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13 Things About Mau y Ricky You Should Know! | Billboard

13 Things About Mau y Ricky You Should Know! | Billboard

– Hello, I’m Mau. – I’m Ricky and you should know us. – We grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and then we moved when I was seven and he was ten, to Miami, Florida. – The first collab we
did as artists to artists was with Karol G. for Mi Mala and that was such a pleasant
and beautiful experience. We were inspired to pursue music probably by our father
in an early age because we saw the love the people had for him and the love he had for the art. The first album I remember buying was the Limp Bizkit album. – One of my favorite, favorite
brands is probably Apple. I’m a pretty big Apple lover. – I’m not the greatest soccer player but I love soccer. – I’m pretty obsessed right now with Game of Thrones, obviously. It’s amazing. – Dexter is one of my favorite shows – Dexter, of course. I think I was about
like, 12 when we started making music together. Rick is three years older than me and obviously, I look like I’m older. I feel like I’ve lived life roughly. The first album we wrote
together was a song called “Sinking Deeper”. – In English. – In English, and it will
probably never come out. – No, probably not. Definitely not. – It didn’t come out. – It will never come out. – No, it will not. – You will never hear it, ever. The first place that I
performed music was in Teatro Teresa Carreño in
Caracas with my father. I was seven years old and
I had to open his shows, playing piano and presenting him. I remember that I did
that for an entire tour and I got paid a hundred dollars in total. So yeah, that was my first performance. And together, I think we did with my dad, The Radio City Music Hall and as a band– – In Argentina. – In Argentina, yeah at Le Grand Rex. I describe our new song,
“Mi Mala” with one word. The one word: “Sexy”. Just sexy. I think that the first song
that they should listen to is “Mi Mala” and get warmed up with that. And start listening to the other stuff that we’ve been doing that are
more like toned down ballads. We are going to be releasing some more uptempo stuff in the future. – Well, thank you for watching. This is Mau and Ricky. – You are watching Billboard. (“Mi Mala” by Mau y Ricky)

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  1. Daaaannggg… I thought Ricky is the younger one!!! Same goes with the Turizo brother. I thought Manuel is the elder and Julian is the younger. Why the elder brother always look like they are the younger one??

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