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10 Websites To Make $100 Per Day In 2019 Anywhere In The World

10 Websites To Make $100 Per Day In 2019 Anywhere In The World

10 websites where you can make over $100 a
day. Anywhere in the world. In this video, I’m going to be going over how you can make
money selling handmade goods, doing basic tasks, shooting videos, writing, reading,
skilled tasks, online sales, selling websites, taking photos and doing online advertising.
All of these sites, you can make $100 a day. Stay tuned, I’m going to go over all of this
right here on my computer showing you how you can get started. People, there’s so much
money on the internet. If you’re not taking advantage of all the opportunities, you’re
missing out. I’m going to go over 10 different websites where you can be making $100 a day
anywhere in the world and get started doing a lot of basic stuff. So, the first thing
I’m going to go over is handmade goods. You can make money on handmade goods actually
with amazon. And if you come over here to my computer, you’ll see it’s actually called
amazon handmade. This is a new offering from amazon that allows you to basically do handcrafted
goods and sell them on amazon. And amazon will help push your products for you and sell
them. And you just apply to sell right here. And that’s how you get started. So, whatever
it is you’re making. Whether it’s just something your grandmother used to make or knitted sweaters.
You can find lots of products to make. Here’s somebody that’s making some unique plant holders
using wood. There’s a lot of great ideas and you can be an artist in online, make your
own products and sell them on amazon. How awesome is that? The next real basic thing
you can do to make money online is basic tasks. Just doing work on a site called fiverr.com.
That’s fiver with 2 R’s. If you check over here, online, you’ll see there’s a lot of
jobs you can do on fiverr. Such as logo design and digital marketing related activities.
Writing and translation, video animation. You know, music & audio, programming, technology,
business & lifestyle stuff. Anything you want. You know, data entry, virtual assistant. There’s
people looking for tasks and all these different categories. And if you can do, you can look
though this site and see if there’s any sort of tasks you can post up and offer to do to
people. You can make a hundred dollars a day very easily. There are many people buying
and selling products on Fiverr all the time and you can get started pretty quickly. The
next way to make a hundred dollars a day is YouTube videos. So, YouTube is actually a
great site. I’m not going to go to much YouTube right now. But creators like me who gets subscribers.
you know, you can either do videos that teach people how to do something specific or you
could just vlog about your life and relationships and the funny things that happen to you along
the way. And you can make money from YouTube ads. Google ads technically. But basically,
you can make money from the ad revenue. And it’s not very hard to make a hundred dollars
a day. You need a lot of subscribers but you can get started just by using your camera
phone and vlogging for a while and it’s not unrealistic to make 100 dollars a day. A lots
of Youtubers are making quite a bit of money, The top YouTubers are making millions upon
millions of dollars per year and it’s definitely a good thing to aspire to. Now, the next section
is writing. So, I mean how awesome is that? Just by typing on your computer you can make
a lot of money. Well, writing, the way you would make money there is actually also amazon,
okay? So, amazon offers a service called kindle direct publishing. And you can self publish
ebooks on amazon’s marketplace and people can buy them from you. It’s very easy to write
an ebook. All you need is a computer and you can start producing your own ebook on topics
that you know, maybe.. It could be fictional stories or they could be a non-fiction books
that help teach people how to do somethings. So, I have my close friends. Have made a lot
of money and I’ve created their entire incomes off of publishing books on amazon kindle.
And it’s a great way to get started if you’re looking to make money online. What’s easier
than just writing, I mean, some of you might not like writing. But point being, it’s easy
and it’s free to get started. You can make money reading? Is that serious? Okay, I’m
going to put a caveat on this one. You can make money reading out loud. Still confused?
Yeah, I didn’t even believe this at first. But there’s a website that you can go to where
you can actually make money simply by reading books. Okay. What you’re doing is you’re actually
working for company called ACX. And what they need is they need book narrators to help them
put read books on audible. So all those audio books you listen to, there is some market
for people who can read well. And you can take advantage of this by basically, you have
to audition. So they show you how it works here. Basically create a profile. You have
to upload samples of yourself. And then you will audition to be their narrator for a book.
Which is pretty exciting. I mean, I didn’t even know this was an option to just read
and make money. The internet is fascinating and this is an awesome way to do things. And
then you just wait for offers to come in and you accept them. And you read books. Get paid.
Can’t be easier than that. The next way you can make money is skilled tasks. So, if you
have certain skills such as accounting or marketing or programming or design, etc, you
can make money. Usually jobs are a little bigger. And you can make more money that on
fiverr with a site called upwork.com. So, upwork.com, this was actually something that
I started out doing when I was trying to find extra ways to make money while I was working
for a job. So, if we check it out up here, this is upwork.com and you see it say, “Hire,
freelancers. Make things happen.” Now, to get started with it you go to the “How it
works link.” And you would click the “If you’re freelancing” area. And as you see, you can
apply as a a freelancer to start making money. Now, that’s what I did. I mean, thousands
of dollars a month through upwork doing work for people on upwork. Specifically I was managing
people’s advertising. But you see there’s a lot of jobs that you can do up here. These
are the major categories. Web development, design, writing, administry of support, customer
service, accounting, etc. So, let say you wanted to do customer’s service for a company.
You could do all sorts of jobs for people. You could be a customer service representative,
technical support specialist, live chat agent, phone support, zen desk consultant, etc. There’s
a lot of option really in every category on upwork. So, that’s pretty exciting. Lot’s
of ways to make money there. Next way you can make money is online sales. And that’s
through website called clickbank. You can sell products and get paid a commission for
every product that you refer sale to. Now, clickbank is what I use to make most of my
money. I’m an affiliate marketer. And I make hundreds of thousand of dollars a month with
clickbank right here. Now, the way you start is you create an account right there. And
the you will go to the market place to find a product that you like. So, you can just
search products. And you’ll see they have over 4,500 products that you can promote and
get paid a commission for for each sale that you refer. So, here’s a weight loss product
called the flat belly fix and you’ll get paid $38.45 just by promoting this. Now, my 6-week
training course, the super affiliate system is also available on clickbank. And if you
want to promote that, you can just search my name on clickbank. And on average you’ll
get pretty good deal of money. $464 dollars. And you just click promote. We pay out over
64 people every single week. You see that here in the gravity. So, a lot of people are
making money by being an affiliates for me. Or you can just take the course yourself and
learn the tactics of how to be an affiliate marketer. We offer the course in multiple
languages. The next way to make money online is through buying or selling websites. And
that’s through website called Flippa. So here we are on flippa.com. It’s kind of funny name.
I like the name. And you can buy or sell all sorts of businesses. I mean what’s kind of
cool is if you want to buy a website that’s already making money, you can actually just
go on flippa and find sites that are already profitable. So, here’s a site called work
on baby. And let’s say you wanted to have a website that was making a thousand dollars
a month. You can buy it. you know, it’s $120,000. But again, you can buy a business that’s already
making money. The other sides of these things is you can sell a business if you want. So,
you can sell businesses on flippa or you can act as a broker. Right? You can find other
people who are interested in selling their business. You can contact website owners and
say, “Hey, John Crestani, would you be interested in selling one of your websites? I can get
you some money for it. I would take 25% cut if I sold it.” You know? I don’t have any
businesses I want to sell. But that’s an example. You can act as a business broker and use flippa
as the place to buy and sell businesses. Or you can sell one of your existing things.
Now, our second to last method of making money is really cool. It’s taking photos. Take the
photo. I mean what a better job than taking photos. And companies like shutterstock over
here iwll actually pay you to take photos because that’s how these photo companies operate.
Is they’ll pay you to post photos on their websites. Now, if you scroll down to the bottom
of shutterstock, you’ll see right here there’s a link that says, “Sell content.” Now, you
can also be an affiliate for the company right here. But this is about taking photos. You
can sell content and click on that link. And you can actually sell them your photos if
you’re taking original photos. It says, “Share your work and start earning money.” Get started.
So really cool stuff. Easy to get paid. And just by taking photos. Now, the last method
to make money online is through online advertising. That’s working with CPA networks such as ads4dough
or above all offers. These are CPA affiliate marketing networks where similar to clickbank,
you can find products that you want to sell and get paid commissions. Well, the difference
is you don’t even have to sell a product with CPA networks. You just have to get people
to take an action. That action could be installing a mobile app or that action could be taking
a survey. Or that action could be signing up for a free trial of some skin care product.
But you don’t actually even have to sell products and you could get paid just to place ads for
them online. It’s pretty exciting. That was a lot of different ways you can make money
online. And I hope you got something from that. Now, if there was a particular item
that stood out to you. That you thought was particularly useful, please make note of it
in the comments below. I’d love to know what’s your interested and what sort of things stood
out to you. Handmade goods, basic task, writing, reading, etc. For me, I was surprised when
I found out personally that you can read books and just make money for that. That seems so
cool to me. Because I love reading books. If you want to learn more about how I make
money for a living and it’s not YouTube, then you can subscribe to my channel and you will
get a free course on what I do which is affiliate marketing. Free video playlist on YouTube.
And hit that notification bell. So, let me know you’re alive and you’ll get updates of
when I put up future videos. Talk to you soon.

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