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$1K To $10,000 With Shopify Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences – (Drop Shipping)

$1K To $10,000 With Shopify Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences – (Drop Shipping)

big days we all just want to do big days what’s going on guys it’s your boy the
Beast of Ecom and I am back with another video droppin nothing but you
already know value bombs now if it’s the first time I’m ever watching one of my
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today I want to talk about scaling and a specific method on how you can take your
campaigns from $1,000 to $10,000 now scaling is an art it’s not a one size
fits all now a lot of gurus out there may say do XYZ and scale your campaigns
me on the other hand it doesn’t quite work like that what I’d rather do is
tell you different strategies and you can apply the best that works for your
ad account because again not every single person’s ad account is the same
now using this method of look-alike audiences is one of the most powerful
ways you can scale your campaigns why because Facebook works off the data and
the more data you can give Facebook the better the more specific there you can
give Facebook even better so what I’m gonna talk about is how look like
audiences work how to best use them and how you can scale your campaigns from
$1,000 to $10,000 so make sure you watch all of the video consume all of the
information and most importantly take action and implement that’s the most
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so let’s quit the talking let’s jump into the computer and let’s jump into
some value okay so let’s jump into this scaling from scaling you Shopify store
from 1,000 to 10,000 with Facebook Ads okay more specifically look like
audiences now this is just one way of using local our audiences which are
probably the most powerful way to use and scale okay now again I’m
using the presentation and a lot of people said that they like to use the
presentation so I’m trying to use the as much as I possibly can so moving on
why look a lot audiences okay now the first thing I want to mention before
going any further okay is you for this to work you need to have your pixel
probably properly set up on your website if you haven’t got your pixel on
Facebook pixels set up on the website you can’t create custom audiences which
means you can’t create look like audiences okay so go you know Facebook
I’ve got loads of different and there’s YouTube videos on how to set up your
pixel on your website so I won’t be going over that but why look at our
audiences now look at our audience is an audience that is similar to the custom
audience data that you give to Facebook remember Facebook know way more about
the person on their platform who are more likely to convert you know to a
specific offer then you will ever do who you will ever know so you know you may
be targeting cold interests and all that sort of stuff which are great but the
next step is you know doing the custom audiences and then creating local our
audiences and letting Facebook do the heavy work let them find the people for
you okay let them create the people and the audiences because at the end of the
day they’re going to be more targeted and more specific why because Facebook
know way more about the people on their platform than you will ever know they
know and own all of that data so for example you know everyone who added a
product to their car you can create a custom audience okay for every person
who added a product to your car so if you’re Sally in a you know whatever it
may be a pair of a dog lead let’s say a dog lead you can enroll in traffic you
can then create a custom audience for everyone who has added that product to
their car you know those people are showing buy-in intent which means
they’re much more down the funnel than the person who clicked on the product
and just went away so you can say to Facebook okay you know I want more
people who who are gonna add the product to the car you know who are more hot
leads were more warmly than just the cold in
so that’s just one example and they are like I’ve mentioned the most powerful
way to scale campaigns when done correctly without a doubt working you
know creating custom audiences as scaling via local audiences is the best
way and you know hands-down the most powerful way to scale your Facebook
campaigns from 1,000 to 10,000 okay now just to give you a visualization I’ll
get that out of visualizations of what how the whole system works so the
customer takes an action on your site for example they’ve viewed the content
they viewed the page or they added the product to the car or they initiate a
checkout or they purchase okay so a customer takes an action then what
happens is like affirmations once you’ve got your Facebook pixel all set up
correctly the pixel they will then capture that data and then Facebook can
build the custom audiences okay so for example you might have you know 500
people who have added to the car 500 people who have purchased or 500 people
who viewed the product page okay now then Facebook then obviously once you
create look at our audience you can Facebook then find similar people in
that custom audience and that will generate you look like audience so
that’s how it works this is the whole flow of the system okay right from the
customer taking the action to the pixel capturing the data to Facebook building
a custom audience and then creating you look at our audience in these last two
okay now when to use look at our audiences well or a lot of people don’t
do this but you need to set up your custom audiences before you actually run
your campaign I always do it okay always have everything set up beforehand before
you even start running the traffic so that you’ve got it there and then don’t
pollute don’t just start running traffic and then go back and create in because
sometimes you can forget and I’ve done it many of times where you know I’m
running traffic to a product and I’m looking at my audiences to go and create
my look at our audience and I think damn you know
I haven’t actually set it up now even if you do set it up in the later stages it
will still recall all of all of the day and because you can set how many times
how many days you keep them in that audience but you know just for me I like
to set all of my custom audiences before I even bring the campaign before I even
run traffic okay before I even put the campaign live which is what you always
want to do make sure you put stuff make sure you put audiences before okay now
wait for the custom audience to be built now a lot of people are gonna say you
know you know why’d you wait for you know what are your what are you bench
rules well to give you my sort of bench rules again they differ depending on
what sort of on what cus on a campaign I’m runnin or more sort of product on
running and stuff like that but if I’m doing a video then generally about a
thousand view thousand thousand views video views and they have to be over 95%
roundabout 800 to a thousand view contents again I’m spending quite a bit
of money but that is what I want to generally find and anything from 250 to
about 500 at the carts and then 250 you know purchases okay but again they’re
just wolf benchmarks and again there’s some of their numbers to go by but again
it depends on the campaign and all those sorts of things what I go off but again
what you generally find is that if you haven’t hit a thousand what will happen
is in Facebook it will just say less than a thousand now if you want to find
out the exact numbers okay you have to use the analytics in your in your
business manager to be able to find out the specific numbers and if you use in
Content IDs which I would advise to use with doing custom audiences with doing
custom audiences and look at our audiences then you can just put in your
putting your Content ID in the analytics and it will show you exactly how many
people have took that action rather than it just saying less than which can be
annoying they took it away for some reason God knows why now the more
Facebook the more data that Facebook has the better and stronger the local our
audience will be it and this is why I mentioned previously
is I don’t really have so much set benchmarks because if something he’s
working on the cold end sometimes I might work a little bit longer just to
let that audience build up a little bit more okay you might be on the lower end
of having you know say 500 view contents but you’re converting fantastically with
cold audiences you might want to wait to a little bit longer until it gets to
like that 800 mark for them to start to go and build on to your custom audiences
remember the more Facebook the more data that Facebook has the better it will
always be that way and remember like I mentioned to start with Facebook knows
more about the people on their platform than you ever will know okay so it’s
always important to give Facebook as much data as you possibly can which is
probably another reason why you know you can set your your time date so like you
know 180 days or something like that’s a to just give Facebook more data okay
that’s the main aim that’s the main goal now the best look at our audience is to
use now these are the ones that I use again these are the kind of the best
ones that you should be using and you should all be testing every single one
of them okay of course if your budget allows for now some people don’t have
the budget to test things all in one go you might do in stages but video views
you know 75 cents and 95 percent I never really go less than that 95 percent is
always the best and they’re gonna be your fastest to build always always
gonna be the fastest ones to build your view content of course your Add to Cart
your initiate check house and you purchases again you always want to do
those and you obviously you’re gonna leave your purchase wants to last
because obviously down the funnel you’re always gonna get more so you’re gonna
get more view contents are gonna be easier than at the carts and then a chat
in the shade checkout so I’ll be less and less and all those sorts of things
so you wait you can’t just do them all in one go okay they’re gonna progress as
stages go on now here’s one that a lot of people generally neglect and page
engages which is again fantastic to do if you’re running a page and you’ve got
a you know you son in dog store for whatever it may be you know run a local
our audience for everyone who engaged on that page create custom
audience okay and then again when you’re when you look at our audiences that way
a lot of people neglect it do not neglect that one now test everything
okay 1% 1 to 2% to 3% all the way up to 10% you need to be testing absolutely
everything because it’s gonna open up the more opportunities and you know what
you will find sometimes is just because it’s 1% 1% just to give you a bit of
background but the 1% will be the closest match to that custom audience
okay again it will move down the line 1 percent and then 2 percent and then 3
percent being further and further away of being as close match to that custom
audience so 1% in theory should be your best audience but I’ve been doing
Facebook for you know years on end and that is never the case okay sometimes
you will have 1% will absolutely flop yeah my 8 to 10% will absolutely be
killing it okay so that is one reason why I don’t just use 1% okay well don’t
just use 1 to 2% even though in theory they should be you know the best-looking
audience or the best you know custom audience sorry the best local our
audience sometimes when you just test you know you find that 5% is absolutely
crushing it or 10% is crushing it or even 8% is just crushing it so it’s so
important to always test and test everything like I said now of course you
need to kill the losers and scale the winners that goes without saying so if
you spend the money you know and you know you want person is a good cut it
it’s as simple as possible don’t think just because it’s the 1% that you have
to use it and you have to be you know this has to be the best one because it’s
1% no forget all that okay go off the numbers that’s the only thing
that matters if it’s showing you cost per purchases at a nice price okay then
you know scale that audience just because it’s 1% doesn’t mean anything
okay test it and of course test different countries as well so you best
performing countries if you’re if you all your purchases are in the US then
you know best place to start your customer your local our audiences will
be the you you know and then just do you know maybe
the the tier ones if you want a war group it all together and do a ei you
know there’s NAFTA there’s all sorts of different ones that you can test but
basically what what look at our audience will open up is a ton of people who are
more specific and more likely to convert to your product or offer because
Facebook has got the data they’ve correlated it together and never matched
people and that’s what Facebook do they put everyone into different buckets okay
people who view content who like cats and gay people who purchase stuff that
have like cats people who purchase cooking stuff who are you know a certain
age range and then what these look like audience will do is Facebook will go out
and find people more likely more like that person who are taking that action
and that’s what you want and of course last but not least value bombs so as
always I hope you got some value from this video if you did please do like
comment and of course smash that subscribe button so you stay up to date
with my latest videos and hit the notification about so you become a part
of the notification gang so I hope you can see how powerful look like audiences
are and why you need to be using them in every single campaign that you do if of
course they reach that stage remember Facebook knows way more about their
customers and their people on their platform than you ever do okay so feed
them the day at once you give them the data let them do all of the hard work
let them do all the legwork and let them create you with custom on audiences that
you can test out so that is it for this video I have got a free mastermind group
the link is down below clicking it I’m in there other marketers are in there
all happen each other out with e-commerce Shopify drop shipping and all
of that good stuff and of course I have got a free course
as well the link for that is down below if you want to reach out to me on a
personal basis best place is probably Instagram you’ll pop up on the screen
drop me a like drop me at the end drop me a follow and we can try ad connects
on there so that is it for this video take care and I’ll see you again back
with another video droppin nothing but you already know
Valley bombs as I always do so take care and I’ll see you later

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