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11 Things About Oliver Tree You Should Know! | Billboard

11 Things About Oliver Tree You Should Know! | Billboard

– What’s cracking? This is Billboard, You Should Know me. I’m the new kid on the block Oliver Tree. What’s good? So, I grew up in Santa Cruz, California but I spent multiple years traveling with the Dell Pickle Family Circus. Both my parents were acrobatics
and I was a uni cycler. I’d like to think that prepared
me for life on the road as a touring artist. So, right now my only backstage ritual is five minutes before the
set I look at my tour manager I say, “What city are we in?” He tells me we’re here. I go and I say that name of that city for the next five minutes
as a I walk up to the stage. My biggest musical inspiration is the song “Sandstorm” by Darude. If you haven’t heard it
go Google it right now it’s fucking banger. So, if someone’s gonna play me in a movie I think Hollywood would
probably pick some guy like Rob Dyrdek who is a fan of mine but personally I would probably
go with Andy Milonakis. I think he could really
tell my story with justice. I started improvising
music at the age of three. Started really writing music
at the age of four and a half. I wrote my first song at age five. At age six I wrote my first symphony. And my first album was
made when I was nine. If I could collaborate with
any artist it would either be Chris Angel or David Blaine. I’m really inspired by
David Blaine’s earlier work. He did this little stunt with an ice cube he was frozen for 48 hours. And I’ve been training.
By this time next year I should be able to beat
his record with 52 hours. I think the biggest misconception
I had about major labels before signing with them was that I wouldn’t have
the full creative control. And I’ve actually found that
I have more creative control and freedom than I did
on an independent label. So, it really comes down to
who you work with at the label and at the end of the
day what your deal is. Because I have it setup so that
these fuckers can’t stop me from doing anything. So, outside of music and
scootering the main skillsets I’m trying to master
right now is one, parkour and two, capoeira. Last year I was almost exclusively focused on Monster Truck jumping. I spent six months at
the Paris Auto Speedway where I learned how to
jump these monster trucks. You can see it in my
first two-part music video “All That” and “Alien Boy”. My music making process is
different on every song. Sometimes I’ll start and
write the melody on a flute. And then I basically take these songs and play them to my team
and kinda catch a vibe and if anything sticks, we go
in and track it in the studio. I’d say my biggest accomplishment
was getting a major label to be able to invest
multiple millions of dollars into a pumpkin-headed freak. So the new song “Hurt”, is actually about a scooter
crash I had when I was 18. I used to compete in
professional contests. I was coming down a
roll-in on a semifinal run and out of nowhere this
little pebble shows up. I hit this thing, I go flying. I break my left wrist, my right wrist, and the joint that connects
the thumb to my hand. So, it’s about that scooter
crash but it’s also about a falling out I had with
my old scooter crew. We used to ride every
single day after school at the park rain or shine. I was the only guy out of
the whole team to get signed. And I think there was a lot
of jealousy and frustration and that song is an apology to them and a fuck you to everyone else. (rock music plays) – “Somebody should’ve had your back I tried but, I don’t think so, maybe it was me who was fucking up”

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  1. Oliver tree is my sprit animal… when he said his biggest musical inspiration is “sandstorm” by darude I knew he was the only real one 👌

  2. Oliver is milking that money. Does having a bowl cut mean that the individual is a cereal killer? 🥣 I’d like to spoon with Oliver, he’s such a grapefruit person. I’d never want to see him get toasted or catch a cold and walk around coffeeng. He doesn’t oat his fans anything

  3. Seeing you for the second time next month,just seen you at marry more park! excited to see you again! Congratulations on your success you worked hard n I look to have that kind of drive

  4. what happens when his jnco/ufo pants rip?? they don't make those anymore…. WE MUST PROTECT OLIVER'S PANTS AT ALL COST!!!!!

  5. Remember when he used to be Tree then his next label deal made him purge most of his music his original was emotionally driven like introspective but more

  6. Mate when he was in Glasgow he did a Scottish accent the entire time and kept saying he was from there and his band were from random ass places in rural Scotland, it was so funny

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