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10 Weird Facts About Orgasms

10 Weird Facts About Orgasms

10 Weird Facts About Orgasms Script 10) Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) This rare disorder leaves some women in a
constant state of arousal, leading to over 100 orgasms every day. Triggers are often sudden and unpredictable,
and while orgasm provides temporary relief, arousal returns shortly after, preventing
concentration on day-to-day tasks. 47-year-old Kim Ramsey, who suffers from the
condition, gained exposure recently for speaking out about PGAD. She stated that her orgasms
are often triggered by the slightest of movements, such as standing near loud vibrating speakers
or wearing stilettos. Source: The Guardian 9) Medical Orgasms In the 19th century 75% of women were plagued
with an illness that caused anxiety and irritability. The supposed illness was formally recognized
as hysteria, but today would simply be diagnosed as sexual frustration. Because female sexual arousal was condemned
in Victorian society, the condition was deemed medical rather than sexual, and so patients
could seek treatment. This involved medical professionals giving
patients a manual genital massage until they reached orgasm. Many doctors complained that it was a laborious
and time-consuming procedure, and so the vibrator was invented as a form of self-medication. Source: Huffington Post 8) Orgasms Are Painkillers During orgasm, the brain is flooded with endorphins,
which are powerful painkillers. Research led by Stefan Evers, a German neurologist,
investigated whether sexual activity helps in relieving pain. He sent a questionnaire to hundreds of migraine
sufferers, and told them to record their migraine pain level after orgasm. Of the candidates who responded, 60% said
their pain was relieved after intercourse. It was also found that a female’s pain threshold
can increase by up to 107% after orgasm. Source: Telegraph 7) No Genitals Needed Climaxing is most commonly achieved through
genital stimulation during sex. However, sexologists have identified less
conventional triggers of orgasms. In some cases, the brain is able to retrain
the nervous system to transfer orgasm trigger spots to different areas of the body. This
is particularly common in spine injury patients, and in 2004 a quadriplegic man was able to
climax from just sucking his thumb. In the 1950s, a woman was found capable of
reaching orgasm every time she had her eyebrows stroked, and in 2003 a 41-year-old woman sought
medical attention after she fell into a consistent pattern of climaxing every time she brushed
her teeth. Source: Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science
and Sex, Mary Roach 6) Prostate Cancer Research carried out by Harvard Medical School
has shown that frequent orgasm in men reduces their chances of developing prostate cancer. Those who ejaculate over 21 times a month
have a 22% lower risk of getting the disease. It is thought that cleaning out sperm helps
prevent the build up of older cells that are more likely to turn cancerous. It has also
been found that reaching orgasm more than three times a week decreases risk of heart
attack and stroke by 50%. Source: ABC News 5) Upsuck Theory In the 1900s gynecologists believed that the
female orgasm was a pre-requisite for pregnancy, and that the orgasmic contractions served
to suck the semen up through the cervix and to the egg. Research conducted in the 1950s found that
this was not true, however, the theory is still used in pig farming. The Danish National
Committee for Pig Production found that sexually stimulating a sow while artificially inseminating
her will see a 6% increase in the farrowing rate. It is therefore common practice for Danish
farmers to mimic the movements of a boar by mounting the sows and rubbing their mammaries,
before artificially inseminating them. Source: Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science
and Sex, Mary Roach 4) Yogasm According to a study by Indiana University,
20% of women have experienced an orgasm while practicing yoga. The phenomenon is most often achieved during
Kundalini [koon-da-lee-nee], a form of deep, meditative yoga designed to lead to spiritual
awakening. Rather than a genital climax, the women claim to experience a full body orgasm. Barbara Carrellas has been teaching others
to yogasm for three decades, and states that this full body orgasm can be achieved through
a series of techniques focusing on deep and rapid breathing. Source: The Telegraph, Indiana University 3) Furthest Traveled Ejaculation In the 1940s some scientists believed that
the force at which semen is thrust against the cervix was a factor in fertility success. Renowned sexologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who
doubted the theory, investigated the matter. He selected three hundred men and, using a
measuring tape, calculated the distance that their ejaculation traveled. The ejaculation of three quarters of the men
merely dribbled. However, one man’s semen landed just short of 2.5 metres. Since then, people have competed for the Guinness
World Record for furthest ejaculation – the female record of which is a staggering 3 metres. Source: Sexual Behavior in the Human Female,
Alfred Charles Kinsey, Institute for Sex Research 2) Uncontrollable sneezing Some people suffer from a strange condition
that leaves them in a fit of uncontrollable sneezes during and after having an orgasm. The first full investigation into the condition
was conducted by Dr. Mahmood Bhutta and Dr. Harold Maxwell in 2008. They found the condition
to be a genetic flaw, which causes the nerves controlling sneezing and orgasms to become
muddled. Everyone has erectile tissue in their nose,
but for those with the condition, when they are aroused, the blood in their nasal erectile
tissue also becomes engorged, triggering the sneezing. Source: BBC, The Guardian 1) Orgasm when Brain Dead When a brain-dead person is being kept alive
by a respirator, their nerves remain oxygenated. If you stimulate the right spot, the Lazarus
reflex can be triggered, causing a brain-dead person to raise their arms to their chest. The point of origin for the orgasm is called
the sacral nerve root, found along the spine, and if triggered it will stimulate an orgasm. Stephanie Mann, a brain death expert, has
stated that since the Lazarus reflex can be triggered in a brain-dead person, it is perfectly
plausible that an orgasm can also be triggered. Source: Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science
and Sex, Mary Roach.

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