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11 Ways To Wear a Rectangular Scarf | BusbeeStyle com

11 Ways To Wear a Rectangular Scarf | BusbeeStyle com

(bright music) – Hi ladies. It’s Erin and welcome back to my channel. If you’re just joining
me for the first time I hope you will subscribe. Stick around, I upload new videos every Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:00 a.m. central time. So, I did a video about a month or two ago about tying your blanket scarves and ways to wear your blanket scarves. And that video has been
viewed over 100,000 times so I figure there’s a need for scarf videos (laughing) that I hadn’t quite anticipated before because there’s so many of them I thought, geez, there
must be enough out there. But, on that particular
video I got a lot of comments about just tying regular scarves. How do I tie regular scarves? And by a regular scarf, I mean, a regular, rectangular shaped scarf like this guy. This is a winter or fall, winter scarf in a rectangular shape. How do I tie that? So the same principles are gonna apply for this rectangular scarf, the thicker version, as they do for the more, like, wispy thin, light cotton version. You have to make that rectangle smaller so you can do that one of three ways. You can fold it very
neatly into four parts. You can scrunch it and do it that way or you can roll it. So, any of those result in basically, the same concept, which is you’re making that
rectangle a lot smaller. Almost like the spaghetti
noodle or the tube. So once you’ve got that tube shape, then you can just throw
it behind your neck and let it hang. That’s the first way
you can wear your scarf. You can put that underneath
the lapel of a coat to keep it in place. That would be really lovely. You could belt it over the, over the two ends to keep
it in place that way. That would be lovely as well. You can take one side of that scarf and just drape it over the shoulder, so you’ve got one end in
the front hanging loose and then you’ve got one end in the back. You could do it that way. A third way is to take the spaghetti noodle,
put it around your neck, around the back of your neck and then take both ends and but them over both shoulders. Another really simple and very chic and sophisticated way you can wear your regular rectangular scarf is simply to wear it almost as a shawl or a little throw over your coat or over your sweater. And then you can just let that hang or you can also belt that. The next way to consider is again, just to squish it into
that spaghetti noodle, however you want to do that. Whether it’s folding, rolling, scrunching. Start to form the knot with the two ends but you don’t quite do a full knot. You’re just doing, like, half a knot. It’s just a really
effortless way to wear it. It’s a really quick and
easy way to wear it. You can adjust the height of that and wear it according to what, you know, what makes
the most sense for you. Keeping in mind that that actual knotted area is gonna draw attention to it so maybe you wanna do it up higher above the chest area. Maybe you wanna do it lower, it’s up to you. With the rectangular scarf you can’t do quite as many, like, bandity styles. But there is one option for you. You can fold the scarf, or roll the scarf, or scrunch the scarf into
the spaghetti noodle. You wrap it around the
front and then in back so it’s like one complete
loop around your neck. And then you’re going to take one end and let that hang loose and you’re gonna take the other end and your gonna take the
corner of that loose end. It’s a little bit longer
than the other side. And you’re just gonna
tuck that into the loop. So you get a bandit style but it’s a little bit different than it was with the blanket scarf. But still, it’s going to keep you warm, it’s chic, it’s a nice
way to wear the scarf. Just like with the blanket scarf, with the rectangular scarf, you can create an infinity scarf. It’s a DIY infinity. All you do are tie the two ends together. In this case, with this scarf, it has some fringe at the end so I could actually just take little pieces of the fringe and tie those together so that I don’t have some big bulky knot to contend with. By doing that, I give myself a little bit more length on the scarf too so I can loop it twice or I can loop it three times. The infinity scarf is always easy, it’s always nice and it’s always very functional in keeping you really warm. You can also just wrap that scarf around your neck one time with both of the ends
hanging in the front. You can leave it like that or you can take those two ends and then start the knot
with those two ends. Not make a complete knot, but again that half knot. That’s a really nice look too and it will keep it in place nicely and it will also keep your neck, and your chin and your mouth really warm. And you can pull it all the
way up over your nose even. Another really simple way you can wear your rectangular scarf is again to fold, scrunch
or roll the rectangle and then all you’re gonna
do is fold it in half. Once you fold it in half, you have loop in one hand and then you have the
loose ends in the other. You pull it around the back of your neck and you pull the loose ends through the loop and then tighten it. That’s it. Very easy. This a really simple way to wear it. It’s a really chic way to wear it. And, it’s going to keep
you incredibly warm because neck scarves, at the end of the day, are about functionality. They do make a statement. They are a great accessory. They can add some pop to your look but they’re also about keeping you warm. So wearing it in a way
that will keep your neck, your chest, your nose, your chin all really warm is wonderful. And then lastly and probably the most complicated of these ways to wear your scarf is the men’s neck tie. All you’re going to do is again, scrunch, fold or roll
your rectangular scarf so it’s in the shape
of the spaghetti noodle and then you’re going to put it behind your neck and then you’re gonna leave one side really long and
the other side short. So with the shorter side, you take that loose end and you wrap it around the scarf with the long side one time. And then you take the long side and you pull that through the loop and then down into the loop you just
made with the short side. So, it really does look
sort of like a men’s neck tie or how you would
tie a men’s neck tie. And then, of course, just like with a men’s neck tie, you can adjust the height of that knot. It’s just an interesting knot in case you’re getting bored with just the regular old knot. That’s a different way of knotting it that looks a little bit neater and a little bit more refined. Okay, so those are some really simple ways that you can wear your rectangular scarf. I hope that helps you guys. Please let me know if
you have any questions. Just comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Give a thumbs up to the video and, of course, you can
pop over to the blog. I always put some additional content over on the blog for
you guys to check out. That’s BusbeeStyle.com. And don’t forget about Instagram as well @BusbeeStyle there. Thank you all so, so much again for watching and I will see you next time. Bye. (bright music)

42 thoughts on “11 Ways To Wear a Rectangular Scarf | BusbeeStyle com

  1. Great ideas,,,scarves are great way to add personality to an outfit that otherwise seems maybe a little boring. PS Hermes has a great free app with several ways to tie a scarf (not that I own an Hermes scarf😊 but did tumbled on the app).

  2. I just woke up, let's see if I can see what I'm writing. LOL Great video. I love scarves that are big like that but featherweight. I knit alot of shawls and wraps in feathe rweght yarn sock or light yarn in merino wool/ etc) and I have learned alot about how to wear them. My favorite knit patterns are crescent shaped. I just finished a triangular one. Each row now has 320 stitches on it. I also like to shop at Francescos and have gotten huge wraps that are cotton with lace on the edge in like denim blue/ but casua for spring because they are like huge infinity scarf and wrap in one. You can wear them like a scarf in summer if you want but then You can spread them out and because they are not bulky at all just use as a circular wrap for example if the air conditioner is too cold. Those scarves are sews together in a circle like an infinity rectangle.l

  3. Morning Erin! I've really been enjoying your scarf videos. I have a bunch of scarves that I never wear because I have a large chest and I find that they just add more volume to that area. Any suggestions for how to wear scarves when you have a large check & small waist? Thanks so much!!

  4. Oh my goodness – I somehow missed your blanket scarf video and I have one awkwardly draped across my shoulders at work this morning and you have SAVED me. Thanks.

  5. I’ve been binge watching your channel. Hubs and I went out for dinner. We got dressed. He looked at me and said. You look great. I’ll put another shirt on. Thank you Erin.

  6. Sorry, I know this comment is very late and please let me know if that bother you so I don't comment on older videos. LOL on the half bandit title; I love that and it really does look nice and still a bit cowgirlish. I have a beautiful crocheted, very white, rectangle scarf my SO's mother made; she's now passed but he gave it to me recently. I absolutely love it and these ideas are great but it's so thick, it's kind of difficult to wear any style other than straight down or as a wrap. I'm also terrified to snag it. If you think of, or know of any other ways I could wear it and still make it look amazing, I'd greatly appreciate them. She was the sweetest woman and I always am sentimental about clothes from certain people or that I got for certain reasons. I'm sure that seems strange to many people, but I always keep a piece of clothing when I want to remember someone or something really special. Most of it is in my hope chest, but not all of it and not this scarf. Great videos too – I love them both and infinity scarves are my go to as well. 🙂

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