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13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019

13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019

– The reason it’s so easy for me is I know everybody
has their own problems. Nobody gives a fuck about me. Once you understand that
nobody gives a fuck, shit gets real interesting. – Hey.
– Hey. – You’ve got your perspective. (melodic music) I just wanna be happy. Don’t you wanna be happy? (melodic music) It is true. I have absolutely no idea
what I’m about to do. (audience laughs) I’m really excited to be here. Last year when I was here somebody gave me an All Blacks jersey with my name on it and I was super pumped and I promised to wear it and
– It was me. – Is it you? – [Audience Member] Yeah. – Dude, so I was super pumped. I packed it. – [Audience Member] Yeah. – Number five, Naynerchuk. I was super fired up. So, I basically squeeze every minute. So, I’m in the hotel room and I have to shower and get ready in like four minutes and meet everybody downstairs and I rush and I put it on and it’s a small. (audience laughs) – [Audience Member] It’s not that cold, so it’s all good. – Fuck. (audience laughs) I was so fired up to wear it but I didn’t get fit enough in that year but I appreciate it and I’m gonna have to frame it. Anyway, I’m super thrilled to be here. Thank you for coming. There’s a whole lot of
different things on my mind. I am really, really excited for Q&A. So, I’m looking forward to that. So, please line up for that ’cause I think the details matter. I think a lot of the macro
points of view that I share, if you consume my content, you’re gonna hear them, you’re gonna understand them. The ironic thing is I think there’s two
things I do extremely well and they’re very, very, very different. One, I’m extremely good historically, and I hope to continue to be, at understanding where the current attention
graft of human beings are. What platforms, what technologies are capturing our attention and how do I become a
storyteller on those platforms and build business? My dad’s liquor store was a business that was not making a whole lot of profit off of its $3 and a half million base and I grew it to a $60 million
business in a heartbeat because every penny I was
spending on Google ad words, email marketing and having
a website in 1996 to 2001 was worth dollars. Every nickel was worth dollars and that’s how it got built quickly. My career is a very similar story. In 2006 and 2007 I was producing
enormous amounts of content for YouTube and Twitter that ended up working out. And that has, basically,
been my whole career. I come here today and can tell you, regardless of what you do for a living, no matter what you are selling or what kind of professional you are, no matter if you’re B to B or B to C, I know, standing here right now, that the two biggest arbitrages
as platforms in this market are TikTok and LinkedIn. I know that if you go home and spend 30 hours and really research the
content that’s working on both, TikTok’s very young but so is Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn is no longer just business and if you sell workout equipment and just put out content there, it will work. So, what I’ve done really
well my whole career is play in two very opposite directions. One, the state of the
union of the consumer, which, basically, is day trading. I have to look at that stuff everyday. Everyday I’m paying attention and I have to spend a lot of times on things that don’t work out. I spent enormous amounts of time on apps like Socialcam and apps like Peach and apps like Vero and Viddler and many other things that many
people here don’t even know because that’s part of what I have to do to stay on top of things. You hear about the ones that work out. Nobody cries for me about the 50 hundred hours
I spent in a couple months on a platform that a
month later means nothing and all that “time was wasted”. That’s what I do over here. The other thing I do, which is all the way over here, is I, basically, have five,
seven, 13, 22 core principals that have been always true
in business in perpetuity, which is, I am desperate, desperate with this audience to be the person that provides the most value for free. Desperate. Everyday, how do I put in
all these hours of work and then how do I put it out
on LinkedIn, YouTube, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter for free. It is not a funnel to get
you to pay for something. It is fuckin’ free. Period. End of story. And so, I do that and that is giving more
than you ask in return. If you’re running a marathon and trying to build a meaningful business, that will always work out. Patience, I believe in it. I believe that we live
in a fast society now where people can see
millions of different things and see different impressions
of what people are doing and get very quick into
FOMO or why haven’t I and the reality is, I believe in patience
almost more than anything and it comes so not natural. Everybody’s looking for the passive, for the angle, for the quick fix. How do I get there faster? How do I get there faster? How do I get there easier? Literally, the only thing
that’s interesting to me is slow and hard. Literally, the only thing that’s
interesting to me in business is slow and fucking difficult. And that is, basically,
completely polar opposite to the 99% of advice that is
being put out there today. So, for me, those are the
two frameworks for me. How am I fast as fuck and how do I go super hard and how do I, while I’m standing there
looking into things to be prepared for what I do for a living, and then how do I go at the highest level, in my mind, in my mind, slow? In my mind and my strategy, slow. Tried and true. The shit your great great
grandparents believed in is the shit that I believe in mentally. And then in action, I go fast and hard. I sleep seven, eight, six
and a half hours a day. Everybody thinks it’s two or three. It’s ’cause I go so hard the other 15, 16. I believe that that is the
reverse of most people. I think mentally everybody
wants it fast and easy. And I think in their actions they’re slow. They like take lunch and shit. (audience laughs) And that’s it. That is how I see the world. That is what I observe from others. The question for me over
the last half decade is why am I able to go fast? Why am I comfortable to give
the advice that I tell you, so much of the fluffy shit
that I find myself in now, which is parenting advice, mental advice, happiness, empathy, gratitude. It all came from my
frustration of 2014, ’15, ’16 when I’m giving you the keys. Do you ever stand in the first two minutes of this talk I delivered on what many of you actually want from me, which is I’ve been so consistently right and there’s so much value in being first. It’s always a game of best. You can still start a YouTube channel and a podcast tomorrow
and completely dominate even “everybody’s doing it” ’cause you’re just better at your genre but being first helps. If you’re right about first, it does help. And that is a far majority
of what people want from me when I read my DMs, my
emails, my text messages. And I gave it to you already. It’s done. For 80% of the people, the
thing you’re looking for from me has been delivered. It’s called TikTok and LinkedIn. You can go fucking home and eat. (audience laughs) The interesting thing though, for that 80% that were looking for it, is 98% of them won’t do anything about it. That is what’s interesting to me. How many people here, by show of hands, are in the B to B business? Raise your hand. Raise it high. Please? For ev, keep it up, high, please? And everybody don’t half ass it. I wanna see it. Thank you for some of the late hands. Just throw it up. I’m just real curious. For everybody that’s got their hand up, thank you, you can put it down. For everybody who just put up their hand, if are not producing 25 pieces of content a day for LinkedIn, you are fucking up. 25 a day. Most people haven’t posted
25 pieces of content, that just raised their hands, in their life on LinkedIn. It’s happening. Everything that heard other
people took advantage of on Facebook and Instagram
from 2011 to 2016, is happening right now in
the B to B space on LinkedIn. To me the questions is, if you’re here and you know who I am and you’ve been hearing it from me for the last eight months, why aren’t you posting? That is what I’m tryin’ to figure out. Is it that you don’t know
what the fuck you’re selling and so, you’re scared to expose yourself? Happens. I believe in that shit. Is it that when you get
one negative comment you fold like a cheap fucking chair? (audience laughs) That’s the majority. And that laugh and that majority is what’s led me to this mindset thing that I spend a lot of time on which is like, oh shit, I
need to be very grateful and feel a little guilty that the circumstances of
so much adversity as a child of being an immigrant,
not speaking the language, getting picked on for that,
being terrible at school, not being great at sports, that because my entire
childhood was adversity that I fell in love with losing. I love no. I love your judgment. I love you telling me I’m not or I can’t. I’m use to it. I can’t believe that I stand
here today during this time and have now understood that all the stuff that sucked as a child, all that adversity is completely the
foundation of my success. That we live in a generation now of so much prosperity for so long and we have over coddled
two generations of adults that most people just
can’t deal with adversity, which is the biggest
reason people struggle with putting out content on the internet because they can’t deal with the judgment. So many people here
know exactly what to do to have a much happier life and don’t do it because one account that’s
anonymous makes fun of them and they can’t move forward. That is interesting as shit. And so, I’m spending more time tryin’ to figure out how to unlock that. I talk more and more about, if I can get one person
here to leave today to go home and actually
have a conversation with their mom, their dad or their spouse and actually tell them
what they’re thinking and actually tell that
person in their face why they’re so upset with them because they continue to spew
negativity and no to them, which is what’s actually stopping them from living their life. If I can get one person to do that here that would be a good use of my time in New Zealand on this trip. So, to me, that’s what I think about. I think about why am I so, today I spoke to three separate people, two employees and a friend, who are completely incapable of being the bigger
person in every situation. I push so hard for them
to be the bigger person they act like the bigger person, the person doesn’t reciprocate and they completely crumble. They’re mad that they
were the bigger person. They feel, it’s incredible to watch
people feel crippled by the thought that somebody’s
getting over on them. It is devastating for me to see that people struggle with the idea that kindness is the
strength not the weakness. So many of you are being told to be less kind and less of a pushover and change more and stand up for yourself and it’s ludicrous talk. Kindness is the ultimate
strength in our society. (audience applauds) It’s true. It’s true. And when you deploy it and you give more to your
customer, to your audience, when you’re actually putting out content that isn’t a trick to get into a funnel, your free seven day trial that’s a complete piece of shit to really get somebody to sign up and pay, is dog shit. (audience laughs) Dog fucking shit. (audience laughs) When the intent of what you do is selfish you will lose and here is why. I don’t know if you’ve heard but now there’s a thing
called the internet. And in the internet everybody can play, which means, unlike many years ago, somebody who has better intent, who likes what they’re
doing more than you, which means they’re
gonna work harder at it, is gonna come across and take your stuff. And what you’re gonna be left with is the bottom feeding
people, the most desperate and if you wanna put
your head on the pillow by attacking and bottom feeding at the lowest of the low of our society, knock yourself out. You live you. It’s just not interesting to me. And so, I am really interested
in the time we live in. First of all, a couple random
thoughts about content. I believe that producing content on an everyday basis at scale, is the answer to 98% of
the questions in this room about their businesses, the non-profit, the, like you wanna get somebody elected. All of the above. It is the answer. The ability to post produce for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,
your podcast, your vlog, your text messaging platform
that you’re gonna have, TikTok, the ability to understand
how a picture or a video or a written sentence works different on every one of those nine platforms is the unlock. It is why I have super strengths right now in the marketplace. That is my deep religion. I do not use a platform to post
a photo to all the platforms because I understand that
they have to be unique within the environment they’re delivered. I can’t make an All Blacks
reference in New York. They don’t know what the fuck rugby is. (audience laughs) In the same way of me making a subtle
baseball reference here is not gonna play. Context matters. And so many people just
wanna check the box of putting out content. They don’t understand that the reason I’m winning
across every platform is because of the context not the content but I understand that you, you, the same person
when you go on LinkedIn is different than that person
an hour later on Instagram ’cause your mindset’s different. Sliding into the DMs is
different than getting a job. You understand? I believe that that ability and your ability to be self-aware of what kind of communicator are you, are you comfortable in front of a camera? Many are not. Can you write? I cannot, which is why 2002 to 2006 was the biggest blank part of my career ’cause that was the era of blogging and I couldn’t afford to pay writers and I can’t write for shit. To this day my poor English teachers cannot believe I have five New York Times best selling books. (audience laughs) And so, that self-awareness
and ability to produce content that’s post produced to the places where people are paying attention is what’s been going
on for a hundred years. The best writers when newspapers dominated where important voices. The person that had gift
for gab on the radio in the ’30s and ’40s and
could hold an audience, she or he won. Muhammad Ali understood television. That’s why you know him. And so, the individuals that
understand how to story tell where other humans are
at that moment in history have consistently outperformed the rest. Where I get frustrated and where
I implore you to understand is unlike the last hundreds
and hundreds of years where somebody was the gatekeeper of who was allowed to talk to the world, the person that owned the network, the producer. Today we don’t have that. In the same way that the
best rapper in the world can now just upload to
SoundCloud and Spotify and win because a record label
doesn’t have to sign her, you can do the same on these platforms. This is free. These platforms cost
nothing to distribute on. There’s some level of cost in making but at first, like I did for the first nine years, I produced myself, my words, my videos. And so, I am frustrated slash excited to push this evening
to get you to produce. And there’s only two things. It’s either in your head
’cause you’re insecure or you talk a big game
and your lazy as fuck. You have to make. Enough debating. Enough over thinking. I have so many answers, not ’cause I was smart. It’s because I made millions
of pieces of content and watched what worked. I have a thought, I make. It does well, great. It does terrible, even better. That is my framework. That is what will work
for every single person from that corner to that corner. It’s what’s working for
every brand in business. Period. End of story. And that’s it. That’s what I’m tryin’ to get you to do. So, (sighs) as I segway to Q&A, here’s why I did that and what we can do in Q&A. Why I did that is macro micro is my world. This is why are you not doing it and then I’ll tell you how to do it. That’s it. Why and how. If the people are about
to line up right now wanna ask me about managing people, I have a thousand employees. I’ve done it my whole life. Happy to answer. If you wanna talk about
where to invest your money, I’ve done a good job with it. Happy to answer it. If you wanna ask anything about anything, influence or marketing, Amazon arbitrage, Blockchain, augmented
reality, message box, I’m here. I’m happy to answer it but they are all secondary to what I spent my first
10, 15, 20 minutes on. If you are not making
content for the internet, you’re making a humongous mistake. If you are not (audience member applauds) Thanks, Mom. If you are not
(audience laughs) (audience applauds) Thank you. And let me tell you why. ‘Cause you’re gonna regret it. Let me promise you one thing that I enjoy. In my goodness I do have
my own little weird things. I love taking this video, running it in four years on whatever the Instagram is of the day, to people in New Zealand and I’m gonna look at
you right in the camera, ’cause you’re gonna see it ’cause I know what I’m doing, and I’m gonna say, you fucked up. (audience laughs) I came in 2019 and I told you what to do and now LinkedIn and TikTok are too big. It’s too loud. It’s not working the same way. And why didn’t you do it? I do that everyday. I live it everyday now. So, I know I’m gonna live it again. So, please, either debate with yourself or line up and ask a question now that unlocks why you’re not making because making, not meetings, making, not reading, making, not coming to a
Gary V. fucking conference, making is gonna unlock your shit. Not watching my content and
thinking you’re doing something. Actually doing something. (audience laughs) Yeah, thank you. (audience applauds) Line up. Let’s go. Let’s do it. So, how many mics do we have? This one. – [Audience Member] This one. – Just the two in the middle? Great. I have no idea why this
is not being filled up but I highly recommend you fill it up. Oh, you’ve got them over there? Understood. Okay. I’m ready to go. Let’s go. – High, Gary. Thanks so much for being here today. My question is about how do
you act from your true self and from a place of love and
wanting to connect with people but then take no bullshit
when they give you bullshit? – Well, first of all, a lot of people aren’t actually giving. They’re manipulating. So, first I have to understand
if you’re manipulating or if you’re actually giving. Let me explain. Because giving is actually
giving without expectation. So, when you give, the person’s
reactions a have no weight. What most people are doing
is they’re “fake giving”. They’re doing something with an expectation of
something in return. So, to answer your question, first you need to audit
are you actually giving or you setting up something
that you’re looking for and if you’re actually giving, when they give you too much bullshit, if you’re purely giving and you’re “being taken advantage of”, stop giving to that person. – Okay.
– There’s seven other billion people to give to. – (laughs) Yeah. – I mean it. It’s really important to me. I see a lot of my own employee’s friends startup some investor in, contemporaries, acquaintances, former employees, they think they’re giving. They’re not giving. – Hm. – You understand? – Yeah, thank you. – You’re welcome. Hi. – Hi, Gary. My name’s Patricia and we actually came to this
event last week in Sydney, so thank you so much for allowing us to get up and ask questions. – Thank you. – We’re based in Queenstown and we have an accommodation business. It’s growing very organically and we’ve taken 12 month
to sort of figure out whether or not we wanna go large with it. We’ve got some good numbers now around what our demographics look like and we need to really kick
off a good marketing strategy but a big chunk of our
demographic, the Asian markets. – Asia. – So, what would the recommendation be, – Are you talkin’ China or, – China, specifically. – So, WeChat, Weibo. – But marketing online
talking about videos and whatnot on Instagram, what’s the best strategy for that when it’s a foreign language? – Transcribing it. – Right. So, just literally, instead
of having a video just, (audience laughs) – I know. It’s really interesting. I know we’re getting giggles but what’s super crazy is so much of this is very
common sense and simple, it’s that something happened where I just don’t fear the
thought of wasting time or money and everybody else does. People are either insecure and or have a fear of
wasting time or money, which makes sense to me. I understand it. It’s just the answer’s in reverse. You need to go to KOLs,
Key Opinion Leaders, influencers in China. Pay them to give awareness
to your business. You need to make content and transcribe it into Mandarin and run it on WeChat and Weibo. – Perfect. Thank you very much. (audience applauds)
– You’re welcome. Hi. – Hi. Basically, huge fan and I was in Brisben last Thursday. – Thank you.
– Truly inspired me. And I watched Elise Grace. You might remember her. She spoke to you. And I went home and I was like, damn, I was either it girl. So, I booked flights on
Sunday and flew over here just to see you and ask you two questions. – Amazing, thank you. (audience applauds)
I feel like the Grateful Dead. Everyone’s touring with me. – Firstly, I coach people and I steep up but I wasn’t steeping up enough and I’ve been going to
start this podcast forever. So, I actually started my podcast. Went live last night. – Good for you. (audience cheers) (audience applauds) – And it’s called Three
Wines In, everybody. It goes with my book, which is out soon. But my next question, I’m sure
you know what it’s gonna be. Can I interview you on my podcast? (audience awes) – No. – Oh no.
(audience laughs) – But I’ll make you a promise. – Yeah. – You get to 100 episodes
and I’ll do episode 101. – Thank you. (audience applauds) I have one more. One more? – What’s that? – Can I get a selfie? – Selfie? Yes, you can. Come on. What’s up, brother? – Den-og-wuay. Hi, I’m Raphiah. – Hi, Lahiah. – And my question is
– I got it. – I’m a bit unclear on what is business and entrepreneurship? I’m a bit confused with what is it about. Is there any rules to play on? – Well, yeah, don’t be a dick. – Got it.
(audience laughs) – But it’s, entrepreneurship and
business is predicated on providing a service or a product in exchange for money. – So, is don’t be a dick the only rule? – To me.
(audience laughs) There’s one other very important rule. Make more money than you lose. – I will. – ‘Cause then you get to keep playing but I mean, where you
goin’ with the question? Help me here. ‘Cause it’s such a lofty,
floaty, basic question, so there must be something behind that. – Well, because everyone
is flutterin’ around with all these industries and when I listen to other
people with their expertise it’s different things but when I listen to
you it’s the same thing. I see a story on Instagram, the same thing as when I listen to you as a infomercial on a
milk bottle in the 1800s. It’s the same thing. So, I wanna get, well, with Arnold Schwarzenegger when it comes to bodybuilding, he’s big on building that foundation. So I don’t wanna be all flashy. I want to have this really
still, smooth growth on things. – So, I think now I understand. So, the number one thing
that you need to do is just do that. – I will. – You know, what people, my biggest fear is that
people try to be like me and the only thing I
want the to be like me is actually being themselves. For example, I’ll be very frank with you, I struggle at some level with the fact that my
personality is so loud and hyper and high energy – I’ll be the same.
– because what I believe in, I always say to people I’m a
tortoise in a hair’s costume. I’m very slow. I’m very patient. I’m meticulous. I like, yet my energy is frantic and
thus people think it’s fast. But that’s me and I’m fine with that too. And so, I don’t try to
forcefully tone down. You just need to be yourself. – I will. – But another thing, another thing that I’m very proud of that I think will work for you, I have never sold anything in my life, not baseball cards, not wine, not VaynerMedia that I didn’t 100 thousand
percent believe in and I believe the majority of this room sells something they don’t believe in. They just want the money. – Yeah. I want to be too loud for my people, Maorial, throughout Polynesia to be better because I was thinking of
all these suppression things of as a child and I think now, in my
mind, I had to sort that. Now the suppression thing
everyone talks about now, a mental cage of it. So, I want to as humans to expand instead of have a cap. – I understand. Me too.
– And that’s what I’d like to do too. – Do it. (audience applauds)
You bet. – Hey, Gary. How are you, buddy?
– How are you? – So, a wee question for you. So, I’m a very passionate dad. – Good. – And I feel like dad deprived kids are really more susceptible to not feeling academically, socially. They’re more likely to do a crime and commit suicide. So, I’m an educator here in New Zealand. I’ve been educating for 15 years and I’ve known 10 kids
that have taken their life at my own school. So, my question to you is what’s the most important
thing a dad can do to help his kids live a
life of purpose and meaning? – Listen. The biggest mistake
that dads and moms make is they don’t listen. They try to impose. The number one thing a dad can do is pay attention to who their child is, not impose who they wish they were. – Hm, beautiful. – I have no interest in my
children being entrepreneurs. (audience applauds) I have no interest in them being like me. I have interest in them being who they are and supporting the living shit out of that while making sure I instill
kindness and empathy and gratitude and thematics
that I know are very important. But for all the passion I
have of entrepreneurship, the only thing I’m
actually passionate about is self-awareness and for people to do what
they should be doing. – Wow. – And parents are parenting their children predicated on other parent’s opinion or the judgment of other parents, not based on who their kids actually are. Parents would rather have a bumper sticker on the back of their car of a fancy school and an unhappy child than a happy child. It’s fucked up. – Abso-bloody-lutely. Thanks, brother. (audience applauds)
– You got it. – Hey, Gary. – How are you? – Good, good. Glad you finally got to come
back to your favorite country. (Gary laughs) Two questions. How do you constantly love the process ’cause the process isn’t always fun? So, what are some ways, – It’s fun for me. – Okay, so what is some advice where you can get
– Find one – to make it fun?
– that’s fun for you. (audience laughs) – Okay, easy. Easy, peasy, eh? – It’s that easy. There are people in the world who genuinely love what they do, whether that’s being a stay at home dad, whether that’s being a painter, a chef. Right now the danger of entrepreneurship is it’s so predicated on fucking money that people are doin’
shit that they don’t like. You have to understand, my days off I go garage
saling and buy shit for $1 and selling it for two. I’m on flights from America
to Australia for this trip and I’m staying up for
nine hours looking on Ebay trying to buy Messi and
Ronaldo rookie cards. Business, buying and selling is my hobby. I don’t wanna fuckin’ golf. (audience laughs) So, it’s about finding a
process you actually enjoy that may not map to the thing
that makes you the most money. I promise you, at 99 years old, living 90 plus years of
happiness verses wealth creation, always works out. – Right. And another quick question. You’ve probably been asked
this a million times. Can I run up on stage, grab a quick selfie with you facing back. Is that all good? – No.
– No? – But you can come up here and
I’ll take a selfie with you ’cause I just wanna be efficient. – Sounds good. Thank you.
– Let’s do it. Go ahead, mate. – [Audience Member] Hi, Gary. How’s it goin’?
– Good. – The question for you is what’s the biggest way to
motivate clients or business that don’t want to change? – By speaking your truth and then actually not
trying to convince them. By moving on to ones
that are further along. – Perfect. – I have spent no time through
the years with VaynerMedia, which was selling something
nobody understood in 2009. I spent no time convincing people. – Yes. – That’s the biggest mistake that businesses that do B
to B business make on sales. They spend fucking years tryin’ to convince the inconvincible. – Yes. – And this is a very
important breakthrough for you is you listen to me. There are literally meetings
that I have sometimes that are scheduled for an hour that’s a new business pitch that I rap up in 15
minutes cordially and leave because I can sense it’s
over before it started. – Gotcha. – It’s the one. It’s a very, very important
answer to that question. – Thank you so much. – You’re welcome.
– Could I also take a selfie with you if that’s all right?
– Yes. (audience laughs) Hi. – Hi, Gary. How are you? – I’m super well. – Good. Gary, I’m a long, long, long time fan, so I’m 51 now.
– Thank you. – So, I’m probably the oldest in the room. I’ve been following your
jewel advice totally and doing the content
and building the business and I’m very patient. So, where to from here? – So, where are you at? – I’m doing really well. I’m doing the content and I’m really getting
on with the social media, doing everything that you’ve asked me to. I just wanna know what’s your
advice for the next few years. – A fuckload more. – Fuckload more. (laughs) (audience laughs) – Honestly, play with me here. How many pieces of content
are you putting out a day? Don’t bullshit me.
– I’m trying, no, I’m not bullshitting you. I’m trying, I’m running multiple pages – I believe you, I really do. How many?
– For my biggest page probably 15 pieces a day. – Great. 30. – Okay. – I’ll tell you a place where a lot of you can
get a lot of pay dirt. Twitter. I’m really fascinated by Twitter and I looked at the metrics of what’s goin’ on in
this country with Twitter. It doesn’t have to be the biggest platform for you to get the most value. You can post, a lot of you have ideas,
thoughts, hypothesis, curiosities. Posting content on Twitter in written form with a default gif that Twitter has where you don’t even have to make design is an incredible way to say something and see if there’s something there. That would be a way to get from 15 to 30 in a much easier way that’s strategic that
helps you get insights, not just make content. – Perfect, thanks, Gary. And big shout out to DRock and while I’m here can I
get my content creator, Zon, to get a photo of me with you? – You can. – Thank you. Where is he? There he is. Go ahead, mate, I’m ready for ya, bro. – He’s the good looking one. – Hey, Gary. My name’s Emanuel Offer. I do competitive gaming
events for the community. – Love it. – I think, did I mention arena grounds? I don’t know. Anyways, I’ve got a few questions for you. I was just wondering, no, sorry. I just wanted to congratulate
you on the Minnesota spot on the Call of Duty world league. – Thank you. – Yeah, man, that’s awesome. Also, wanted to see if
you could touch base on your decision making around committing to the
competitive gaming scene. – I think Esports is gonna be one of the three biggest sports
in the world in 20 years. – Marvelous. I was wondering if you could also, (audience laughs) Yeah. I was wondering if you
could also give a few words to the parents and the young youth to try and validate
their choice to compete. – Yeah, I mean, look, I’m part of the generation where parents, much like they’re doin’ to iPads and social media and phones now, demonize the shit out of video games and every kids that was on
it was wasting their time and meanwhile, if those
kids stayed the course, they would be making tens,
hundreds or millions of dollars at events today and be legend in esports. I think parents are very
bad at a lot of things and I think one of he things
they really struggle with is anticipating where the world’s gonna be when their child is actually a grown up. They parent based on the past instead of the future and to suppress a, now when you Booga winning $3 million at a Fortnite tournament, how is a parent walking
around Earth right now not realizing at least
giving their child a chance to show that they’re great at video games is no different than them showing that they’re great at rugby
or proper soccer or golf. I don’t understand. The only thing I understand is that parents’ mother or father or brother or sister or other
parents are shitting on them for the amount of time they
let their kid play video games and it is something that
I wanna put pressure on ’cause it is a fundamental mistake. Not every kid is gonna become
a fucking gaming superstar but showing your children that
you support their interests is a very important forever win. – Thank you for that. (audience applauds)
Could I just ask two more things? Sorry. – You’re getting a little greedy, big guy. – Yeah, sorry. – Go fast. – Oh man, I forgot now. (audience laughs) Oh no. Could I mention my gaming event that’s coming on the 30th of August? – I’m sorry. – Could I mention my gaming event that’s coming on the 30th of August? – You wanna pitch in this room right now? – Yeah. – You think that’s a good idea? – I don’t know. (audience laughs) – I’m asking you a question. The answer’s yes or no. – I mean, it’s a once in
a lifetime opportunity, might as well seize it. – So, go ahead. – Hey, guys. (audience laughs) So, on the 30th of August we’re gonna be doing a event called Gav, sorry Game Haven. It’s mainly to focus around
connecting the community and also, what’s it called? Kind of encourage community, good communicate culture, healthy, what’s it called? Interactions of the line and whatnot. So, if you guys wanna drop
by on the 30th of August at the TOT Peninsula Community Center. That’d be awesome. Thanks. (audience applauds) – Yo, what’s up, Gary? – How are you?
– How you doin’, man? I’m good. Quite brief. I want to document not create – Not create. – Yeah, yeah, that’s the one. The thing is I’ve got so many things I wanna talk about then. How wide or narrow do I go with my focus to keep it interesting?
– As wide as humanly possible. – Yeah, and why would that be? – Because it’s better. (audience laughs) – (laughs) Okay. Alright. – Because the reality is you have no idea what anybody
wants to hear from you yet. So, what, are you gonna arbitrarily pick? There’s literally, no down side. That’s why. – And would you give it an amount of time before you know if
something’s working or not? – Yes. – How long? – Years. (audience laughs) – So, a handful of things at once, okay. Maybe wider even. – The number one advantage you have is the potpourri of your
different interests. – That’s interesting. I like it. – The fact that I garage sale,
sports cards, wine, business, that’s what makes me different. And some people don’t want that content and I’m sure when somebody
goes through my Instagram and sees that this is a
post about garage saling and they’re there for social media tactics they just skip through it. I’m not chargin’ em. It only cost ’em a hundredth
of a fuckin’ second. Do you understand? – Yeah, I understand. – Good.
– Thanks, man. – You go it. (audience applauds) – [Audience Member] Hey,
Gary, how you doin’ man? – Super well, brother. – So, I’ve got a simple question, kind of. I’ve been doing business with
my dad for the last two years but because of a couple of shady deals and some false promises we’ve unfortunately had to liquidate one of our businesses recently. So, this has caused me
to fucking hate business because of all the sharks and the shady things that
happen in the business world. – Well, maybe you should
hate the judgment calls that you and your dad made, not business. – Yeah. So, my second question for you is how do you develop the mindset to kind of, – By becoming accountable for
the fuck ups you guys made. (audience applauds) You understand? – So, just to get a better context, the fuck up that we made, I know the fuck up that we made is that a gentleman came
to us from a big company said, yep, we’re gonna
give you a contract, we’re gonna give you a contract, we’re gonna give you a contract. We saw the contract but it never got delivered. – Happens. (audience laughs)
– Yeah, right on. – You shouldn’t have listened. – Fair enough. – You made a bad decision to believe. People need to be accountable. Like I’ve had a really hard
time getting ripped off. That’s a skill set. But it’s okay because
here’s what’s amazing. You’re young as fuck. So, now my intuition says, you may not make that same
kind of mistake the next time or not put yourself in a, I make mistakes all the time. They just won’t put me outta business. Everytime somebody comes to me lately, for some reason I’ve
been on this run of like 10 kids in a month coming
up to me at airports saying they got ripped off and without knowing a thing, different than your scenario, I looked at them and I said, ’cause you wanted too much money fast. – Mm. – People get ripped off when they try to make
something happen too fast a lot of times. That might not be the scenario here but I think you’re smart enough to realize four sharks, nine sharks,
sounds like one big shark is not a indication to everybody else. – Mm-hm. – You know? I just think everything’s my fault even when somebody steals from me. It makes me real happy. I mean it.
(audience applauds) I understand how that’s, it’s my truth. It’s how I think. I didn’t need to employ that person. I didn’t need to let them into my office. I think when you go fully
in on accountability the world gets really happy. When you think it’s everybody else’s fault and you don’t have control, that’s where people get upset. – Cool, thank you. – You’re welcome.
(audience applauds) (audience member speaks
in foreign language) – [Audience Member] Hi,
Gary, my name is Ronyad. And me and my brother were the ones who done the hucker for you. – I remember last year
very, very, very well. (audience applauds) Very well. – [Audience Member] Well,
there is two things that come, which it’s about content and storytelling. So, I just wanna tell a quick story about what I said to you in Maori. Te Ao Hou Titi is a bird
that flies against the wind. Te Ma Hou Pao is a fish that swim up, that swims up the current. And it’s one of the
highest acknowledgements that’s I was taught from
a mentor of mine then. I’ve never actually said that to someone. So, that’s one of the
highest acknowledgements in Tel A Maori and I just needed to say
that to you, brother. So, geza. No more hiding, my bro. But my, (laughs) (Gary laughs) (audience applauds) (audience cheers) So, my question for you, Gary, I’ve been listening to you
religiously for a little while and pumping out content has definitely added a
lot of value to my journey and the more that I’m sharing the more attention I am getting but I think for myself, and like three years ago I
wouldn’t be in this position because of lifestyle choices but I think my question for you is how do you deal with, because I’m about to
achieve the biggest thing that I’ve set out to achieve and I’m just getting a
little bit overwhelmed. How do you deal with that
big sense of scaling? – With gratitude. – [Audience Member] Got that shit tattooed on my fingers, dog. (laughs) (Gary laughs) (audience applauds) – Then it sounds like this should be easy as shit for you, bro. – But it’s hard as fuck. – Look, I think that taking a step back and understanding when
you achieve something that you’ve set out to that’s big, can be overwhelming and I understand that but when you take it with
humility and gratitude and you recognize that you put in the work and you did the right
behaviors to get there and now what I would do
is not smell those roses. Don’t get high on your own supply and set bigger fucking goals. – Yeah, let’s go. (laughs) (audience applauds) – I love you, Gary. Man, this is so crazy. You have my life’s respect. – Thank you.
– I just wanted you to know that. I know you talk a lot about college debt – Yes.
– but here in New Zealand our first of University is free. – I heard.
– With that, would you encourage more
young people to try Uni or are their pursuit of
business or in creative fields more important to delve
into as soon as possible? – It comes down to self-awareness. For a ton of kids, that first year in Uni is exactly right. And for other kids it’s right for them to go and do their creative journey. Go travel to America. Start a side hustle. The biggest thing I’m worried about when I talk about my real disdain for the American school system is that that means you have to be in a, the alternative is you
have to be an entrepreneur. It’s just not true. I think a lot of people should go work and not collect debt and have a headstart because American colleges
with all the debt they have don’t mean jobs anymore like they did in the ’70s. When you have something for free, just ’cause it’s free
doesn’t mean it’s good. – Yeah. – And so, it seems right but it could be a complete waste of a year and when you go into a system that you shouldn’t be a part of and you see people that
are part of a system and it is right for them, it actually, often leads
to a lot of insecurity. People start askin’, why is everyone else here
at Uni havin’ a great time and I hate it, which gets them into a dark path. So, I think it’s a self-awareness game and I think the most important thing, and as I look at young people I always try to remind them, by the way, not only young people, old people, me, 40s, 50, 80, 90. We struggle with contextualizing time. Life is fucking long. As much passion as I have of 20 year olds, I have way more passion
for 50 and 60 year olds ’cause they’re thinking
about rapping it up and they’re not even halfway home. The fuck are you, who here’s between 50 and 60? We grew up in generations where that was like, you know, up there but meanwhile you fuckers are gonna live for
another 30, 40, 50 years. (audience laughs) The fuck are we rapping up? We’re at fucking halftime. (audience laughs) I mean that. And we need to think that way. Everybody’s winding it down, playing defense, rapping it up. Let’s go in triple offense. You’re in the prime now. You know what not to do and you’ve got half your
fucking life in front of you. So, your one year of going entrepreneur or going Uni is not gonna mean shit. (audience laughs) The answer is right to all of it. – I love you, Gary. Can I take a selfie? – You can. – Hi, Gary. – Hi.
– Hi. I was wondering if you
could offer an opinion about SEO and search engine optimization. Is it dead? Is it worth spending
– It’s not dead. – any money on it? – It’s not dead but it’s mature, which means it’s not a deal. Got it? – Yeah.
– That’s all. It’s not super complicated. If you have a great landing page that converts, if your website converts, I would do SEO and SEM
if I liked the numbers. I just know that Instagram,
Facebook and LinkedIn do better when you’re good at it. That’s where people get confused. There’s a lot of people here
who think Facebook ads suck but it’s because they’re bad at it. Got it?
– Yep. – So, it’s still okay. It’s just that I wanna make
sure that you triple check, cross your Ts and Is on the other stuff, especially LinkedIn. Sister, listen to me. Fuckin’ LinkedIn. And I laugh. Sometimes I do these talks and I leave and I see on Twitter, I wonder if Gary V’s
being paid by LinkedIn. I’ve spent 20 years establishing. I have one interest, to be historically correct. I don’t give a fuck if
LinkedIn dies tomorrow. I care about today, this second. I can’t wait to make fun of
social media in 10 years. I built my wine business on SEO. Got it? Hi. – Hi. So, we’re starting an
eco-friendly brand at the moment. We’re about to launch and so we have limited money, obviously. It’s costing a lot. And what would you
recommend the first platform or do we just cross all
platforms a little bit or one big one?
– Are you selling something? – Yeah, eco-friendly active wear. – TikTok and LinkedIn. – Oh, okay. – And Instagram. Those three. – Okay. – Instagram is mature now with influencer marketing
content for brands. So, if you were to do it five years ago when I was screaming about that arbitrage, it would have been better but now with limited dollars, here’s why I’m pushing LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform right this second that you could have never posted on for your active wear, for your law firm, for whatever you do and your first post gets organic reach that you don’t deserve. Got it? That’s why it’s so powerful. TikTok I think is super interesting but the content you make will probably have to be
to get a 12 year old girl to let her mom know about your brand. Do you understand? So, you have to be thoughtful but my intuition is, it’s got a prayer to
actually become Instagram. – Okay, awesome. – And that’s why it’s worth investing ’cause if you make it through 24 months and you’re there on the other side and it does and you started first, you can crush TikTok the same way that people crushed Instagram in 2013. – Okay.
– Got it? – Yeah. Can I get a photo? – Sure.
– Thank you. (audience laughs) – Hi. – Hi, Gary. – How are you? – Good. Happy to see you. – Thank you, I’m happy to see you too. – Yeah, awesome. My name is Thea and my question is what would you recommend
for the young people who are figuring our their thing in life who are also overwhelmed by
the number of things they try and the number of information
and courses they consume? – They need to play out
the game of judgment. This is a game of judgment. It’s not overwhelming if you didn’t worry what anybody thought. (audience member sneezes) Bless you. – Can I take a photo with you as well. – Only if you sit with me on
this question for a second. – Okay, sorry. – No, it’s okay. – Too excited. – There is not right answer. People struggle with
decisions without realizing they would never know what
the other outcome would be. I make decisions everyday in one second ’cause I know that I won’t
know the other thing. Let me give you an example. I famously passed on Uber twice in the angel round from
one of my best friends. The worst financial
decision I’ve ever made. I missed, if I wrote my normal check, and I was writing plenty of checks then, I would have $5 to $800
million in my bank right now. It doesn’t even cross my mind as a loss because where I go in my mind, ’cause this is how real life works, is if I did write that check, over that last five or six years my brand would be even bigger, more known for such a great phenomenon. I would have been on different places, invited to different places and in one of those times I
might have had to go to China to give a speech and while I was crossing the
road get hit by a bus and die. No I mean this. I’m fascinated by people’s inability to not understand this shit is not binary. You might have picked
the wrong person to marry but the other person
might have gotten cancer and that devastation might have put you in life’s depression. There’s so many variables. I don’t understand why people think it’s one way or the other. It’s just, life is gray. The shit is not black and white. It’s easy to make a decision with all these choices and information. Pick one. – Okay. – Okay. – Thank you.
(audience laughs) – You can have a selfie now. (audience applauds) You got it. What’s up, brother? – Hey, mate. Just wanted to say a huge
thank you for coming. Listen to you every morning,
so huge inspiration. – Appreciate it. Thanks for listening. – Got one big question. So, I know your a big advocate for eating shit for a couple of years so you can have caviar
for the rest of your life – Yes. – but you’re also a huge advocate
for happiness over money. – Huge. – So, my question for you is as a 20 year old I’m pretty young, got my whole life in front of me. – Yeah. – Would you recommend picking
progression or happiness. – Happiness. Happiness is progression. – Okay. – Got it? That’s the confusion, brother. The question was confused. Happiness is the fuckin’ progression. What progression? Title? A extra zero in your bank account? Buying dumb shit? Happiness is the fucking progression. – Okay, thank you. – You’re welcome.
(audience applauds) – Can I grab a photo? – The happiest person in this room, the one that wakes up with the
least pressure in their chest is winning. Is winning. You know who’s losing? The one’s who’s so insecure that they’re desperate to
cheat to make money to buy shit to impress people they don’t even like. (audience laughs) We need to change the fucking game. We need to change the conversation. Enough. Enough. Fuck. (audience laughs) – Hey, Gary. – How are you. – I’m good, thank you. How are you doing? – Super well. – So, I’m working on like
four things right now. Studying, a job to survive, internship, which is starting next week, – Awesome. – and two business ideas
currently working right now. – I love it.
– And I’m just like feel like I’m just starting up and sometimes I find it really hard to manage all these things in 24 hours. – Makes sense. – Would you give me some advice or tips? – Yes.
– How do you manage you day or I can more manage my day? – Because I believe when you
have five plate in the air if two break, you still have three. (audience applauds) You, clearly like me, like that game. Other people just wanna have one plate and are petrified for something to break. So, laugh when a plate breaks. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Can I take a quick selfie? – You can.
(audience applauds) (audience laughs) – [Audience Member] Gary, personally I just wanna say huge thank you. – Thank you. – [Audience Member] I have depression and PTSD so just cool things like that and you’ve truly have helped me – Thank you.
– come out of my shell and everything. Even doing this I’m shaking, I’m sorry. – No, I’m flattered. – My name’s Porsche, like the car. I’m a 19 year old business
student currently. You helped me move out on Sunday. I’m moved out of home for the first time. Sunday I quit my job that
wasn’t making me happy. Monday I left home and now I’m here. – That’s amazing. – It’s been a very productive August. – Clearly. – Yeah. I cant’ believe this
is real, to be honest. – This is real. – I just would like to ask if you would ever consider
dabbling in ASMR content. – I’m sorry? – Would you dabble in ASMR content. – Oh, ASMR? – Yeah.
– Would I what? – Dabble in it? Would you create,
– Would I dabble in it. – Yeah. – You know what, it’s funny that you ask that. I’ve been looking at it but I don’t like talking
about things I don’t know. So, the answer’s, I’m not sure but you catch me at an interesting time where I’ve been trying, I’ve been thinking about chopping down my words into like one tone. I’ve been thinking about it. You know, it’s funny. I have slept with a sound
machine my whole life and dabbled in different things. The way I listen to music
I think is way more that than the way normal
people listen to music. So, it’s a curiosity but it’s not something I’m educated about, so I’m not ready to answer
you in a thoughtful way. – That’s all good. Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. (audience applauds) – Hi, Gary, how are you? – Very well, my friend. You? – I am good. I’ve been consuming your
contents from last seven years. – Wow, thank you. – Started my own business
about three years ago. I did work for free just
like DRock did for you and eventually it started paying off. So, thanks for that. – You’re welcome. – I had no idea,
– Real quick, I wanna bring that up. It is fascinating to me how
much the business world, specifically the creative field, likes to demonize free work. I respect it. I understand it. But when nobody’s willing
to pay you for your work, your work is worth zero. And free work has been a foundation of my success my whole life. And there’s a lot of
supply in today’s world. So, good on you. I’m glad it worked for you. – I’m pretty sure you understand
as a immigrant in USA. I’m a immigrant here as well. I saw you talking about Facebook groups back in the days in one
of your CNN interviews, so I start my group to
connect with the community. It’s called United in
Dance in New Zealand. – Love it. – It has gone up to 24
thousand people now, all from New Zealand. Now, my question is how do I make living out of it? I want to make money. Enough with the charity now. (audience laughs) – I think the number one thing, so, one of the toughest things
is when you do something to convert and audience
like that into monetization, you’ve now changed the relationship. It’s like if you had a
best friend for seven years and now you decided you wanted
to hook up with that person. (audience laughs) Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. My biggest recommendation if you’re sitting on a
Facebook group that is vibrant is to ask them. You should make a very honest video and basically say, I’ve been doing this, I’ve been building this and it is my personal ambition to now turn this into a business. What can I do that would
make all of you happy instead of doing what everybody else does and try to do something
without you being a part of it. I have a funny feeling your answer is in one of those comments. – Okay. The last one is I also started a drop shipping. I saw you talking about
the drop shipping as well. Do you think it’s dead now? Because,
– No. – It’s still there? – It’s not even started. – Okay, thank you. – You’re welcome. (audience applauds) – [Audience Member] Hi, Gary, how are you? – Hello. – Thank you for mentoring
from last two years 2017. You stick with me. No more excuses. – I love it. – And stick with me right now. From that day I had only
$20 thousand in my account and $30 thousand debt and right now I have $40
thousand in my account and $100 thousand my business on my own. – Congratulations. – And I just wanna know what should I do, how should I grow more? I’m only a 25 year old. – I think you should
invest in sports cards. – Sports cards? – Yes. – Sure. Well, I’m on tennis alright now anyway (Gary laughs)
why not baseball fan. – I think A, I’m not kidding
about the sports card thing. I think it’s about to explode. B, I think you need to think
about what got you there. A lot
– Passion. – Great but tactically, whatever got you from the financial place
you were there to now. A lot of times people
look for the next step and the next step is just doing a lot more of what got them there in the first place. – Got it. Can I take a picture, please? – You can. How are you? – Good, how are you doing? – Super well. – Good to see you again. – Good to see you again. – We had a little rant in
South by Southwest in 2016. – Yes, I recall. – So, I’ve been thinkin’
about the voice distinction and kinda thinkin’ a little bit like the railroad comin’ into continents and voices maybe the new railroad. – Voice is definitely the next highway. – Yeah. So, beyond a podcast,
beyond Alexa giving a watch, where do you see it going? ‘Cause I haven’t heard too much. – Let’s not downplay
Alexa give me a watch. Saying Alexa give me a watch is like saying that an
app on the iPhone in 2009 is just that. The amount of Alexa
skills and Google skills and Apple skills, they will be the tollbooths
of our society in a decade. Let me remind you of in the early days of iPhone apps, people spoke about them in the same way we just
talked about an Alexa skill. Let me just remind everybody in this room the following things are just iPhone apps, Facebook, Instagram, Uber. So, the biggest companies in the world, in my opinion, in 10 or 15 years, have the potential to just be an Alexa skill on top of an Alexa device. – Right, so that, – Got it? – So, you see that as the plat, that it’s gonna really, – I don’t know who’s gonna win the home. There could be a Chinese company. BMW may decide to make speakers and everybody goes there but whoever penetrates
the home with a device has an open platform for us to build on. Whoever builds the most
meaningful apps on that platform will build very, very, very
uncomfortably large businesses because it is much faster to
be in your kitchen in 2029 and say Alexa send me a pizza than it is to find your phone, open up whatever version of
Seamless you guys have here, find a pizza spot, hit four buttons. When you understand how
addicted you will be to voice devices in a decade, you will think back to this talk and realize how fuckin’ smart I am. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) – Just one more. – Yes. – My son finally likes
listening to you in the car. – Good god. – Because of the rookie cards. Do you think he and we can do
it properly from New Zealand? You don’t really need to be here buying? – I haven’t dug enough and I don’t know what the
secondary market here is. I don’t know what the Ebay is
or the Facebook marketplace. I don’t know where you
flip digitally here. I’m not educated but I do think you can. I do and I think there will be niche markets and I think there’s a lot
of ways to go with cards. It’s really interesting to
me that cardboard pictures on Pokemon or Magic the Gathering or soccer or football or what have you has a real upside. It makes sense. When the whole world goes digital there’s human intuition
to pull the other way and I think that’s got
a lot to do with it. – Cool, thanks. – You go it. – Hey, what’s up, Gary? – Hey, brother. – My question for you today would be how do I make raw content
look more appealing to people? And when I talk about raw content I mean I am impassioned about talkin’ about mental health and depression only because I’ve overcome
that stuff in my life but I feel it’s more my funny dance videos that draws a lot of attraction but it’s more the, I just wanna encourage the younger people and the people who are going through those same life experiences, – Don’t over worry about the likes. – Okay. Can I make it more appealing or should I even worry about
making it more appealing? – You can. I don’t know if you
have to worry about it. You may want that creative challenge but the way you do that is by trying a bunch of different things. The problem is people are so caught up
in short term metrics, they intuitively know what works and they keep doing more of that instead of doing what they want to do. – No, that’s cool. – Keep makin’ those dance videos, the pretty guy or girl will keep putting out
shirtless posts or booty shots instead of talking about what they want because they’re so addicted
to the short term metric. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, just keep putting out
more of that raw content and keep it raw?
– Just keep putting it out. – Cheers.
– Keep putting, and raw content or what
you’re talkin’ about is really the creativity’s in the words and how you put them together. Your one three sentence video away from changing the equation. You just have to keep doing it and deal with the ramifications of it not doing as well as
your videos where you dance. – Yeah, no that’s cool. Thank you very much.
– You got it, mate. I know it’s been times up but I’m gonna keep goin’
since they’re not comin’. I also wanna take a question
or two from up there. I feel like you guys have been left out, so I gotta figure out how to do that. Oh, you’ve got a mic up there? Or you just raising your hand? – [Audience Member] Just raising my hand. – Go, talk. I’ll repeat it. – I’ll have to yell it. How do you choose which platform
is good for your business? – How do you choose what
platform’s good for your business. So, (sighs) let’s just be very direct. What, You can take, (laughs)
(audience laughs) You can if you got some
fuckin’ acrobatic shit. Or you wanna just do it from there. What is your business? What’s that? – [Audience Member] Lawn maintenance. – Lawn maintenance. So, for me, I think Facebook
and Instagram and LinkedIn will probably work for you. And by the way, again, this
is some of the themes today. And try Twitter and maybe
you make a funny video of you mowing lawn on
the background of music and all of a sudden it
goes viral on TikTok and all the dads of the kids that see it become aware of your business. To me this is just one big game of make. I can give you advice, I could try to limit it. Here’s my bigger thing. If you have a business that
you want to be successful, my bigger question is auditing your time on what you’re doing
when you’re not working or when you’re with your family, so you can have more time to
make across more platforms. You know? People are like, oh, I have limited time. I’m like, okay, I understand
there’s family and all that but if your ambition is to build a really nice size business
to be successful financially, I think we need to start
auditing Netflix and Fortnite and Gary V videos. (audience laughs) Cheers. – Hi, Gary V. I’m a lover of your content
and so is my sister. I have a question for you. – Please. – I have a business right now. I’m self running. I run a caricature, – Please tell me it has
to do with your hair. (audience laughs) – Sort of. – ‘Cause it’s fucking amazing. – Thank you. I run a caricature business and right now it’s going a bit too well, if you know what I mean. – I don’t but tell me. (audience laughs) – It terrifies me because I
have no competition currently and I have, I’m just worried about
the clientele running out or competition coming in or a coming storm of any kind. – Let me give you one storm that you can’t pay attention to, competition. One of the great themes
in this room, brother, that is hurting people is they spend more time
worrying about their competition than they do about their
employees or their customers. When I tell you I know
nothing about my competition, I know nothing. Not a fuckin’ clue. It doesn’t matter. What a lot of people struggle with is knowing how much
abundance there actually is. They fear that them losing
something to somebody else is actually taking from them. They don’t realize how
much there actually is. We struggle with quantifying abundance. We struggle with quantifying time. And so, please don’t
worry about competition. Somebody copying you is a
good thing not a bad thing. – Yeah, what about the other storm, sort of storms? How do I cement my roots in
the community, basically? – By leaning in and providing them value. – Yeah. – By understanding what
they’re looking for from you and delivering on that. – Okay. – The reason I have a real community is ’cause I’m delivering. I’m bringing more value. I’m giving you guys way more
than I’m asking for in return. Like way more. And most people are fake giving because they want your money. I don’t want your fuckin’ money. I want your admiration. – Can I take a selfie? (laughs) (Gary laughs)
(audience laughs) – Yeah, let’s do it. – [Audience Member] Hey, Gary. I kinda stole my voice so bear with me. – No worries. – [Audience Member] So, at the
moment I’m working full-time and I’m also working a side hustle, a couple at the moment but the one that’s caught my most interest is freelancing film
content for businesses. – Like it.
– And my ultimate goal is to eventually run my
own digital market company or agency. – Okay. – [Audience Member] My questions to you is with a limited budget, is it tangible to scale this business to the number one spot in New Zealand by outsourcing 100% of the content that I don’t create for my clients? – Maybe but unlikely. – So, your saying employees would be best? – You don’t have enough control and number one means what? Stature, dollars? – [Audience Member] To be honest, I don’t even know what that it. – That’s fair. So, I think, look, I think when you
outsource it’s not yours. – [Audience Member] It’s like
freelancers instead of having, – I understand the
rational for it up front but I think the way
you’ll actually get there is to convert to full-time over time. – [Audience Member] Okay, so
start with that potentially and use some, alright. Sweet, thanks. – You got it. Any questions up there? – [Audience Member] There’s one up here. – Okay, great. I’ll take it. – [Audience Member] Thank you. – You’re welcome, what’s your name? – It’s Mimi. – Mimi? – Yes.
– That’s cute. (audience laughs) – So, I own a hairdressing salon and I’ve got,
– You’ve got a hair salon? – Yeah and I’ve got eight staff and I’ve got three
– Eight people in your staff. – Yeah.
– Keep going. – And I’ve got three apprentices. – Three what? – Apprentices. – Apprentices. – Yeah, so my whole business model is that I grow people. So, I don’t hire other
people from other salons. The ones I’ve already
got I use to work with, – I understand. So, I’m just doin’ this
for everybody else. You have you eight and
you have apprentices because you don’t want any of the outside, the way people do it on the
outside affecting you way ’cause you have a unique way and so you do apprentice, I do something very similar. So, go ahead. – Okay, so at the moment
I’ve got three apprentices. I’ve had them all for, the last one I brought inside about two and a half years ago. And so, I’ve been trying to find more and it’s been a two and
a half year process. Just six months ago I
hired five other ones ’cause I just knew that the
salons were gonna fall away. Now I’ve got one left and she, she’s a flake right? What I’m finding is that because I’m working with young people, mostly young people, and I’m getting them from
hairdressing schools. I’m getting people who are
saying I wanna be a hairdresser. They’re paid to try to be a hairdresser. They don’t wanna work. They don’t wanna show up. (audience laughs) I don’t know what to do. I’m about to take those three I’ve got, – There’s two things to do. A, realize that your management style is not working for them either. That’s an important observation. We have to adjust. You’re holding them to an ideology that may not be as
practical to their reality and casting judgment on millennials or these random 11 people is not gonna do you any good. – You know what, I’m
actually not doing that. Or they don’t know that I’m doing this. (audience laughs) – But you are doing that. You are doing that. – Okay, but I am because
they constantly let me down. So, I’m obviously preparing, my brain says, prepare yourself because you know what’s gonna happen because of what happened before – But guess what?
– In some kind of way. – No, this is great. How many humans are we talking about? You just had five and
how many prior to that? – So, it’s about two and a half years, so I’m saying it will be about 12. – 12. (audience laughs) – But do you know how hard
it is to get somebody? – No, I don’t know how hard it is. (audience laughs) I only have 1000 of them. (audience applauds) Listen, listen. Two things. I really wanna help. Two things. One, – And a lot of the young people think that they’re not good enough for my salon. And I don’t like that at all. – Listen to me. Listen to me. You’re, this framework is going to lead
you down a very shitty path. You need to stop casting judgment and you need to take a step back. The number, if you were my sister
and we were flying home, I’d say the first thing I want you to do is call all 12 of them
and have dinner with them and ask them why it
didn’t work out for them. And then, when you get seven
of ’em saying the same thing, fix that. (audience applauds) Gotta go? Two more? I knew Mimi was gonna come through. Thanks Mimi. Alright, yes. Yes, sir? – [Audience Member] Can you
just have a little ramble about AI – AI? – [Audience Member] and
social or Blockchain – Sure. AI and Blockchain are both, with social you’re just overlaying it, so I’m not too overly worried about how they interact with each other because they’re macro technologies that will, to your point, affect social. I think the bigger thing, at such a young age and
thinking about those things, what you’re gonna look for is timing. Where a lot of people are gonna win and way more people are gonna lose is not getting the timing down when Blockchain, AI hit scale. VR for that matter, hit scale. So, they’re gonna affect tremendously. I mean, you look at Pokemon Go. That was a worldwide phenomenon that changed people’s behaviors. You’d have to anticipate
that that is going to happen in a lot of IP, entertainment, a lot of opportunities to story tell in the real world through a phone. You also have to anticipate technology. Contact lenses that are
naturally activated by AR are gonna do much better ’cause it’s less friction. You don’t have to hold up your phone. When you walk into a store and
you have those contact lenses are you gonna be able to
see virtual inventory? There’s so much coming. I wanna remind everybody that 15 years ago we
didn’t have smart phones. This is just starting. How many, watch this. How many people here remember growing up without the internet? Raise your hands. I mean, so, we’re just starting. I think Blockchain’s an
incredible technology that is gonna create peer to peer dynamics like we’ve never seen before. So, to me the big theme
verses what my guesses are, ’cause it’s too early, is making sure that you really
pay attention to the timing and then you strike it. Sir? – [Audience Member] Hi, Gary. – How are you? – [Audience Member] Not too bad. So, I’m a big believer in hard work. – Me too. – [Audience Member] And basically,
I kind of live like that. – Good.
– I think the downside is that I tend to want to
do everything on my own. And also I’ve got high standards. So, if I’ve locked myself
in the room after work til I learn Java script and build it out. I’d like to see the graphic design as well but it does take a lot of time. So, I wanted to ask you for
a person that’s starting out would you say it’s best to take the time to learn everything on your own and do it?
– Yes. – Or outsource it?
– I like it. I don’t think it’s bad. I think one of the big vulnerabilities for a lot of people here is they wanna do social media
content for their business now and they heard me an hour ago but they’re gonna go back
and hire somebody who’s 25 and they’re not gonna know
how to judge if it’s good. Instead of going home and putting in the 30 or 40
hours to learn and post and try, they’re gonna take the shortcut
and pay some young person, like their nephew, to do it. – [Audience Member] I got that. – Brother, let me tell you something. To be who I’ve been professionally
for the last 25 years, which is have the ability to
be the cashier at my wine store or the CEO, to be a community manager
in VaynerMedia or the CEO, the fact that not one
person can walk out the door and that creates any anxiety for me because I’m a practitioner
of every skill set is my biggest strength, not my weakness. And the fact that you’re
such a young fuckin’ dude and have your whole life in front of you, I’m a big fan of learning skills, especially, you clearly like it too. – [Audience Member] Yeah, I enjoy it. It just takes time.
– So, don’t let the theses of scaling fast trump the truth of having skills. – [Audience Member] Thank you. – You’re welcome. (audience applauds) I’m gonna sneak one, this is gonna be the last one.
– Hi, Gary. – Apologize. Go ahead, ma’am. – [Audience Member] I’m a photographer. – Great. – [Audience Member] I’m
certainly on LinkedIn. Doing really well. Get most of my business from there. – Hold on. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) This is important. I’m sure, ’cause I wanna
bring value here today, I’m sure you wouldn’t think a photographer is the one that’s killing it on LinkedIn. It is not the natural way
that we think about it, right? – [Audience Member] True story. – I’m aware, sister. (audience laughs) Go ahead. – [Audience Member] On the other hand, I’m doing rubbish on Instagram. – What the fuck? I’m kidding, I’m kidding.
(audience laughs) Go ahead. – [Audience Member] I’ve
been at it for about a year, two years now. I tried to apply the
same strategy on Insta, big fail, absolutely. So, I flipped it. I tried to do just general
photos, keepin’ it all pretty. Still not working. So, other than friend’s kids
and other photographers, I’m just doing rubbish on Instagram and I’d like to know if
you’ve got any tips for that. For me.
– Well, tip number one is to do
a lot more on LinkedIn. – [Audience Member] Right, okay. – You’re the manifestation of my theses. I came here and told everybody that when you buy, which is produce, when you story tell on platforms that have a lot of attention but most people are not
filling the pipes yet and the ads are not filling the pipes, you get more than you put out. It is the nature. It’s like buying beach
front property in an island that isn’t popular yet and then miraculously 25
years later it is popular. The price went up. That’s what you’re doing right now. Instagram, you now have to be best. It is unbelievably competitive. Everybody’s there. My intuition in this scenario is to actually triple down on strengths, not round out weaknesses. – [Audience Member] Cool, I like that. I do Clifton strengths. I’m all about the strengths. – So, I, how often are you posting on LinkedIn? – [Audience Member] Everyday. – How often, one?
– No, about 10 times a day. – Love. My direct kind of advice
is to push it to 20. – [Audience Member] Okay, cool. Excellent, thank you. – You’re welcome. (audience applauds) Go, go, fast. – Earlier you talked about, oh, that’s loud as shit, earlier you talked about
the two main reasons people don’t do what you talk on stage. You said 98% of them will go home and they won’t take any action. You said either it’s ’cause
they’re in their head and they’re insecure.
– It’s not 97 because that lovely photographer just inspired three people., for sure. Go ahead. – [Audience Member] Either
you said it’s in your head and you’re insecure or you talk a big game
but you’re lazy as shit. – Yes. – [Audience Member] I don’t think I’m lazy but I have been a pussy. So, I want to do YouTube, I want to make content on the internet but because it’s a personal brand and it’s not been
something I can hide behind if I’m market a product, say. I’ve been a pussy. I’ve been scared of my
friends, family judging me. – Correct. – [Audience Member] And I wanna ask how do I stop bein’ a pussy? (laughs) – It’s funny. I always equate it to
riding a bike and swimming. I think it’s something that
we can all resonate with. It seems way scarier than it is. The reality is you grew up in a framework where you over value people’s opinions. The only way for you to change that is to start getting as
many opinions thrown at you as possible. – [Audience Member] Even now, thinking about it coming up here, like, oh, I’m scared, a
whole bunch of people, – Of course. – [Audience Member] But
as I’m doing it’s like – Not as bad.
– who gives a fuck. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) – Yeah. You’re just, which I think is easier than the judgment of
your parents and friends. ‘Cause you’re right, fuck them. (audience laughs) But your parents and
friends it your framework. And it often has the answer. I genuinely believe the most
blanket advice in this room is to really audit your
friends and your family and start limiting your interactions with the ones that are broken. Doesn’t mean cut them off completely. Tough to completely cut off your dad. But limiting so that you don’t hear it, I’m a fan of it. – [Audience Member] And do you think you need specific interventions, say, hey, fuck you or should I just do it.
– Yes. I’m a big, I’m a huge, – [Audience Member] Or should
I just do it and ignore? – Both work. But I’m a huge fan of fuck you. Here’s why. ‘Cause a lot of times by
having that conversation you had a perception
that wasn’t even there. It’s like a pimple in high school. Everybody was so fucked
up with that huge pimple but when they got to high school and was completely scared of it, everybody else had their own shit. Nobody gave a fuck about your pimple. (audience laughs) And so, you may think your
friends might think it’s dorky or your dad might think
it’s a waste of time and then you tell them. They’re dealing with their own shit, bro. The reason it’s so easy for me is I know everybody
has their own problems. Nobody gives a fuck about me. Once you understand that
nobody gives a fuck, shit gets real interesting. They’ve got their own problems. Thank you, New Zealand.
– Thank you so much. (audience applauds) – [MC] Thank you. Thank you.

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