and went into the same trade as him. I got to work with him and he got to see me as a forman over him and surpass him in knowledage and skill. Now he is retired and I support him and love him, and buy him all the thing he deserves, 60 TV, addition to his house, pay his bills, do the work around the house. Becuase when I was young I gave him a hard time but he never gave up on me and I remember being 3 years old and him being a great father to me, fishing, swimming, teaching me how to use his tools, how to be kind, how to be strong. That was my father.

  21. I read some of the comments. wow again people take something great and simple and rune it. congrats to the demise of the human race.

  22. @luckyluke. No I never misrepresented my gender. That was never up for discussion it's a commercial about a cleansing product being relatable to caring of the ones you love which involved children. I just liked that the men are men and acknowledged that they are being productive role models in the lives they're holding so dear to them; which are their children. I also love the smell of men's dove on my husband. So because of this commercial our twins and older daughter love him even more because he's not a stinky dad.😆😆😆😆😆😆

  23. no BS but they have the best body/face liquid wash product for men soap is good too… but they need to completely remake their deodorant that shit is garbage its where Axe beats them.

  24. Another commercial designed to coax Men back into Dating, Mating, and Marriage. Research MGTOW. Its here, and growing!

  25. disguising, shame tactics. Fuck Dove, many men see through this shit. Try doing this: "CARE MAKES WOMEN STRONGER" and see the country halt to a Grind with 1000's of death threats aimed at Dove's executives and media coverage for a month.

  26. I never had a father growing. After seeing this video i started feeling sad. I guess I just couldn't relate.

  27. To the guy that said Dove is being anti-feminist with this commercial: You're an idiot. Dove has always been trying to support feminists. However, they are offensive hypocrites for trying to get the message across that beauty is important for women by advertising and selling their products.

  28. you people turning this into man vs woman really truly need to get a hobby….why couldn't this just been a nice take on fatherhood and that's it…Jesus Christ….stop with the bullshit

  29. Make sure you use Dove antiperspirant, because antiperspirant has been found to have a direct link to dimentia and alzheimers. It's a fact that the aluminum-oxide in antiperspirant is a cause, as well as aluminum-oxide released in canned foods, and in canned cola, as cola eats at the aluminum can and absorbs the aluminum-oxide, and it has recently been found that diet colas increase the chances.

  30. Why do clients insist on destroying a wonderfully emotional spot with that horrific end card and vo that punches you in the face.

  31. Still makes me cry… I wish I had a dad who cared for me. My dad is physically there but emotionally absent. I can't open up anything to him because whenever I try to, he doesn't listen or just disregard everything I say. I'm jealous of those who experienced these father+child moments… 🙁

  32. I came here to show my wife how a FMCG brand should appeal to masculinity in a clever, touching and thought-provoking advert that I still remember 3 years later. As opposed to that confused, take collective responsibility for something men don't do, anti-masculine debacle from P&G. Good work Unilever.

  33. Cant believe this ad aired three years ago and got an overwhelming positive response. The gillete ad showed the same message and the response was hugely negative. What has our society come to?

  34. Saw this one on Mad Over Marketing, and it's one of the most beautiful ads I've seen in a while. I wish they'd put more names that we call our fathers. Love you Papa❤️

  35. What creative team worked on this ad? I need to know for my class, I'm currently a Student at Full Sail University

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