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10X Social Proof With Your Facebook Ads – Facebook Advertising Tips And Strategies

10X Social Proof With Your Facebook Ads – Facebook Advertising Tips And Strategies

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and this video I want to show you how to get ten times the social proof on your Facebook ad so How’d it go through get more likes more comments about spending any more money on your Facebook advertising So yes, obviously you can go through and you can go boost the post and get more likes get more comments But I’m not talking about that I’m talking about how to go through and strategically Leverage and use that Facebook ad so that we can go through and Compile likes and comments from all the different ad sets that we’re going through and creating now The thing is is when we go through and we create multiple ad sets Like let’s say we’re creating a campaign and we want to get conversions We want to get leads on our landing page Right, and then if we go through we want to use that same ad but we duplicate the ad set What happens is Facebook actually? Duplicates that ad and so it’ll be the same exact ad, but it’ll it’ll create a completely new one it doesn’t carry anymore over of any of the likes and the comments so We don’t want this because like if somebody goes through and let’s say you’re targeting one ad set is targeting Let’s say Texas right another ad says targeting Florida or whatever It might be you know, obviously ad sets are targeting different audience types, whether its geographic location or interest or whatever. It might be If someone in Florida likes your post, okay Or they have a positive comment or something like that You want people in Texas to see that same exact thing right like or I mean? That’s probably a bad example because geographical location can kind of get iffy But let’s say you go going through you’re targeting different interests You want people to go through and see that there’s a lot of social proof That is the power of Facebook Advertising or I seen that other people besides us them are liking it they’re engaging with it and they’re connecting with your ads So what I just want to show you guys really quick This is not that long a video because it’s very simple and easy to do Let’s just come over here. Let’s click on this traffic demo page right here or this campaign So we’ve got this this is obviously just a demo and everything like that, but we’ve got this ad set right here We’re just gonna click to the ad level. Okay, so now once we’re here, we’re just going to come over here We’re gonna make sure this is checked right there. We’re gonna click on preview Okay, so this is going to pop up a little preview of the post or the ad or whatever you’re going trying to promote Now what I’m gonna do is click on this button right here click on that. It’s gonna say hey Facebook posts with comments Ok, so this is basically to pop it up on your newsfeed as if it’s you know, just a normal pulse right here Okay And so this is what this is a post is something that we’ve been Promoting right here for one of our webinars and this is Jason right here. He’s a loan officer You can see we’ve got 23 likes we’ve got some hearts and we’ve got even some comments and all this stuff So we want to be able to carry that over because like Richard right here. He’s got a great comment I’m a true believer it works, you know So we want everyone to be able to go through and see the social proof behind this net, right? we don’t want to go through and start completely from scratch with every single ad that we start over because that’s Naturally what Facebook does unfortunately, right. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this URL this ID Okay, so everything at the very end, okay, so it’s right here this long number and we’re just gonna copy this okay So once we copy that we come over here Back to the ad set level. Okay. So this one I just have it as like it’s it’s just super open We want to duplicate this Okay, so we would duplicate it It says, okay Do you want to do so like this is basically just creating a new ad set so we can target different People different audiences and we just want to use the original campaign. We’re gonna click duplicate right here and it’s gonna pop up and allow us to go through and change up the targeting so I’m gonna come in here and say Demo ad set number two, right? Okay, then we can come down and if we have like a custom audience Like maybe we want to go through on one of them We want to target people that have visit our website and another one we want to target People that we’ve uploaded as leaves or people have watched our videos or whatever. It might be, right Or we can come in here and say hey, I don’t want everyone in the United States I just want people and kind of like the example we’re showing before everyone in, Texas Right, so we come down here and we can pick the age group. Obviously go through do your custom targeting. It doesn’t really matter I mean this is not kind of the key part that we’re showing you right here and then we hit publish Okay, so now once we hit publish on this it’s gonna go through and because we duplicate it technically it would go through and Create a new ad that doesn’t have any lags any comments. Nothing on it’s completely from scratch Okay. So now what I want to do is I like I like to refresh guys the new Facebook guys manager. Sometimes I don’t I don’t love it It’s kind of a pain in the butt So I refresh it because it wasn’t popping up automatically like it used to Which I love the the way he used to work Now they’ve kind of compiled compiled the power editor with the new Facebook Ads manager not my favorite So we click on right here and then now what we could do is if we just go over here and hit edit and Remember how we grabbed this URL this ID? We just copy that and we could say hey use existing posts enter the post ID Paste it in right there. Okay, so instead of creating that we want to use use existing posts and your post ID hit submit Okay, you know I’ve got the target on Instagram this videos longer than 60 seconds. That’s why it’s giving us the air right there Look at this guy’s we carry over all 24 likes. We carry over the comments We carry over the shares and then we hit publish and we are set and ready to go So that is how you can go through and 10x is social proof With your facebook advertising with all of your ads your campaigns your ad sets everything that you’re setting up now I just went through and just yesterday I had some URL issues with my webinar registration page So I had to go through and reset all my campaigns all my ad sets everything which is a huge pain of but because I usually don’t like to work on Sundays, but I Had to get it back up and running so that we could get keep our business push it forward So anyway, what I did was go through and I had a bunch of look like audiences right now We cover that in a different video if you guys were like what the heck are looked like audiences I can go through and cover That drop a comment down below if you’re totally confused on that and I can explain that in another video But basically these look like audiences are like your your just your audiences. So instead of targeting people in texas or Florida Okay, I’ve got look like audiences of people who have bought our software program or people have bought another one or a program. So There’s all these different audiences and so instead of going through and targeting all these audiences and creating new blank ads started completely from scratch I want to go through and take those ads that already have bikes already had comments already had everything and Just kind of carry them over Like I have some ads that have almost 2,000 likes on those which that’s a lot of social proof right there like that is a ton where you know If somebody hits that sees that ad like wow hardly like almost 2,000 people have liked this They’re a lot more likely to go through and pay attention as opposed to you know an ad that has absolutely no likes no comments because then like Humans, just out of nature guys They don’t want to be the first one to take action. They’re kind of scared. They’re hesitant They’re like, whoa I don’t know and so that’s why I like all these little social proof things where you go to websites now You know like have a little thing to pop up at the bottom It’ll say like hey this person just bought five minutes ago or this person just bought ten minutes ago And then or if you’re liking a live event, and there’s a seller on stage They sell something and then one person runs the back It kind of triggers that up those other people to go through and run back to the back of the room to buy whatever they’re Selling right? Because like no one’s right in the back. You don’t want to be that awkward person like you’re running the back We’re like, let’s say, you know, you are in a live event or you’re in some room Someone’s like hey who here? Does this like who here? You know? Choose their food with their mouths open or something kind of weird. You don’t want to be that weird person like raising your hand So it’s the same thing with all this stuff guys. That is the point of Facebook That is the point of Instagram all these social networks and the social networks Advertising platforms if you can get that social proof unlike, you know Google banners You can’t really see how many people are clicking on those banners. You can’t see any of that other stuff And so this is huge guys. So this is a quick refresher. All you got to do is you hit preview on the ad You pull it up. So it just shows this look at this. It’s just showing this app And then this is the post ID right here. We just copy that come back over here We use use existing posts enter the post ID paste it in there submit hit publish and we are done We are good to go So anyway guys hopefully this video was helpful if it was give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys thought and if you guys are brand new here make sure you guys subscribe because we New videos every single week helping you generate more leads make more money and grow your business with that said guys I hope you have an amazing rest of the day and I will talk to you all soon

16 thoughts on “10X Social Proof With Your Facebook Ads – Facebook Advertising Tips And Strategies

  1. As I was implementing it, Fb indicated they could not edit the (duplicate) ad as the original was not active. I extended the duration of the original, but now the top right icon (with the arrow) does not offer the options shown on the video and which I had seen before. It could be because the original ad is still pending review/approval. —- UPDATE: Now that the ad extension has been approved, I still can't see the choices from the pull-down menu , but I have been able to just duplicate the original (extended) ad, change the custom audience and submit for approval. Now waiting for review. NOTE: it seems the new Ads Manager now forces the advertiser to click on "PUBLISH" after clicking on "Submit" for the ad to be even reviewed.

  2. Coolio another awesome video thanks I'll put this to good use I did not know this could be done.

  3. Hey Jason — appreciate your material!

    Question — I ran a fb ad — not post – and the ad had decent response (likes, comments, etc.)… and so wanted to use this Social Proof strategy to keep building on the momentum. This process outlined in this video doesn't seem to work anymore (at least not on 09/2018).. at least not for fb ads. Seems to be the right steps until the part of 'preview' and finding the dropdown 'fb posts with comments'. Because there's no preview of 'fb posts with comments', the url when copied and pasted in Ad Manager results in an error message.
    FB allows 'use existing post', but there's no 'use existing ad'. Am I missing something?

  4. Great video Jason. Quick question for you, can you leverage the same ad and social proof and change the campaign objective? For example start with engagement then change it to lead gen to start capturing leads once the social proof is built up? I would think this strategy would work extremely well, however i can't quite seem to figure out how to set it up? Also, I'm a loan officer, would love to chat with you in more detail about what you offer to sales professionals like myself.. courses, programs.. etc.

  5. Hi Jason,

    I tried following your instructions, however when i keyed in my ad ID, it states "This post can't be used for an ad because it doesn't exist on the Page you've chosen, or it was originally created on a personal profile. Please choose a different post and try again."

    Could you share whether am i doing it correctly?


  6. Hey,

    Cool Video.

    What other hints have you got?

    Right now I am looking at other good tip videos

    Cheers for your time

    Enjoy the day

  7. Thanks for this video Jason. I am just learning how powerful "social proof" is for leveraging ad performance. This really helps.

  8. Hi there,

    Amazing Video.

    What other hints have you got?

    Currently I am looking at other methods

    Look forward to your reply


  9. Thanks man! I have a question: can i change the post id of existing ads to combine social proof gathered from all of them? Will I have to make 10 new ad sets to start tracking the social proof together?

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