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19 AMAZING Photoshop Tips, Tricks, and Hacks (That You Probably DON’T Know)

19 AMAZING Photoshop Tips, Tricks, and Hacks (That You Probably DON’T Know)

Hi. Welcome back to the Photoshop Training Channel. I’m Jesus Ramirez. In this video, I’m going to show you 19 Photoshop
tips, tricks and hacks that you probably don’t know. My goal for this video is to show you new
techniques that will help you in your workflow, projects and productivity. Before we get started, I would like to ask
you for two favors. If you see a tip that you like and it will
help you create better images, then hit that Like button as soon as you see it and let
me know in the comments what tip that was, and the second favor is for those of you who
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useful, then hit that Subscribe and Notification buttons. All right, let’s get started. In this first tip, I’m going to show you how
to open the same document in two windows, but, most importantly, why that is so valuable. So I have this photo of this dog, and I can
open it up in another window by going into Window, Arrange, and selecting
New Window For
and the name of the file. This file is titled dog.psd. If I click on that, it opens up in a new window,
so, now, I have the same document in two windows. This is not a duplicate. It’s exactly the same document, and I can
go into Window, Arrange, and select either 2-up Horizontal or 2-up Vertical. I’ll select 2-up Vertical and put the documents
side by side. So, with one document, I can zoom in and work
on the details and, with the second document, I can zoom out and see the over all image. Then I can create any adjustment that I like,
so, in this case, I’ll create a new layer and I’ll start using the Clone Stamp to, to
clone this woman out, so I’m going to hold Alt Option on the Mac and click, and I’ll
start painting her away. Notice how, in the left window, I’m working
on the details and, on the document on the right, I can see how those adjustments are
affecting the overall image, so this is a great way of working when you’re retouching
because you don’t have to zoom in to work on a detail and then zoom out to see how that
detail affected the overall image. So just zoom in, work on your image, see how that adjustment affects the overall image, and then continue adjusting as you see fit. Also, when you’re in this view, if you hold
Shift and the space bar to pan, you can pan on both documents at the same time by holding
Shift and the space bar. This feature could also be very powerful if
you have two monitors because you can drag one tab over onto your second monitor. In this next tip, I’m going to show you how
to select colors from any application. Let me show you what I mean by that. You probably already know that if you select
the Eyedropper tool, you can, of course, click and drag and select the color. So I can hover over this green and release,
and that color is now my foreground color and, of course, I can paint with that color,
but did you know that you can select the Eyedropper tool, then minimize Photoshop so I have a
second window over here, which happens to be my Instagram account, in case you’re interested, I’m @jrfromptc, and I can just select any
color that I like from this different application by putting it next to the Photoshop window
frame, clicking inside of Photoshop and then dragging outside? Notice now I’m selecting the brown color from
the leaf, or I can select the red from the Adobe logo or any other color that I hover
over, including the blue on my desktop. You will notice how the foreground color swatch
changes colors as I hover over the applications that are outside of Photoshop. When you select the color, you can, of course,
come back into Photoshop and, with the Brush Tool selected, I can paint with that color
that I selected from outside of Photoshop. In this next Photoshop tip, I’m going to show
you how to make the Clone Stamp tool even more powerful. So you probably already know about
the Clone Stamp tool. It’s here. When you select it, you can hold Alt Option
on the Mac and click on a sample source, and then you can click and drag ideally in a new
layer, so I’ll create a new layer, and click and drag to paint new pixels. So, now, she has a twin, but what you probably
didn’t know are the powerful keyboard shortcuts that you an use, so, once again, I’m going
to hold Alt Option on the Mac to sample from her shoe. You can see the preview here on the brush,
and watch what happens when I hold Alt Shift and thekeys. That’s the comma and period keys. Notice how I can rotate the clone source. Notice how her shoe is rotating, so, when
I paint, I can now paint her in an angle. I can also hold Alt Option on the Mac and
click on that same shoe. And I’m going to rotate her back by holding
Alt Shift and the

100 thoughts on “19 AMAZING Photoshop Tips, Tricks, and Hacks (That You Probably DON’T Know)

  1. Hi. For me the first tip is amazing, I cant believe I didn't think of that. I kept zooming in and out like crazy while working on details.

  2. So many amazing tips. Thank you soooooo much. I will have to rewatch again and again but that's how you learn.

  3. Hi Jesús! Buenísimo el video!!! Aprendí un montón. Thank you very much from Buenos Aires (Argentina)!!!!

  4. For the keyboard shorcut problem: I suggest to always have the english US keyboard layout installed in Windows and change it on the fly with the shorcut win + space for Adobe applications in order to take advantage of this shorcuts.

  5. Very Cool Video, i've been using PS for more than a decade and learned new useful tips… The video is very long though, you have very good content that could gather more traffic splitting it in 3mins tips topics.

  6. I have photoshop cc current update from the cloud, but when I click on the Creative Cloud App, I don't see assets. I have apps, learn, files, stock and behance.

  7. Have you used Krita, and if so how similar are the two? I just started working digitally, and am almost as excited, nervous and overwhelmed as a kid in a candy store with the parents credit card. Have worked in most all other forms of median for the time I could make mark ,to my now mid forties. I have drawn, colored, painted (water, acrylic, oil,and enamel) everything from canvas, paper, ceramic, to cars , leather, and denim. Fabricating metal, wood, fiberglass, and epoxies. Even pigment and skin. And am bless as well as thankful to still be able to have my mind blown , and be filled with awe and amazement when luring new ways to keep my love of art fresh new and every bit as exciting as when I did a twenty foot tall portrait with a paintball gun the first time. Thank you for your wonderful tutorials with out which I might not be able to jump into not only a new form of art but finally computers as well. You don't seem to mind when I have to pause, listen to over and again, or when I have to find other tutelage on using software, or how to download an app at a critical moment. Don't think I could pay someone to deal with my electronic ignorance, not that I could afford to in any case. If I could or am ever able to tip I will glad fully. I hope my binge rewatching sharing, and un dining gratitude will be enough to keep you going for the time being. God bless and thank you.

  8. Been using photoshop for 20 years, but the tips here are simply the best. Congratulations Sir!

  9. These tips stood out for me: selecting colors outside of photoshop, spot healing tool, making selections of bright and dark pixels, and all of the luminosity and curves tips,. You also helped me straighten out my misunderstanding of some tools. Knowing how to use the tools correctly by learning from a photoshop expert like you is a confidence builder. Thank you so much.

  10. Ive been trying the RUST one u did with the control alt G so it takes up only the letters for like hours now trying to figure out what im doing wrong and cant figure it out. please help.. cant get it to work

  11. Maybe I should have know this, but I was blown away finding out I could change the autocorrect's algorithm!! Just now subscribed! Thank you!!

  12. Nice tips! I just disagree with the trick about the luminosity mode curve level. It certainly works well for minor adjustments (when basically you quite don't need it), but it doesn't produce good results with major adjustments (bigger are the adjustments, more obvious are the errors). No matter whether the document is 8 or 16 bits, use the blending mode luminosity on the curves, produces wrong colors and shades.

    In my lessons, in fact, I teach this way, but then I suggest creating a saturation level anchored to the Curve level, to fix the saturation problems generated by the curves. This also helps the photographer to train the eye with colors, to understand itself which the correct saturation is, rather than leaving the work to the software.

  13. "Make Your Own Photoshop Templates (PSDT)" – Instead of changing the name outside of Photoshop, use SAVE AS… and add the 't' in the save as filename. To save changes to your template, use SAVE AS… again and select your actual template file to use its name and overwrite it. Doing this is much easier than doing it outside of Photoshop.
    Great video and tips, thanks!

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  15. Although most of the tips are already known to me. yet a great content and huge at the same time. appreciated your tireless work. hurrahhhhh

  16. So happy I discovered this video! Very useful information. More importantly, I have tried to follow other PS tutorials and I have been frustrated and incapable of following the instruction. These videos (all of the videos produced by Jesus Ramirez) are the only ones that carefully, comprehensively, and easily instruct you on the most essential and useful aspects of Photoshop. I wish I would have discovered this channel years ago. With Mr Ramirez's instruction it is possible to truly get the most out of Photoshop. Thank You!!! PS: Tip No. 1 is SO useful.

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  18. Bruh all of this is soo helpful especially since i'm still newish but i don't understand a lot of it and wont remember lmao i wish i could

  19. Would you please elaborate when you hold Alt+Shift+<, what other key you use to rotate the clone? Please help. Thanks a lot!

  20. Just when I think I know how much I don't know about Photoshop…. I can't decide if I should feel smarter now or dumber!

  21. This was FULL of helpful tips. My photography will have much better, more refined edits. I highly recommend taking time to watch this. It would take you years to learn these on your own.

  22. You got a lot of video for teaching and everything you got is not gonna works on my Photoshop Elements 15. I wish I found you before I bought this Element 15 this is the big mistake buying this element 15 .

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