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107 Rick and Morty Season 4 Facts You Should Know | Channel Frederator

107 Rick and Morty Season 4 Facts You Should Know | Channel Frederator

– [Jacob] Season four of Rick
and Morty is finally here. Well, I mean half of it is at
the time of this recording. It’s been a while since
we’ve joined Rick and Morty on their adventures, so
to get you caught up, we’re giving you the
closest thing we can manage to interdimensional cable. – Look.
– [Jacob] With 107 facts about Rick and Morty season four. – Now I’m hooked. – [Jacob] Number one, the
season’s not even over yet, but you can expect a lot more of that Richard and
Mortimer down the line. Dan Harmon left his
own production company, Starburns Industries, just
to focus all of his efforts on Rick and Morty for the next few years. Number two, if you can believe it, Adult Swim didn’t
immediately renew the series when they could. It’s all because of heated
contract negotiations between the showrunners, Dan
Harmon and Justin Roiland, and Adult Swim’s parent
company, Turner Broadcasting. – Ha, idiots.
– [Jacob] Number three. See, Roiland and Harmon
wanted immortality, which is a pretty rad
term, but at the same time not nearly as cool as it
sounds in this context. Basically they wanted a guarantee that they’d have enough
seasons and enough funds to give Rick and Morty
their full attention. Neither wanted to feel
pressured to take side jobs. Number four, both Harmon and Roiland want to throw themselves at Rick and Morty because they obviously
love making the show. Harmon describes it as, “An infinite sandbox, the perfect show.” Number five, the first
episode of season three famously premiered completely unannounced on April Fool’s Day 2017. That was already three years ago. In 2018, Adult Swim followed
up with Bushworld Adventures, a very strange 10-minute
short inspired by the show that was written and directed by prominent YouTube
animator, Michael Cusack. Number six, Roiland was
a fan of Cusack’s works, like the shorts YOLO and
the Damo & Darren series and reached out to him
personally about the short. He told him that he could
do whatever he wanted. Number seven, shortly
after that, we got the news that everybody wanted on May 10th, 2018. Rick and Morty was renewed
for a staggering 70 episodes. For a show that’s only had 31 episodes so far, that’s unreal. That’s basically an eternity in TV time. And based on Rick and
Morty’s release schedule, that actually could be enough episodes to take us to the heat
death of the universe. Number eight, finally in May of 2019, Rick and Morty themselves
surprised everyone with an announcement that season four was legitimately coming
in November of that year. Number nine, when it comes to writing, it just so happens that Roiland and Harmon are excellent counterbalances
for one another. Roiland describes himself as
a free-associating idea man, if you can believe that, while Harmon is a notorious perfectionist. Number 10, Dan Harmon writes according to what he calls a story circle, which is essentially a simplified version of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. In Harmon’s circle, the character starts in a zone of comfort,
but then wants something and enters an unfamiliar
situation, which they adapt to. They get what they wanted, but they pay a heavy price for it. Then they return to their initial
situation, having changed. Number 11, Harmon also tends to start the path over and over again, meaning he’ll attack the first scene until he finds it perfect. Number 12, however, Harmon said that by the end of season three, he could finally objectively
measure the amount of early perfectionism
that actually makes it into the final cut. Turns out it’s way less
than he initially thought. Number 13, Roiland admits
that the show takes so long to make because everyone
on board is compelled to fix anything that might
be lagging in an episode. Even when an episodes
comes back in good shape, the crew will still cut and add things to elevate the episode. Number 14, with all that perfectionism, it’s no surprise that
the Rick and Morty crew isn’t blinded by hubris. They can tell perfectly
well when a certain episode is the weakest point of the seasons and they do everything
they can to help it along. Number 15, while there’s certainly a lot of difference between the two, there’s a lot of Harmon
in Rick’s character. Around season two, Roiland even started
accidentally calling him Rick, though knowing Justin
Roiland, which I don’t, I doubt he was doing it by accident. Number 16, Harmon breaks down the message of Rick and Morty as, “You’re gonna be tempted to believe “that being human is important “and that is going to
cause you to suffer.” Uplifting, just as we expected. Number 17, Roiland’s
favorite aspect of the show is exploring all the different
planets that Rick and Morty travel to and making unique,
crazy aliens for each one. He and Harmon joke that once
they run out of planet names, the show’s gonna end. Number 18, while the idea
of revisiting planets and certain characters isn’t banned, the Rick and Morty team
prefers to invent new places and keep pushing forward. They worry that bringing
back old favorites would just come across as
disingenuous fan service. Number 19, naturally, Rick
and Morty’s relationship is starting to evolve, or
maybe devolve is more fitting. Harmon and Roiland
acknowledge that season four is the point where Morty starts
pushing back a little more and becomes more disobedient because he’s seen all these sides of Rick. Number 20, with a
70-episode order to fill, don’t expect this ramp-up
to continue to the extreme. Harmon says this won’t be a linear thing where Morty kills Rick in his sleep and ends the show or anything like that. Number 21, in fact, Harmon and Roiland view
the show as Simpson-esque, meaning they don’t plan on
having the characters really age. Number 22, you can still look forward to some serialized content
in the show, though. Harmon characterized season
four as having serialized stuff we check in on now and then
that’s sprinkled over the top of strong episodic episodes. That seems true for the
series as a whole as well. Number 23, still, the pair
certainly doesn’t expect to run out of steam. Harmon comments that they’ve
always written Rick and Morty as if there would be 1000 episodes. Number 24, fans were initially
a little disappointed, as they tend to be, but
season four was revealed to have just 10 episodes. Harmon and Roiland see the show continuing with the previously established
10-episode season format. Number 25, Rick and Morty
merchandising started getting out of control after the show
exploded following season three. Roiland and Harmon were even approached about a Rick and Morty perfume, which was never actually made, thank God. I can only imagine what
that would’ve smelled like. Belches? Space? A plumbus? Number 26, in December of
2019, Pringles announced that they would be releasing
Pickle Rick flavored chips. Not pickle flavored, Pickle Rick flavored. Think about that for a second. Number 27, also in November of 2019, Adult Swim teamed up with
car rental group app Turo to bring you the Mortymobile, an actual car you can actually rent as it tours around the country that has a giant screaming
Morty on top of it, okay. Number 28, if you decide
to shell out the cash for the Mortymobile, the
proceeds go to a charity advancing women in technical fields. Okay, it’s less weird now that I know that it’s going to a good cause. Number 29, in the very
first scene of season four, the writers wanted to
be sure to demonstrate that the power dynamic of
the Smith family had shifted, namely that Beth was now
the head of the household, which of course puts a
sudden limiter on Rick. Number 30, if Edge of
Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat made you doubt it, Harmon affirms
that Rick can in fact die, just not by conventional means. Like vampires and
werewolves, there are methods one could use to kill Rick, but of course, that’s a secret Harmon’s
keeping close to the chest. Number 31, Morty’s plotline
in the episode was written to be a metaphor for a rather
deep existential dilemma. “If you’re playing it
safe your entire life, “are you ever actually living?” But in a true seemingly
paradoxical Rick and Morty fashion, that’s what causes him to mess around with crazy sci-fi
weapons in Rick’s garage. Number 32, Morty’s subplot eventually becomes an Akira-type situation and a news ticker even
refers to him as Akira Boy. Both are referencing Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic 1988 anime masterpiece, Akira. Number 33, the Akira
references go way deeper than just a few name drops, though. Both Morty and Akira’s
central troubled teen Tetsuo, or Tetsuo, if you’d like, develop crazy powers that they
use to overwhelm the military and yes, to those unfamiliar, that means that just
like with Link and Zelda, the name of the character
Morty’s mirroring is not in fact named Akira. That’s a common mistake, Jerry. Number 34, plus that end
scene where Morty morphs into that horrifying tree thing is definitely a nod to
Akira’s notable climax. Number 35, however, the
title of the episode actually comes from the 2014 sci-fi film, “Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat,” which was in turn based
on the light novel, “All You Need Is Kill,”
by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Number 36, of course Rick
and Morty is also famous for having ridiculous guest star cameos. In Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat, comedian-actress Sherri
Shepherd played the judge that Morty wins over
with his talk of Peru. You might recognize Shepherd from 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, or maybe you just like the
penguin in The Masked Singer. Number 37, Shepherd actually
double-dipped for the season. She also made a cameo as
Tony’s wife in episode two, The Old Man and the Seat, which yes, means she’s the one saying,
“Come poop with me.” number 38, Tony the
toilet-stealer was played by Jeffrey Wright, who
you may best recognize as Bernard, from HBO’s Westworld. Number 39, the entire plot of that episode came from further wanting
to explore Rick’s isolation, starting with the phenomenon
that isn’t all that uncommon, being a shy pooper. Number 40, the team all thinks of Tony as a genuinely good person. His attempt to reach out
to Rick in friendship and Rick’s rejection were
crafted to turn the story into one about Rick’s
capacity for friendship. Number 41, come to think of it, that was a super celebrity-packed episode. There was also Rick’s intern, Glootie, who was played by Taika Waititi, the Oscar-winning
writer/director/actor known for films like “What We Do in the Shadows, “Thor Ragnarok,” and “Jojo Rabbit.” Number 42, Glootie’s boss,
the Monogatron Leader is played by Sam Neill, who played Dr. Alan
Grant in “Jurassic Park.” A bit of a shame they didn’t
get him for Anatomy Park, but better late than never. Number 43, the Monogatron Queen is played by Kathleen Turner. She’s taken the lead in classics
like “Romancing the Stone,” but she’s also the semi-uncredited
voice of Jessica Rabbit. Number 44, in One Crew
Over the Coocrew’s Morty, Rick’s disdain for the heist
genre is on full display. That’s one of Rick’s qualities that is 100% based on Dan Harmon. In fact, Harmon encouraged Roiland to watch some heist movies just to point out how ridiculous they were and Roiland ended up totally agreeing. Number 45, however, you
may be relieved to know that the episode’s writer, Caitie Delaney, actually does enjoy heist movies, so it wasn’t entirely bred of cynicism. Number 46, and yes, that was actually Elon
Musk providing the voice for his tusked, cartoon
counterpart, Elon Tusk. Number 47, Elon Musk has long
been a huge fan of the show. He even engaged with the Rick
and Morty Twitter account after the season three finale
to compliment the episode and talk about singularities. Harmon quickly added that Musk was welcome on the show anytime. Number 48, Musk changed his Twitter name to Elon Tusk back in February of 2019. Considering his episode didn’t
premiere until November, you’d think that we would be confused by Elon Musk’s Twitter decisions, but he’s made far weirder Twitter posts, so this actually seemed
kind of normal for him. Number 49, everything’s
chummy with Elon Tusk, but Rick and Morty have a
famously bizarre relationship with Kanye West. It all started in May
2018, when Kanye tweeted that Rick and Morty was his favorite show and he’d seen every episode
at least five times. Number 50, things escalated
when in June of 2018 Roiland recruited his friends Chaos Chaos to record a very strange
and wonderful birthday song for Kanye featuring Rick doing
things to Kanye in his sleep. Number 51, the ultimate
unexpected turn came when Harmon and Roiland not just offered
Kanye a guest appearance, but his own episode. Nothing’s come of the offer
yet due to scheduling, but both parties are
serious about collaborating. Number 52, Daniel Radcliffe
also has an open invitation to come on the show, do
a voice and just hang out in the writer’s room. Apparently he’s also a huge fan. Whatever, anyway, back to people who have actually appeared on the show. Number 53, the talking cat from Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Unit, was voiced by Matthew Broderick. Broderick finally returns to felines after voicing Simba in the OG “Lion King.” Adult Simba, not child Simba. But he’s been in a ton of stuff. “Ferris Bueller,” “The Producers.” Number 54, according to Harmon, the cat represents the voice
in the writer’s room who says, “You’re overthinking it. “Just have fun.” They took a cue from Disney
films like “Oliver and Company,” where no one ever bothers to explain why the animals can talk. Number 55, obviously
Morty’s dragon, Balthromar, had to be voiced by somebody
from Game of Thrones, so they got Liam Cunningham, better known as Sir Davos Seaworth. Number 56, there will
be more celebrity guests in the second half of season four, but we’ll just have to
guess about who they are. The first half of season four finished just before the holidays, promising that the rest
would return in 2020. Nice and precise return date as usual. Number 57, we do know that somewhere in these next five episodes
we finally get Paul Giamatti. That’s all we got. Number 58, Anthony Chun, the
director of Claw and Hoarder, points out that eroticism in a way is the path to defeat the patriarch, at least in the episode. But also maybe not just in
the episode in their view. Number 59, we mentioned earlier that the Rick and Morty crew
can spot the worst episode, which means they also
have their favorites. Rattlestar Ricklactica
was Roiland’s favorite, at least of the first five of season four. Number 60, Roiland and Harmon
have said multiple times that despite Rick having a
box labeled Time Travel Stuff, they wouldn’t do a time travel episode. Obviously they caved for
Rattlestar Ricklactica, but like, did they? Number 61, actually the
idea behind the episode had been around since season three, but they had trouble cracking
the episode back then. But it was always going to start with getting a flat tire in space and a snake in an astronaut suit. Number 62, the team was able
to flesh the premise out and do a full episode once they gave it a time travel “Terminator” twist. They figured that diving
into a society of snakes was also pretty dumb,
so why not also give it the dumbest possible
plot device, time travel? Number 63, as Morty’s
dying of snake venom, Rick jokes that he looks
like a 90s Japanese ghost. That’s a callback to horror
films like “The Ring,” the original one, “Ringu,” or “The Grudge,” the
original one, “Ju-On,” which came out in 1998 and 2002
respectively, but whatever. Morty’s not that pale, but
we understood that reference. Number 64, in 1985 in snake
world, there’s a poster for the snake version
of “Back to the Future.” Not only is that a fun reference to make during a time travel episode, but if you recall, Rick
and Morty began life as Doc and Marti, a spoof
on “Back to the Future.” Number 65, although the episode was largely filled with hissing snakes, Keegan-Michael Key returned
on Rattlestar Ricklactica to reprise his role as
the Time Cop Shleemypants. Number 64, perhaps not surprisingly, the voice actors of the
show don’t record together. It’s just one at a time, and usually Roiland and
the writer of the episode will be present to direct. Roiland is also obviously there when he’s recording his own lines. Number 67, when voicing Summer, Spencer Grammar based her character off a particular badass
accomplished friend of hers. Summer is a not-yet successful teenager, so Grammar imagined her friend was nerdy and was still trying to
find herself as a woman. Number 68, Grammer says
that Summer’s character in a script will change a little bit after a Dan Harmon pass. Namely she’ll get more
intention behind what she does. Number 69, the 2019 Adult
Swim festival featured an exclusive advanced screening
of the season four premiere, which at the time was a pretty big deal. It was obviously highly anticipated. Number 70, meanwhile, Roiland
has a ton of things happening outside of Rick and Morty. He’s teaming up with the executive
producers of Robot Chicken for a short-form claymation
show called Gloop World, which will be available on
the streaming service Quibi. Number 71, Gloop World isn’t some spur-of-the-moment idea, either. It’s a show that Roiland has been trying to make for seven years. He describes it as a
tactile clay animation show with a mysterious, weird
and expansive world and really fun characters,
fingerprints and all. Number 72, additionally, Roiland and Rick and Morty
writer-producer Mike McMahan have a two-season contract
with Hulu for a comedy about an alien family moving to Earth called Solar Opposites. The first season will premiere
on May 8th of this year by the latest reports. Number 73, by the way, McMahan
is also working on helming an animated Star Trek
series for CBS All Access called Star Trek: Lower Decks. It’s a perfect fit for him. McMahan’s cat is named after
the Star Trek character, Riker, and his son is named Sagan
after Carl Sagan of course. Number 74, Roiland and his
video game company Squanch Games have also made use of
the time between seasons. On February 6th of 2018,
they released Accounting, a virtual reality game
about being an accountant and nothing else. Nope, no additional content
or deep rabbit holes or Easter eggs to dive
down here whatsoever. Number 75, only five months
after the release of Accounting, Squanch Games released
yet another VR game, Dr. Splorchy Presents Space Heroes. It’s a simpler, mobile experience that went on sale for just $5. Number 76, Squanch Games
returned to high-end VR in 2019 with their biggest release yet, the full-length game
Trover Saves the Universe. The game’s been described as an extended Rick and Morty
episode with new characters, so if you’re watching this
video, you’ll probably like it. Number 77, unlike the other games, Trover Saves the Universe is additionally available
in a non-VR format. You can even get it for
the Nintendo Switch. Number 78, Harmon and
Roiland have assured fans that long waits are a thing of the past. In other words, the gap
between seasons three and four will be the longest gap between
Rick and Morty seasons ever, I say, incredibly skeptically. Number 79, unfortunately a
number of fans didn’t take to that wait so well. Both Roiland and Harmon,
especially Harmon, were harassed on Twitter
by impatient angry fans. To an extremely not okay extent. Number 80, the fan base for Rick and Morty grew significantly during season three. By the end of it, Rick and Morty was the most popular TV comedy
among millennials, period. Number 81, but before the renewal, fans got the spotlight in news
stories across the country. On October 7th of 2017, McDonald’s did a special one-day release of the Szechuan Sauce
Rick famously pined for in the season three premiere. Number 82, it was a fun idea, but the release didn’t go as planned. McDonald’s dramatically
underestimated the demand for the Szechaun Sauce and
locations quickly ran out or never got any at all, cries in Canada. Number 83, the result was chaos and anger. At one McDonald’s, 1000 fans camped out for what turned out to be 70 sauces. The crowd began angrily
chanting, “We want sauce.” In another location, a
guy stood on the counter and screamed at the fry cooks. I’m sure you’ve seen the video by now. There were basically riots. Number 84, some people were able to make a quick buck off
the whole situation though. The next day, packets of
Szechuan Sauce appeared on eBay running between $60 and $1000. Number 85, one leftover packet
of Szechuan Sauce from 1998 was being bid on for upwards
of $99000 in early 2017. Number 86, anyway, the
response was so intense that McDonald’s promised
to release the sauce again and for a longer time
the following winter. They had 20 million packets
in tow the next time, so no riots and there was much rejoicing. Number 87, the vocal part of the fan base took up a new cause after
the Szechuan Sauce debacle. Harassing season three’s two
new female writers online and blaming them for what they felt was a decline in Rick and Morty’s quality. And yet, Jessica Gao
wrote Pickle Rick, so … Number 88, Harmon and Roiland
both of course denounced this kind of behavior. Harmon was additionally
concerned that once the title of your show becomes a way
of describing a demographic, that is toxic. But to be fair, you have
to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty, as has been mentioned in the comments of the many Rick and Morty
cartoon conspiracies we’ve done. Number 89, in fact, the
fascist Morty who demands at gun point that he and
Rick go on classic adventures free of politics in the
season four premiere is in all likelihood a not-so-subtle dig to this contingent of
Rick and Morty’s fan base. Number 90, thankfully, Rick
and Morty has more going for it than just fan drama. Notably, the show released a soundtrack through Sub Pop Records
on September 28th, 2018. Number 91, in addition to
classics by the show’s composer, Ryan Elder, the soundtrack
includes songs from the show by Chaos Chaos, Blonde
Redhead, Mazzy Star and more. There are also new songs by
clipping and Chad VanGaalen. Number 92, mega fans can
also buy a deluxe vinyl set, which includes a fancy
green-colored vinyl, as well as a poster, patch, sticker, bonus single and cassette. All you’re missing is an 8-track to round out the obsolete
media cornucopia. Number 93, one of the most
infamous songs on the soundtrack is the Roiland/Chaos Chaos
collaboration “Terryfolds.” When it was initially
released in September of 2017, it charted on the Billboard
Top Rock Songs at number 33. Number 94, getting on
Rick and Morty also caused a huge spike for Blonde
Redhead’s “For the Damaged Coda.” You might know it better
as that Evil Morty song. In fact, when the song
reemerged in the show during season three, it reached number 15 on Billboard’s rock chart 17 years after it was initially released, and I’ve listened to it on
Spotify no less than 4000 times. Number 95, bands like Blonde Redhead and Mazzy Star show up in Rick and Morty by Harmon and Roiland’s personal requests. They both love 90s shoegaze. Number 96, Elder’s main
influence for the show’s iconic theme song was a mix of a
few surprising sci-fi shows. There’s Doctor Who of
course, but also Fascape and Invader Zim, and
now that I’ve said that, I can really hear the
Invader Zim inspiration. Number 97, actually Elder’s theme was originally written for Dog World, a completely different Roiland show that never made it to air. The song was just a
placeholder for Rick and Morty, but the entire team fell in love with it. Number 98, one of the most memorable songs from the show is “Goodbye Moonmen,” which is sung by Flight of the
Conchord’s Jemaine Clement. The team only had 20 minutes
to get Clement’s vocals on the song after he’d recorded
all of his lines for Fart, but Clement’s such a pro that Elder just used his first take. Number 99, Elder gets a ton of free agency on Rick and Morty, much more than a composer
gets on the average show. Most shows dictate where
they want the music to go, but Elder largely gets to
make that decision himself, then he tweaks everything in collaboration with Harmon and Roiland
after his first pass. Number 100, since Roiland actually has a background as a musician, he tends to be the one who
gives more notes to Elder. Roiland often wants to
experiment with the music, but Harmon is more of a,
“This doesn’t work,” type when it comes to that kind of stuff. Number 101, both Harmon
and Roiland make a ton of cameos in the show’s music. To attempt to make Harmon’s job on the song “Fathers
and Daughters” easier, Elder placed in a few “doo doo’s” as a placeholder backing vocal, but Harmon took the “doo doo’s”
very seriously to the point where the song is now colloquially
known as “Doo Doo Butt.” Number 102, the centerpiece
of the inaugural Adult Swim Festival in 2018 was the Rick and Morty
Musical Ricksperience. Ryan Elder led a 37-person
orchestra at a live score of the season three episode
The Rickshank Rickdemption. Number 103, this marks the
first time that Elder’s music for the show was played by
a group of actual humans. Composition can be a very solitary process and when composing the score, Elder brings in a live
musician only occasionally to fill in the blanks. Number 104, Elder and
tons of other composers typically write with the help of samplers and recordings of real instruments. However, a few songs
like “Goodbye Moonmen” were recorded with a live band. Number 105, several of the
songs from the soundtrack were also performed as
part of the Ricksperience, featuring a few special guests. Rappers Open Mike Eagle and Father fronted a
performance of “Get Schwifty,” and Bob’s Burger’s John Roberts
helped out on “Terryfolds.” number 106, season four
isn’t even done yet, but you’re probably asking,
“What about season five?” Actually, months before
season four even aired, the Rick and Morty team
had already begun work on the show’s fifth season. And fact number 107, rolling
right into the fifth season while the fourth was still wrapping up was a very deliberate move
for Roiland and Harmon. They want to force themselves to commit to a quicker schedule
under the new contract, though for now we do still have to wait before we can enjoy the
rest of season four. But at least we can know
that season five is coming, and if you can’t wait for the next video on Channel Frederator, then make sure to subscribe,
hit the bell icon. You know all the stuff. I’ve been your host, Jacob. Thanks for watching and of
course, Frederator loves you.

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  8. GUYS! You know the guitar guy from steaks that helped Teen Marcie? He has a statue in Minerva's town! It's season 8 episode 25 at 1:47. Please like and copy and paste this so he can see it and make a theory! (What if he was one of the founders? My discord is IfYou'reBelowMeYou'reANoob#9098! I have screenshots, please like so they can see!

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    If you can share some information related to the McDonalds/sauce incident and possibly create a YouTube video, there could be a great opportunity for us.

    Please reach out to me at [email protected]

  20. 10 facts about Szechuan sauce which has nothing to do with season 4 of Rick and Morty. Two thirds of this video has nothing to do with season 4. I’m disappointed.

  21. Rick and Morty is a more adult version of Futurama, sadly Futurama got axed by fox and likely won’t see any good news under Disney

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