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2014 Official Healthy Canadians Advertisement

2014 Official Healthy Canadians Advertisement

Visual: Conveyor belt where we see children’s car seats passing. Mechanical arms reach out and cover one of the seats in plastic. Another arm reaches out and swiftly stamps a label on the wrapped children’s car seat. Close up on the label: Expiry date 01-12-2018 Narrator: Did you know that children’s car seats have an expiry date? Visual: Cut to a white frame that has a speedometer bottom center. It reads “0 km/h.” An egg rolls into frame and keeps rolling, the camera appearing to keep up with it. As it does, the speedometer shows the speed increasing. When it hits “7 km/h,” the egg hits the side of the screen and cracks. Narrator: Did you know that a child’s skull can fracture on impact at only 7 km/h? For tips on how to keep your family healthy and safe, visit HealthyCanadians.gc.ca A message from the Government of Canada.

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  1. And where is the research for this probably false statement of children's skulls fracturing as slow as 7 km/h? Looks like more taxpayer money wasted on fake ads.

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