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11 Secrets Advertisers Don’t Want You to Know

11 Secrets Advertisers Don’t Want You to Know

43 thoughts on “11 Secrets Advertisers Don’t Want You to Know

  1. The, ugh, Walmart in my small, rural Southern town has a concrete floor all through the store.
    They periodically move the merchandise around to different locations so the customer will see new products while searching for the old ones.
    This store has also stopped carrying several products that I like.
    Walmart sucks, but besides a couple dollar stores, it is the only player in town.

  2. I just need milk you think. the milk is lowest in the store then i go past other things and pick them down

  3. Hey, i know 1 trick (maybe you guys know too. Im just helping the others who dont know OK?)

    I will make a story…

    You go to the mall. Wanted to buy some T-shirts. And then you see a board. Say that the The T-shirts is on discount. Like, from $50 is being $40 dollar. Most people will think, "is on discount, i better buy a lot of shirts". But NO. The real price is STILL $40 dollar. They just FAKE THE DISCOUNT SO PEOPLE WILL BUY MORE PRODUCTS BECAUSE IS ON SALE. (im sorry, i just hate this trick >:C)

    Love you :3

  4. 1:18 we went to an restourant and a name of one dish I ordered was Hello Kitty. And I got like a lot of french fries and two stakes. Each one was a size of a plate! And im 11….

  5. And they catch you off-guard, right at the cashier desk. Yes… Its when the kids are grabbing the chocolates, M&Ms, lollipops and balloons which you keep on rejecting during the whole time in the grocery area.

  6. Ahem you mean trying to use smart marketing tactics to make sure they can continue to make sure they can continue to make goods and in return make the economy better

    Yes some may seem uhhh meanie weanie but a lot is what I just said above if you disagree there is no reason to give me back lash it’s just a opinion

  7. Well when I go to the store I see that they only give you half of your product and still charge you that price

  8. They don't have any clocks or windows in the malls because they want the costumers don't know for how long they shop

  9. I usually go to stores with a list of items to be purchased, this helps me in not buying unnecessary items.

  10. Also what I've noticed when shopping for items for instance paying for a certain price for one bottle of expensive overly priced laundry soap for one bottle then when you may decide to purchase for two smaller cheaper priced bottles for each bottle ends up costing more for two Smaller quantity bottles will cost more than purchasing one bottle of laundry soap

  11. These are tricks in Ads :
    Some Of the food in Ads is not even edible , or even food
    The 'Milk' in cereal commercials is actually GLUE!
    Those Wheat Chex are carefully selected and put into that glue
    The lettuce is sprayed to look crisp and fresh
    The patty is seared with a hot metal stick
    Fries are chosen like the cereal and artfully arranged
    Steak has motor oil on it I forget why
    Sodas are not soda , ice is not ice , Fizz in sodas is also a lie
    The soda is like iced tea or somethin
    The ice is clear plastic blocks
    The fizz is made by a hidden camera

  12. I know a trick more. All the shop owners put the gums (ect.) near the cash desk, and when we see them, we automatically buy them. Let's wonder… If these were out of sight, would we buy them?😉😉😉😉😋💲💲💵💸💶💶

  13. This video copies the "Be Amazed" video titled "12 things you eat that are a lie", down to the thumbnail.

  14. Word to the wise, dont buy plastic. Oops I forgot it (plastics) is in everything, They sold us on plastics back in the 70's as the new "space age" material when really (like your baby carrots) was a way to find a market for garbage, a bi-product of crude oil.

  15. What about manufacturing and marketing tricks in the engineering science of planned obsolescence, especially in plastics. That potato peeler you mentioned, its present day version just breaks at the plastic handle. In three weeks we're always shopping to replace plastic garbage hence thats why we recycle. That to is a secret. We were turned into garbage sorting machines to aid the planned or perceived obsolescence industry.

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