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12 Things About YK Osiris You Should Know! | Billboard

12 Things About YK Osiris You Should Know! | Billboard

– Hey, this is Billboard and you should know me, YK Osiris. (upbeat music) I grew up in Jacksonville,
Florida, aka Duval. When I started making music I was 14, 15 years old when
I started making music. I go by YK Osiris because
my teacher named me YK. It means Young King, so I stuck
with it and I ran with it. The craziest thing I ever done? I jumped off the roof, my ma’s roof. If my life was a book, it
would be called “Osiris Book”. “Osiris Life”. Yeah. If I collaborated with
any artist it’d be Drake, because, he’s a legend and he make good music. The best advice I ever received is, “Keep going and don’t stop.” The first CD I ever
bought was Sean Kingston. The skill I would like
to master is Basketball. My biggest accomplishment
was making it big in music. What was the most sentimental item I own? Hmmmm… A necklace that my grandma gave me. The inspiration behind “Worth it” was a girl being worth it. A girl getting what she deserve, and she don’t need to show off her body, it’s what’s in her heart. (upbeat music)

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  1. I been playing the hell out Worth it & Valentines love your music. Keep it coming played it today both song's.🥰👌💯

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