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16 Things Confident Men Never Do – Confidence Boosters for Gentlemen

16 Things Confident Men Never Do – Confidence Boosters for Gentlemen

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
In today’s video, we discuss 16 things confident men never do and what they do
instead. Confidence is something that many men grapple with internally but
it’s also something that shows in your actions and in your words. Sadly, it’s a
topic of discussion that is often a taboo because men are often raised to be
confident as part of their masculinity and if they lack confidence, they’re
somehow less of a man. That’s exactly the reason a lot of men feel they constantly
have to put on a show to appear confident because society demands it
from us. You probably know someone who always talks big and puts on a show but
the old saying goes “actions speak louder than words” and it’s very true. In this
video, we’ll discuss why confident men don’t do certain things and what they do
instead. Deep down, real confidence comes from the understanding that you have
intrinsic value and that you don’t need others to prove to you that you’re
worthy. Men who lack confidence are often insecure and they simply need a constant
approval of the people around them to give them a sense of self-worth. So what
are the sixteen things that confident men never do? Well first of all, they
never wear flashy brands. Big names and logos rarely signify a elevated taste
level or style but instead, it’s much more about the status you want to
display with them. Basically, all it says is that you can spend a lot of money on
something and because of that, you should have a higher status in society. Most
brands utilize designer brands and big logos to signify their wealth and
success in life. Sometimes, even worse, they just wear them to make other people
jealous. Just think about it this way, big brands and logos are something typically
associated with expensive brands and you’ll never see a polo shirt that says Aldi or Walmart in big letters because people don’t want to advertise that. The
second thing confident men never do is to dress inappropriately for the
occasion. A confident man isn’t afraid to wear what he
wants when he wants to wear it. At the same time, it’s all about the right time
and place and sometimes, for example, at a funeral or wedding, your own interests and
your own taste in clothing has to take a backseat because other people are more
important than you in that particular situation. By being hopelessly
underdressed or dressing in a pink suit, you take away from the gathering’s
purpose and you just make people talk about you and look at you which is
inappropriate because at the wedding, it’s all about the bride and groom, for
example ,or at a Funeral, it’s about the deceased and their family. By the way, to
learn more about funeral etiquette and what to wear to a funeral check out this
guide here. Even outside of special events, confident men will rarely wear super
loud pink and neon yellow suits unless, of course, the Dandies of Brazzaville
which is an entire whole subculture of wearing colorful suits. Three, confident
men never do things purely because it makes them look successful. Buying an
expensive car or a luxury watch that you can’t really afford will probably make
you initially look successful but down the line, people will always catch up on
it. Also, these kind of investments can backfire because people never like to be
deceived, however, if you have this nice Rolex Daytona that costs tens of
thousands of dollars but you drive a 20-year old car, people put one and one
together and realize that something is odd. A 15-hundred dollar car payment may
really backfire hard if you can’t afford it anymore. Or if you have that really
expensive watch that doesn’t go with the rest of your lifestyle, it just seems
strange. A confident man doesn’t need to pretend that he’s someone else that he’s
not because he’s just happy with the way he is. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they
can’t improve and get better but he’s not insecure about it and is not ashamed
of himself. Confident men typically don’t just avoid
certain things or avoid wearing certain things just because they’re afraid of
being judged. I recently saw a profile of a tailor in England who wears
nothing but Regency clothes. Now that means he wears knee breeches, cravats, top
hats, and that 24/7. Now, this is the ultimate form of confidence.
He wears something because he truly loves it and he disregards other people’s
opinion or judgments about him. For example, I love suits and in general, more
formal wardrobe so I wear it even if other people don’t. It doesn’t make me
uncomfortable because I know I like that style and it’s who I am
and for me, it’s not about making others look better or worse. It’s just about how
I enjoy dressing. At the same time, when it’s really hot outside and I bring my
daughter to daycare, I may just wear a pair of shorts, a polo shirt, and boat
shoes. While most people would think of that being rather casual for my style,
I have no problems with that even though a viewer may catch me in the
street because I am comfortable, I know it’s the right thing for me to wear in that
situation, and I’m fine with that, no matter what other people may think of
me or judge me for it. Confident men don’t mind standing out unless, of course, it’s a
special occasion such as a funeral or a wedding. Otherwise, they do it because
they love it and it’s them. The same goes for cars or watches, if you don’t
care about cars, it’s okay not to have an expensive car or not to have a car at
all or maybe just have a very inexpensive watch even though the rest
of your wardrobe may be completely bespoke and cost a considerable amount
of money. The fifth thing confident men don’t do is to constantly come up with excuses. Basically, when you make an excuse, you push the plane of your actions to
something else or someone else. I mean under the right circumstances, it can be
warranted. Let’s say, if you’re just waiting at a red light and someone
rear-ends your car, there’s really nothing you could have done. At the same
time, if something becomes a pattern and nothing is ever your fault but always
someone else’s, that should give you a pause. When I see that in people, it’s a
red flag because this means they’re not self aware, they’re always trying to
blame others for their shortcomings. Other people will notice it too and they will
actually respect you less for it. A confident person realizes that we’re
human beings as such, we’re prone to failure, we all make mistakes,
however, rather than blaming others, they just own their mistakes, learn from them,
and move on with life. Six, confident men don’t wait for permission to act, they
just act! For example, when I realized that I had to be an entrepreneur and the
opportunity presented itself, I took it even though it was risky at the time and
I wasn’t sure that it would lead somewhere. I didn’t wait for someone to tell me
that I’m great at it or that I should try it because deep
down, I was confident enough to know that I could probably make it work. So if you
know what you want, don’t just wait for other people’s permission to do
something, simply act on it. It’s okay to be vulnerable or to seek help from
others if you realize there’s a certain area that is not your strong suit. Being
confident also means that you’re self-aware, you understand where you rock
it and where you suck it. So while a confident man would have no problems
admitting his shortcomings and seeking out help from professionals, the insecure
man, on the other hand, would rather pretend that he knows it all even though
he doesn’t. Sometimes, you also have people in your life that are very close
and important to you and in those situations, you have to work with them as a team. For example, when I realized that the Gentleman’s Gazette could be a
full-time thing for me, I didn’t just barge ahead and went for it but I also
talked to my wife and discussed it because we’ve shared financials in a shared life and
if I just make a decision for myself without considering her at all, it shows
a lack of respect and understanding in a relationship. Seven, confident men don’t avoid
conflict at all costs. Right now, I live in the Midwest where avoiding conflict is
part of the culture, however, I’m from Germany, my dad’s from Brazil, and there,
conflict is just more part of life. For me, those contradictions reveal that
there is a happy middle ground. As a confident man, you are not aggressive or you
just try to pick a fight wherever you go because that makes you a very unpleasant
person and you realize that. At the same time, you don’t want people to just walk
all over you at every point in time. Neither extreme is healthy and avoiding
conflict doesn’t actually solve it, it just means you’re kicking the can down
the road where sometimes it can lead to more resentment or to an even bigger
problem. Now while insecure men may shy away from a conflict, a confident man
recognizes that there is an issue and he addresses it respectfully in a matter of
factly manner. It may also mean you may have to compromise at times but it’s
always about the matter and not about the other person or making them small
but respecting them and finding a good middle ground. Eight, confident men don’t
fear feedback or inconvenient truths because they’re just part of who we are.
Trying to pretend that you’re perfect will ultimately only hold you back from
getting better. Why? You can’t fix a problem if you’re in denial about it. The
first step is to recognize there is a problem and the problem is you. For
example, an inconvenient truth about me is that I’m a bad manager. Now, I manage
people, I got successful up to a certain point,
however, by not admitting that I’m not a great manager, I’m actually holding back
the growth of my company. So instead, if I recognize the problem and I put a plan
in place so other people with better managerial skills actually take over
those tasks for me, that is just a much better solution and it all starts with
me being vulnerable and realizing that I’m not the best at everything,
Nine, confident men are not afraid of failure. Actually, failure is part of success.
How so? Well, think about it this way, you can
make many mistakes if you do one thing really really right. Of course, it’s
always easy to talk about failure when you’re at the point where you’ve already
made it and you succeeded, however, without failure, no one can achieve
mastery. For example, in school, I learned a lot more when I got a really bad grade
than if I got a good grade. The same with money, if I lost $20,000 in my business
because I made a stupid decision, I learned from it and I wouldn’t do it
again. So I think failing is great if you embrace it and become more productive or
better because of it. Frankly, I think failing is
important in many areas of life and sometimes, if you start learning how to
fail early on, you make small mistakes rather than not making any mistakes and
then making a really big one that costs you so much that everything goes down.
Because of that, confident men never let the fear of failure control their life.
Ten, confident men don’t take advertising and social media or
Instagram profiles too seriously. Sometimes, when you see those pictures, it
may seem like the world around us is living this glamorous lifestyle while we
are stuck in our office doing something we don’t really like. Now, if you were to
take a behind the scenes shot of that beautiful photo, maybe you’d realize that
things aren’t as bright as they appear to be. The world out there isn’t perfect
and some people are just more skilled in taking photos that make it look like it
is. Nobody is perfect and it’s not really impossible but it would also be
exhausting. Confident men don’t let other Instagram profiles dictate how happy
they are with their life and if they realize that other people’s photos may
have a negative impact on their own life, they try to stay away from it
and just do things that they can change to make them fulfilled and happy. Eleven,
confident men don’t yield to peer pressure. Why? Well, they know what’s good
for them and what isn’t, they’re not afraid to speak up if someone wants to
sell them something, wants them to do something because they know, at the end of the day, they would regret it. A perfect example of this is drinking or smoking.
When other people drink, they oftentimes want to invite others to drink with them
and pressure them to do that even though the other person may really hate how
they are when they drink. For confident men, it is okay not to have a drink
even though they usually like to drink. I remember in high school when I was
a teenager, it was really popular to smoke cigarettes and it was just part of
being cool. So all my friends around me, they would smoke and there was this peer
pressure that I would smoke as well but I just wasn’t interested in it, I just
didn’t smoke. Now, people who aggressively try to convince others that they have to
do as they are doing usually are insecure and not very confident about it
because confident men realize their limitations but they also respect other
people’s opinions and wishes. and don’t just try to sell them stuff that they’re
not really interested in. Twelve, confident men aren’t people pleasers. Now, first, let
me say that there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to make other people
happy and there is always a time and a place for that, however, people pleasers
are often easy to take advantage of. Confident men typically balance their own
needs with other people’s needs so it’s all respectful, dignified, and no one
loses face or is embarrassed or ridiculed. Now, that starts with being
honest with yourself and just speaking up if something doesn’t work for you.
It’s definitely one of those skills you might have to practice but saying no is
one of the most valuable tools in a confident man’s toolbox. So that also
means you sometimes have to put yourself or your relationships first before your job.
If your boss asks you to stay late for the third time but you have a date night
with your significant other, you may have to say “sorry
not today.” That also means that you have to tell your friends or acquaintances
that you can’t join them on that expensive vacation because you simply
don’t have the funds for it. Now, it’s always easy to say no and what doesn’t
work for you, however, confident men realize that but they also try to
balance that with expressing what is working for them so other people can see
it works for them. So if you aren’t okay with something, don’t just say no, say “no
but here is what’s working for me”. Thirteen, confident men don’t hide behind
screens or anonymity. These days, it is very easy to say things online or over text
but often, people would never say that one-on-one in person. Online interactions
have the potential to dehumanize communication and it’s much easier to
humiliate someone or to say bad things about them when it’s just a remote
transaction and you can hide behind an alias that is not tied to your existence.
If you’re afraid to be connected to anything that you say, you probably
shouldn’t say it in the first place. Even sometimes our YouTube comments
can be very mean and I’m sure most people would not say that to me in
person yet behind their username, they’re happy to really unload.
I always keep in mind the Internet has a long memory and never forgets so maybe
at some point in time, things will be exposed so you’re always better off to
not use a screen or anonymity to say things you otherwise wouldn’t say. That
aside, in general, it’s more of a cowardly thing to do and not a hallmark of a
confident man. That being said, there are always exceptions to the rule such as
whistleblower statutes or it can make sense if one really powerful person
could just take someone out who’s critical of them. In those cases, it makes
sense to have anonymity or a medium where you can say something in
private. Fourteen, confident men aren’t afraid to ask for help if they need it. As an
entrepreneur and CEO who started as a one-man show from scratch, I always had the
tendency to just want to do things myself, however, over the years, I’ve
learned that to really accomplish something and to build something bigger
than me, I have to rely on other people, teach them to the best of my ability, and
trust them that they can do things. And even though they may not be a hundred
percent like me, they can still contribute in a meaningful way that is
better overall than if I would do it all myself.
Humility is a virtue and asking for it in the right way will earn your respect
and not make you look worse. At the end of the day, it all comes down to self-awareness
and if you understand what you’re good at and you stick to that and outsource
the things that you’re not good at, you’ll be a much better person and at
the same time, you empower others around you. Fifteen, confident men don’t assume the
world around them is out to get them or to make them small or ridiculed. When other
people say things or do things that hurt you or your feelings, it’s always very
easy to assume a malicious intent. In my experience, most of the time, people
are not ill willed but they simply have a different way of thinking, they had a
different upbringing, they come from a different culture, or just see things
differently than you do. Assuming to know what our people meant or what their
intentions were is very unproductive because you automatically assume that
they’re exactly the way you are and that they would interpret certain things
exactly the way you would. Reality is they don’t and confident men always give
other people the benefit of the doubt. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should
let other people just walk all over you, the old saying “shame on you if you fool
me once, shame on me if you fool me twice” explains it pretty well. If people have
shown you in the past repeatedly that they are ill willed or malicious,
yes, you shouldn’t trust them now, all of a sudden. Now last but not least the, 16th
thing confident men don’t do is to treat other people around them poorly even
though they may be in a more powerful position than them. In my mind, people who
treat others poorly to make themselves feel better is a sure sign that they’re
insecure about themselves. Verbally abusing people around you, like your
waiter, the retail clerk, or a service person just makes you look like an
insecure bully. are quite obvious when you call people names
or you’re very aggressive and you yell at them. Other situations are less
obvious. For example, I remember a situation where I as out with someone buying wine
for a dinner and the clerk was trying to be helpful and was telling us what he
thought was a good value. He compared a lower-priced champagne
with a high-priced one and the person I was there with just jumped in and said
“oh I’ll take twice of those” the way he said it and the way he looked at the
person and the whole surroundings made it seem awkward and it seemed to me like
he was doing it to feel better about himself
but I thought well, maybe he just didn’t mean it that way and I gave him the
benefit of the doubt, however, later at the dinner, he bragged about saying that
line and looking at that person and how elevated he felt about it and laughed
about it so now, it was obvious that he just did it to make himself feel better
on someone else’s dime. Confident men don’t build themselves up
by making other people around him feel small or less important because they
inherently know their self-worth and that they’re valuable. Now, what are some
things that you see men doing that seem very insecure or confident? Please share
with us in the comments. In today’s video I’m wearing an outfit that is very
typically me when I don’t go to any special event it’s a combination with a
coat that is part of a suit it’s a navy blazer style double-breasted
six-two with a faint windowpane I’m combining it with an off white shirt a
mottled light blue knit tie which is a little more unusual and I combined it with a
silk wool pocket square that picks up the blue tones of the tie but adds other
interesting colors to my outfit my pair of pants is full cut and not at all in
line with modern styles but they suit me better they’re a little heavier cotton
with a herringbone pattern and they have double pleats
my socks are over the calf in brown and blue shadow stripe because they pick up
the blue tone of my tie as well as my cufflinks by the way you can find the
pocket square the tie and the cufflinks as well as the socks in our shop here
last but not least I’m wearing some brown cap toe Oxfords that provide a bit
of a contrast to the pants and work well harmoniously with the outfit as a whole

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