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(all yell) – You challenged me to fill this pool with 10,000 pounds of slime. So right, now I’m gonna need some help. (guests cheer)
(air horns bellow) – What’s up? Let’s go! Oh my God! – Whoa! (guests laughs) – All right guys, let’s do this. – It’s so much slime! Oh my gosh, are you okay? – Are you okay?
– Oh my gosh! Instead of dumping each packet of slime individually into the pool, we filled up these buckets right here with a ton of the powder, and stick around till the very end because we will fully submerge ourselves in the slime at the end of the video. But right now, let’s make the slime. (children cheering) (heavy electronic music) We gotta put this back. This is so much slime. (laughs) Safety is a number one priority, clearly. Oops. (all laugh) I have a better idea. Oh my gosh, it looks crazy. – [Devan] Whoa. (tropical music) – All right, so I’m going to go for like the side to side technique, just like, eh, eh. Hey, that actually worked. – [Devan] Oh, that’s working. – Oh, I have an idea. Let me go around the circumference of it. Kind of like… (laughs) Yeah. (glass clatters) (all laugh) – [Christian] Kind of
like went in my mouth. – You guys want to hop in right now and start, like, mixing it around? How’s it feel? Whoa, be careful, be careful,
be careful, be careful, bro! Are you guys good? – It’s like walking in a– – Oh!
– It’s like a bowling alley. – Yeah.
– It is like a bowling alley. – Are you good?
– Are y’all good? Someone’s about to,
like, take a nose dive. – We’re so gonna fall in this. – How does it feel? – [Christian] Whoa, there’s like– – What does it feel like? – Guys, look, guys, look. – What?
– There’s more at the bottom. – [Collins] Oh my gosh. Oh, that looks so cool. – [Christian] That is so awesome. – [Collins] Dude, it looks just like it. (shouts) – You guys okay? – I’m good. Look, look, look. – [Group] Whoa. – Wait. No, and it’s not even ready yet. – What is this? – [Devan] Yo. – It’s still powdery.
– It’s still dry in the middle. – Did you find clumps? – [Devan] Yeah. – I’m like constantly falling over. – [Devan] Yo, this is– – Ew, it feels so gross. There’s like seaweed or
something at the, ew. (cheerful music) – [Christian] Whoa,
no, no, no, no, no, no. – Whoa!
– I’m sorry. – All right guys, well,
we are about to all jump into the pool of slime right now and just kind of go crazy
and play around with it. But first, we have a challenge for you. (all laugh) We want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel. Turn on the channel post notifications and give this video a big
thumbs up in seven seconds. Here we go, seven
– [Group] seven six, five, four, three, two, one, done. – If you can do that, comment down below, Keyper Squad, right now. – Dude, I feel like an ice skater. I’m like woo! (Ava laughs) – Here we go, everyone hop in, go. (all shout) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay! (Collins shrieks) – Oh no! Oh! Dude, this looks so cool.
– That is so weird. – It’s so warm. – [Collins] This looks so nice. – It’s so weird. – I love pushups, yeah, oh yeah. – Oh no. Dude, you’re spilling half of it again. – I’m sorry. – [Devan] Oh no, oh no. – I can’t get up, I can’t get up.
– You wouldn’t give me a hug. – I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up. (all scream) – [All] Slime. – Oh my gosh, are you okay? Oh my gosh. (Collins laughs) Bro! – I can’t hear. – I can’t (laughs). – [Collins] No, bro, are you alright? – [Devan] Yo, look at his hair grease. (Ava laughs) – That’s a good look, bro. All right, I want you to think I’m blowing a bubble with it, nope. To kick it off, we’re gonna try riding
boogie boards on slime. And this was suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the Week, Tori. If you want to be featured as the Instagram Keyper of the Week, check the description down
below to find out how. – Let me do a practice round. – [Collins] Practice round? – Okay, I got this. – You should have a running start, dude. – I should just do it there. – You gotta get a running start. Devan, just know the duck believes in you. – [All] Three, two, one, go. (all scream) – [Collins] He did it! (all scream) (all cheer) I’m gonna take this to
the next level, though. I’m gonna see if I can
take the boogie board and jump on it into it. All right, here we go. – [All] Three, two, one. (all scream) (all laugh) – We lost half of it.
– Oh my gosh! (all scream) (all laugh) – This gets so slippery. – Dude, this is so slippery. – Next up, we are doing a
basketball dunk competition. – Yes!
– It’s about to get lit. So Bella’s going to hold up the basket, and then one by one, we’re
gonna do our best dunk into it and see who wins. – Oh God. (Collins laughs) – Oh no!
– Slimed! – [Devan] Yo, that works. – Devan, grab my arms
and pull me your way. – You’re pulling me. – Everyone gets one attempt and you guys decide in
the comments who won. Ava goes first. Go for it, three, two, one, go. That’s not a dunk!
– That’s not a dunk! – (laughs) That wasn’t a dunk. Immediate disqualification! All right, well, we
broke the board, so yeah! – I’m gonna do it. – All right, Christian. Go for it, bro!
– Go for it! (all laugh) – He missed. Another disqualification. So far, all Devan has
to do is just dunk it. – All right, you ready? – Yep, go. – [All] Oh! – Yeah. – [Collins] All right. – Dude, I have a bug stuck to me. – [Collins] Are you good, bro? – No, it’s stuck to me. What do I do? – Here we go, the final dunk. Three, two, one. (Collins shrieks) (all yell) (Collins shrieks) (all yell) Did I get it? – You got it! (Collins cheers) Yeah. (somber music) – Bro! – All right, guys, you comment down below who won the dunk contest, and now we’re on to the next challenge. (blows raspberry) Oh gosh, it’s in my mouth. – Yeah I know, that’s what happened to me. (Collins shrieks) – Next up guys, we are doing
the yoga challenge in slime. So first pose right now. Om.
(all laugh) – I got it, I nailed it. I nailed it, I nailed it. Woo! – That was impressive, all right. – I can’t. I don’t have ground–
– I cannot do that. – [Collins] All right, here we go. (Collins laughs) Bella. – [Devan] Oh no. – Next pose guys. It’s called the Sleeping Lotus. – What?
– Where you hold one leg out in front of you, and then you sleep. – [Devan] What? – I nailed the pose. (all laugh) I’m doing the splits. (Collins shrieks) – [Devan] I got it. – Here we go.
– Yo, did you see my– – Oh! Where did Bella, Bella. I’m gonna go like this. – What, no, there’s no way. – Here we go. Give me your hands. – There’s no way.
– I got this, bro. – There’s no way! – Here we go, you ready? – You have to be fully submerged. – I am. Let’s go, three, two– – You have to go like, yeah. – I’m ready one, go. (triumphant music) My ear, the right ear! (Ava yells) All right, guys. – Dude, no, no, get the slime! – Yo, there’s, like, slime in my pants. All right. Next up is a tug-of-war battle and this side, I guess, it’s Ava and I versus Devan, Christian, and Bella. – All right, let’s get it. – How this works, whichever team goes down
first, they are the losers, and they have to get blasted in the face with a squirt gun filled of slime. – [All] What? – Here we go. We’re going in three, two, one, go. – No, that doesn’t count. It doesn’t count, it doesn’t count, no. – Yes! Yes! – No, no.
– Yes, yes. – [Christian] It’s Collins with the lead. – I can’t do anything. I can’t do anything. – That was so close. Yes, now just Bella’s left. (Collins and Ava cheer) That was underdog, a
true underdog victory. – [Christian] I’m sorry guys, I’m sorry. – Let’s get the squirt guns. All right, so we’re
gonna hop out of the pool and then squirt them
from outside the pool, ’cause victory! – But how long, though? I can only take so much. – I’m trying to get all this off of me. – I got you, I got you. – [Collins] All right, here we go. I’m gonna fill it up. – I got you (screams).
– Oh my gosh, it’s working. – No, that’s not a good sign. That’s not a good sign! – Here we go, three, two, one. (defeated music) No, no, it doesn’t come out. (cheers) I need to try it again,
I need to try it again. – Yes. Woo-hoo. – (laughs) You know, forget this. (Isabella screams) – It’s not going anywhere. (Collins shrieks) – Oopsy! – Get away, get away! Ava’s a maniac (screams) – Oh jeez!
– Oh no! – Get his hair, get his hair. Coming for Devan’s hair. I got Ava, I’m sorry. (all laugh) Oh my gosh. Well. – My stomach is hurting. I’m laughing so hard. – All right, guys, I think we
go on to the next challenge. (Christian shrieks) I’m sorry, bro. – Ah, it touched my mouth. (blows raspberry) – Guys, guys, guys, look.
– What? – Look how much slime is in my hair. – [All] Whoa. – That is so gross. What does it feel like, though? Is it, like, just super – It’s soft. It’s like smooth
– Wait, hold on. – I wonder if it’s good for your hair. – I can’t even feel your hair. Like, I can’t feel the individual strands. – It’s like a string of the slime. – Yeah, it’s like a giant string of slime. – Oh, that is awesome. What? – For this final part here, we are going to be doing
a King of the Hill battle on this massive duck right here, and so, at the end of 30 seconds, whoever is still left on the duck, if I can even get it in here, they win the battle, all right? But before we do this, if you wanna be featured in the next video, comment down below how many pounds of Orbeez
should we fill the pool with? And right now, here we go. – Is it gone or what?
– Three, two, one. – Go!
– No! – Oh my gosh. Get the duck, get the duck. (Devan and Collins laugh) – [Devan] I want it, mine! I’ve got this! – Yes, yes! – [Collins] I love you, Ducky. I got you by the head. (Collins screams) (all scream) – What time is it! What time is it! – Three, two, one. No. No! Well. – Woo! – Christian, don’t put it back, no. (Christian yells) – All right, guys, (Devan grunts) All right, guys, thank
you so much for watching and right now, time to submerge ourselves. Three, two, one, bye.
– What, wait. (Collins shrieks) – This is terrible. I can’t see anything. – I can’t see.
– I can’t see. (all shout) – It’s in my mouth, it’s in my mouth. (all scream) – All right. – [All] Bye. (blows raspberry) – What’s with my life? I’ve done this five times!

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