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1300s A.D. ASMR~ Nun Takes Care of You In Bed {You Have the Plague}

1300s A.D. ASMR~ Nun Takes Care of You In Bed {You Have the Plague}

Ooh. You are sick… (obvi) with the Bubonic Plague? So saaawiii Do you have money? I t a k e c a r e o f
y o u f o r m o n e y. Good, good. Listen, listen. I know. I know. During these tough times, people are starting to lose their faith in God, the church, but we call it God. Makes it a lot easier for transaction to happen. Because of the whole, you know, people are suffering; the priests don’t know what to do; the priests are abandoning the sick; and then for some reason we get wealthy. The church, or God, but you know for us saying for you. It’s like, you know, whatever but. Ooh! Let me just adjust my headdress. Nonetheless. In these tough economic times, even God is having a bit of a… Bankruptcy situation. So we need every nickel and dime we have. Is this all you have? Good, good. You’re not going to be needing it for very long. So. Let’s see. Uno… Dos… Tres… Cuatro… Cinco… Seis… Siete, ocho, nueve Once, doce, trece, catorce Very light. Apparently, someone doesn’t appreciate health. Think I was on, like, quince. Dieciséis. Diecisiete, dieciocho, diecinueve, viente, veintiuno. (Very softly) Okay, okay. Veintiuno. Okay. I may now start taking care of you, but I’m only going to take care of you for what is worth twenty-one coins. Now… First of all… Let’s get answer number one out of the way. Have you been praying to God? Mmhmm. Mmhmm. Has He been responding? Of course, he hasn’t been responding. His inbox is full, my goodness. (He doesn’t listen to my dms either smh) Half of the population is kInD of dYiNg riGHt nOw. (*coughs* Kinda?!) You’re on call. Maybe if you got there earlier. So, in that case, we shall be listening to the Rosary beads. The properties of the Rosary beads will make you feel much better. Why? Do not know. But it is okay. (Whispering) We go slow and gentle. Go slow and gentle. (Rosary beads rattling) And now, we go very fast. Very fast. Yes. Yes. Yes. Very fast. Go very fast. And then we go very slow. Very slow. And then…very fast. Very fast. Very fast. Yes. Oh my God, I can feel the healing already. Now, very slow. Very slow. (Whispering) Very slow. Very slow. Very slow. Now very fast. (Rosary beads rattling) There we go. Yes, I am hungry. I’m very hungry. It hurts. I mean, do you know how it feels to be hungry? I don’t even think you do. Now… We’ve gotten the Rosary beads out of the way. Now, we’re going to be splashing a little bit of holy water… Please don’t touch me. *excuse fucking you what the fuck u think u can touch meh?* Now, I’m going to be splashing a little bit of holy water all over you. Just, you know, blessing you. Aura blessing you. Air blessing. (AiR mA’aM?!) Everything about you, you know. Just the blessing. The blessing. The blessing. That way, we can expel the demons from you, you know, all the little demons. That common rat or whatever. Okay. (I knew that rat was laughing when he bit me) So, we’re going to be splashing you. Oh, yes, I bottle my water. (bc I’m actually a time traveler, who brings her bottle of water) You see, I am one thirsty person and I like to remain hydrated. No, it’s okay, I can drink holy water. I’m a nun. So, we’re going to be splashing some of this holy water on you. I’m not actually splashing it on you, because I don’t want to waste my holy water on someone who’s basically going to die soon. (Positive thoughts as always!) But, you know, for, you know, your… Comforting sake. I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. But for your comforting sake, I want you to think that I’m special on you. So that way you feel like something is going on. (Thats how everyone treats me) Something to your benefit. Splash. (Water splashing in bottle) Has this water been sanctified by a priest? It’s been sanctified by me and, frankly, all the priests are either gone or dead. So… Splash. (Splashing water) Hmm. Very hydrated. You look like you’re getting a lot of moisture into you. Yes, you’re looking a little better than ever. Just kidding. You look hideous. You have, like, lumps all over your body. Like, ew, you know? (Are you qualified?) It’s like. (Smacks lips) Have you ever tried Accutane? No? Yeah, your limbs are going to be needing that. Splash. Splash. (Water sloshing) Just kidding. That takes a while, and you don’t have a while. Now, you have holy water, please don’t touch me, you have holy water all over you now. So, let the, let the holy water just, like, water out your holes, so that way you can be more pure. You know, like, let them work their magic. Work their magic. Just kidding, it’s not magic. (Praise be) It’s, it’s just, you know, it’s just like, you know, magic. But it’s not magic, it’s not magic, it’s the, it’s the… Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit wash out the, you know. demons from your pores or whatever, I don’t know. Let Them wash out the nastiness going on with you. Okay? Yes, that is it. That is it. “It’s basically magic.” Just kidding, it’s not magic. Now, I’m going to be needing you, and this is a very important part, I’m going to be needing to follow… My fingers. Like, here. Follow these part of my fingers. Okay? Do not… Do not remove your eyesight. If you remove your eyesight you are, for sure, dEaD. If you don’t remove your eyesight, though… …you are also, for sure, dEaD. So, don’t, don’t do anything. Okay? Whatever you do, it is *your* fault. Okay? So, don’t do anything. (WhY iS iT mY fAuLt? ArEn’T yOu ThE nUn HeRe?) Now, follow the fingers. Otherwise you are, for sure, dead. And if you don’t do it, you are, for sure, dead. Okay? Okay. Now… Follow the fingers. ‘Kay? Follow the fingers. Trying to bless you right now. Trying to bless you. Not very many people get their last rites. Not saying you’re having your last rites. But you are having your last rites. There we go. Blessing. blessing. Listen, I’m in training. They just took me. They were like, “Hey, you want to be an official nun? (I knew it) The official nun was killed by the Black Plague.” And I’m like, “Um, not really.” And he was like, “If you don’t do it, you’re going to hell.” And I’m like, “This kind of already hell. *A 1300S relating to a gen z fucking depressed kid* So, like…” (Wow u an emo?) Then they were like, “You will get paid.” And I was like, “Oh my God.” (Chuckles) I mean… So, follow the fingers. Follow the fingers as I bless you. As I bless you. ‘Kay? Follow the fingers. Time for the blessing. There we go, the blessing. It’s so deep, isn’t it? The blessing is in it. Do not touch me. Do not touch the blessing. Touch the blessing. Okay, there we go. There we go. There we go. Okay. Okay. Okay. There we go. Now, your last rites, as I collect your moo-ney. Tell me, what are your last confessions? I will be all ears. (Whispering) I just need to listen to your last confession. You know? Not very many people get that. So… (I trusted you to help me feel better…that was a mistake) Mmhmm… Mmhmm… Hmm… Mmhmm… Right. Mhm… Mmhmm… Okay. Mmhmm… Mmm… Mmhmm… Wow, scandalous. Very interesting. Mmhmm… Okay… Oh… Uh-huh… Uhuh… U-huh… Oh… Mmhmm… Very interesting. I’m gonna take this back from you, because you’re not going to need it anymore. I give you, like, a good couple of days… To be reunited… With the holy whatever is up in the sky. I don’t know if He even has the Black Plague. If He doesn’t, Oh my God, we’re screwed. But He probably does, to be honest, like… Why do you think He’s not responding? He’s kind of already in the hole. So… There we go. Now… For one last time, we do the, hah, we do the Rosary again. So… We’re going to be, just… you know, doing this. Oh. Are you falling asleep? Oh. I think we got a corpse *looks at you, bc they definitely do* on our hands. Oh. Looks like we judged too soon. But here, I want them to think that I was busy with you. Okay? I don’t even know who I’m talking to anymore, because you’re kind of, like, …deceased. *triggered* So… To make it look like I was busy, I will be doing this now. (Rosary beads rattling) Oh my gOd, did you just snEeZE On mE? (Let’s see you like this treatment! *keeps sneezing and coughing*)

100 thoughts on “1300s A.D. ASMR~ Nun Takes Care of You In Bed {You Have the Plague}

  1. Omg I just saw a video of a rat in a bathtub on TikTok with the sound of this Video (0:18) and I immediately knew that it was your voice 😂

  2. ¿Podrías hacer uno solamente en español? Dando referencias en inglés
    Así tus gringos pueden seguir viendo tus videos

  3. “People are staring to lose faith in God. I mean the church, but we call it God. Makes it easier for transaction to happen”.
    Lmaoo this part had me rolling 😂😂

  4. I just discovered your channel today. Seeing you with that head scarf made you look like the person i fell in love with. Her character is nearly identical as the nun. What a coincidence. I miss her. Thank you for reminding me why i fell in love with her in the first place.

  5. me " then I stole all of your money "
    her " mhm "
    her " right "

  6. (2:35) Captions: Of course he hasn’t been responding. His inbox is full, my goodness.

    Also captions: He doesn’t listen to my dm’s either smh


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