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100 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Business with No Money

100 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Business with No Money

– Hey, everybody. This is Roberto Blake of robertoblake.com, helping you create
something awesome today. So, today, we’re going
to talk about something. I wrote an article on Medium
called, “One Hundred Ways,” “One Hundred Plus Ways To
Market Yourself With No Money.” What you guys may not
know is that even today, when I’m at about roughly
90,000 subscribers on YouTube, have built a successful personal brand, have started public speaking, that I don’t buy Facebook ads, I don’t pay to promote videos in YouTube. Aside from experiments that I
did for Facebook boosted posts to be able to talk to clients about it, I don’t really do much
in advertising budget. I spend a little bit in
marketing and it’s called, “The Always Be Creating and Create “Awesome Shirts and Merchandise.” It’s called “Traveling to Conferences”, it’s things like that. For the longest time, I’ve been marketing myself and my business with a budget of close to zero. Right now, my biggest marketing expense is probably maintaining my
email list with MailChimp. Real talk? There are plenty of
ways to market yourself with zero dollars, and we’re going to get into a few of them. If you want the one hundred
ways to market yourself with no budget or pretty close to it, then you need to click the
link in the description below. I’ll also have some stuff
if you guys want to sign up for my email list that
is extremely helpful that I did not cover in that article. Assuming you have zero
dollars to market yourself or your small business, or your personal brand or whatever, but to at least have a
laptop or a smartphone, there’s a ton of stuff that you can do. For one thing, obviously you can take
advantage of social media. There is a lot of ways to
market and promote yourself in Twitter, in Facebook, in Instagram and even YouTube with little more than a
smartphone or a laptop and it’s not that difficult. If you at least have a smartphone, for zero dollars, the audio won’t be great, but you can start a podcast right now and just use your
smartphone as a recorder. You could start a YouTube channel and start video marketing yourself. You just flip your
camera sideways like this and go ahead and start
marketing yourself in YouTube, and just do as little editing as possible using the free YouTube editor or any free apps in
your iPhone like iMovie, if you have them, or any of the free stuff for Android. You could even use Adobe Premier Clip, which is one of the great Adobe
mobile apps that are free. If you want to do some
awesome Instagram marketing, you could use free tools
like Word Swag or Adobe Post and those are ways that you can market yourself in Instagram, build a following. There are plenty of people
doing that and it’s awesome. You can either put motivational
content in the Instagram, or you could put snapshots of yourself traveling or products, or you could even do Instagram
videos really quickly as long as they’re under 15 seconds. That’s a lot of opportunity. You can market yourself in Snapchat. You could do Periscope
and you can go ahead and you could market in Periscope. Periscope is actually
where I’m getting most of my consulting clients right now. I’m doing live streams in
Periscope and Facebook Live, and that is translating
to people who want me to help give them an action plan, to market their small business, or build their personal brand, or tips with working on
their YouTube channel, or building out something. These things are translating
to paying clients for me, people. Again, Periscope is a free platform and I think we’re in March right now, for January and February
before I start doing a bunch of travel in March, I’ve probably converted
maybe $4,000 in new business just off of doing Periscope live streams. Real talk, real numbers. That’s what I did. I’m so excited about this video, I’m so amped up about this because there are legitimate ways for you guys to use free
platforms online and access, and make real money, and grow your business and get yourself out there. Ultimately, you guys know that YouTube
is my largest platform. Aside from the investment
that I did in hardware, that was totally free. If I didn’t have the money
to invest in hardware, smartphone technology is so awesome that I could’ve used this
and the $20 lapel mic that I’ve been using with
the DSLR up until now and that would’ve been enough. I think that that’s amazing
and it’s a great opportunity. There are plenty of people
that have broken out and used Periscope to do
exactly what I did with YouTube, but that was their platform of choice. Zach Spuckler is a primary
example and he’s been doing that. There are people doing free webinars using different platforms. These are all things you can do. Now, if technology is not your game, you still have plenty of things you can do to market yourself for
free and make money. You can actually start doing free events at your local library and hosting them, and just giving out good information. That could get you qualified leads or at least put you out there
in your local community. You could actually go to
local networking events that are free, business mixers, and you can start shaking hands, handing out your phone number, getting people’s contact information and making real contacts that could hire you to
do something for them. Heck, you could call the ten
people that you talked to last on the phone and you could ask them for
referrals for your business and see if there’s anybody they know. If they’ve got a cousin, a brother, a mom or dad that can use your services, guess what? You can go ahead and go for that ask and you don’t even have to
go to the internet for that. There are plenty of
ways to market yourself, get yourself out there
and grow your business, even if you have little
or no money to invest. Again, I cover a lot of
those in the article, in the link in the description, over 100 different ways you can do that, and even more, if you sign up for the free email list. Again, that’s an example
of email marketing. If you wanted to do that for free, you could sign up for free for MailChimp up to 2,000 subscribers. This isn’t a plug for them officially, I’m just telling you, it’s a free way to do email marketing, start growing your business and start monetizing your list. I would take advantage of
that right now if I were you. Me, I do the paid version. I actually am making some money online that allows me to have
the luxury of doing that and having a marketing budget. If I didn’t, that’s exactly what I would’ve done. Anyway, I hope these tips helped you and you understand there
are literally hundreds upon hundreds of ways that
you can market yourself, both in the real world
and online for free, and I want to help you
take advantage of that. Make sure you’re using the resource links in the description below. Anyway, like this video if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
content on the channel. As always, you guys, thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget, create something awesome today.

100 thoughts on “100 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Business with No Money

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  5. Facebook ads really don't render any results from my experience. It really depends on the type of business, but if you want people to give your picture or business post a lot of likes, go the FB ad route, lol.

  6. ROBERTO!!! I I save your stuff ages ago and lost you…so glad to have found you again. Best of this kind of stuff on the web!! Cheers mate.

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  25. Always be creating,
    market yourself in experiments only!!,
    people wants experiments and verification and validation for (not who you are) but what you got for them (product or services testing and exemplifying)

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