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11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones

11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones

Drones allow us to explore areas that we would
otherwise never dare step foot in. And as they fly through the sky high above,
they sometimes catch things that were never meant to be witnessed by the human eye . . . 11. This drone footage was taken somewhere deep
in the Salt Fork park in Ohio. The video starts out ordinarily enough, but
then sometime around the 5 minute mark you might be able to see something hiding in the
thickets. Watch the left side of your screen closely
as this drone starts to land and pay close attention because it happens pretty fast. Many people claim they see a large creature
stop and look up as the drone passes by. Some even claim that this is a bigfoot sighting
in broad daylight. I do see what they are talking about, but
I personally don’t see any movement and I think it could possibly be a tree. Let me know if you see it and if you agree. 10. When a freak thunderstorm sets this large
hayfield on fire in Weld County, Colorado, a brave farmer named Eric Howard hops in his
tractor and heads straight for the action. He has a wild plan that’s about to greatly
help firefighters contain the 30 acre blaze if all goes well. Thinking fast, Eric quickly carves a long
path across the field to keep the fire from spreading. It’s firefighting strategy called a fire
line, which is where you remove the top soil so that there is less material to burn. He barely manages to stay ahead of the inferno
and the dancing flames grow tall enough to melt the paint off his trusty tractor the
whole time. Eventually the wildfire is contained and Eric
is credited by the firefighters for his gutsy plan, which probably saved additional acres
from going up in flames. Let me know what you would do in this situation
and if you think Eric should have left it to the professionals. 9. A Predator combat drone is conducting a routine
patrol when suddenly something huge and fast enters its air space. What appears to be some kind of unidentified
flying object streaks by the drone in a gigantic burst of white light. The drone turns around to scan the area, but
whatever zoomed past is now long gone. Unfortunately, no further footage was recovered. I don’t know if the lack of information
surrounding this video is a sign that it’s fake or if it means that the military simply
isn’t saying anything. The unidentified flying object could be CGI,
but outside of that possibility, what are you watching could very well be our first
contact with very technologically advanced extraterrestrials. 8. A YouTuber named RunGunGriff is a drone enthusiast
who explores a lot of exotic locations on his channel. Most of his videos are taken on tropical islands,
but this one was shot at a hard-to-find rural spot that he simply describes as being in
the middle of nowhere. As his drone flies higher, you can see that
RunGunGriff and his friend are standing in the middle of a huge field of crops that’s
covered in a series of strange markings. The symbols themselves are perfectly symmetrical
and extremely precise in their geometry. Their designs look strikingly identical and
appear to have no noticeable differences, a sign that it was not made by humans. I suppose it would be possible to do this
with farm equipment, but farmers have little reason to vandalize their own field, and since
there’s absolutely no flaws in the design, I think that there is a strong possibility
that this was made by something extraterrestrial. Let me know if you think that these crop circles
are manmade or extraterrestrial in nature, and if you recognize any of these symbols
from any literature, movies or video games, then I’d definitely like to know where they
are from. 7. A YouTuber named Furious Otter is piloting
his noisy drone across a long stretch of woods when he comes across a mysterious all-white
object that doesn’t match the native scenery. He grows curious and decides to take the drone
closer to the ground to get a better look. It’s a decision that he probably now regrets. It doesn’t look like much at first, but
the situation becomes much more clear after he zooms in. A witchlike figure appears to crouch low while
watching the drone from the tree line. I can’t tell if they are waving at them
or brushing something out of their hair, but either way, this strange hermit just shouldn’t
be out here this deep in the woods. This video is terrifying if it’s real, but
a couple of things make me question its authenticity. I know drones can get a lot closer than that,
so why didn’t he try to get closer to see if they needed help instead of immediately
flying away? I guess he could have been worried about losing
his drone or even possibly getting cursed, so he just got out of there fast instead. If that’s the case, then I can’t say I
blame him. Let me know what you think you would have
done if you were there. 6. This news drone records the aftermath of a
giant blast that rocked a residential district in Westminster, Colorado. The giant smoldering crater you are looking
at was once a home, and even worse, the blast was done on purpose. The owner of the home, 59 year old Gary Pine,
was living all by himself when he decided to take his live in a very vengeful way. He disconnected his natural gas line and let
his house fill up with gas until it blew, blowing off the side of his neighbor’s house
and sending debris flying across 2 whole blocks. No one knows exactly why he did it, but one
thing’s for sure: his neighbors will never forget the deafening explosion, nor will they
ever feel completely safe in their own home again. 5. These National Geographic explorers are using
high-tech drones to map out the inside of a churning volcano for the very first time. Their drones are able to get close enough
to the lava to capture shots that would boil a human alive. The thousand-degree temperatures claim more
than a few drones during the study, and each one is an expensive loss. These drones use sophisticated 3D technology
to map out the bottom of a lava pit – something that has never been done before. You can even see an evil looking entrance
where the high pressure magma shoots out of the volcano. The drones also have another purpose, too. They let the researchers measure exactly how
close to the edge they can get before the incredible heat becomes too much to stand. Let me know if you think you’d be brave
enough to do this kind of research, or if you’d rather have a safer occupation. 4. An Australian YouTuber named Simon Lawrence
is flying his drone high above his boat in Port Lincoln. He and his friends are looking to catch crabs,
but soon they find something else entirely lurking in the deep ocean waters. The Great White Shark seems to silently study
them for a bit before coming in for a closer look. When the shark shows interest in their crab
pot, they wisely cut it loose and watch the shark swim away. Simon and his friends are very lucky because
Great White Sharks have been known to try and overturn boats by swimming straight into
them at full speed. 3. This drone video was taken in late 2016 when
a rash of clown sightings were reported throughout the entire country. Golden Hour is a YouTuber who was apparently
just trying to get some aerial shots of his small town when he stumbles upon something
that definitely doesn’t belong in a cornfield. It kind of looks like a ordinary scarecrow
at first, but then you can see it’s a clown in a bright orange outfit with equally colorful
hair. The strange and unfriendly clown glares at
the drone before sprinting away at full speed. It makes its way into the mouth of the forest
shortly and the drone takes off back to safety. I have questions about this video that are
similar to number 7. If this video is real, then once again I don’t
understand why drone operator didn’t pursue the clown further to figure out where it came
from. I guess the clown could have been a friend
in a costume, but then again, maybe this was one of the many real clowns caught trespassing
on properties in 2016. It’s hard to say for sure so I’d definitely
like to get your opinion. 2. A YouTuber named JustinBrown has been seeing
odd-looking people living in tents near his hometown in Lompac, California. He is too nervous to investigate the situation
in person, so he sends his drone over for a closer look. Imagine Justin’s surprise when he discovers
an entire colony of strangers living on a riverbed less than a mile from his home. He has no idea who they are, what they want,
or why they are so close to his suburban neighborhood, which doesn’t seem particularly special
in any way. Also, nobody can seem to figure out what this
mysterious blinking blue light is. Take a look at the way it keeps flashing persistently
and tell me what kind of technology you think this could be. Maybe together we can figure out who lives
here and their purpose. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. I’m currently doing a super poll on my Instagram,
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beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
we upload every Thursday and Sunday. 1. A YouTuber named Chris Lamb says that he was
alone when he shot this drone footage at Fort McLellan, Alabama, but the video says otherwise. You can clearly see that nobody is in the
background in the beginning . . . . . . but when Chris steadies the camera just
a moment later, you can see someone standing by the streetlamp. There’s not enough time for anyone to walk
out from behind a building, but yet here they are. Also, did you see how they seem to suddenly
disappear in plain sight? I don’t see any editing cuts, so I have
absolutely no idea how this dark silhouette managed to vanish like that. Look again and you can definitely see them
dematerialize. There’s nothing wide enough for them to
hide behind. They’re just gone. Let me know if you think Chris Lamb’s video
is paranormal, extraterrestrial, or otherwise.

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