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10 Things About Shoreline Mafia You Should Know! | Billboard

10 Things About Shoreline Mafia You Should Know! | Billboard

– Hey, this is Billboard, and you should know us,
Shoreline Mafia, come on now. (hip-hop music) Yeah, so we came up with
the name for the band ’cause we the waviest niggas out. – Yeah, yeah. – And then the wave
starts at the shoreline. I grew up in East Hollywood. – I grew up in West Adams.
– East Hollywood. – We were doing a whole
lotta bad shit when we met. (laughs) So we started makin’ music because it just all
kinda went hand-in-hand with shit we was doin’ and everything. – We was just talkin’
’bout what we was doin’. – Yeah, you know, nobody else
was doin’ what we was doin’, so we said might as well
make some music about it. I think our biggest accomplishment would be like, makin’ it in music. – Yeah, just bein’ where
we are, you feel me? – Yeah, shit’s crazy. – We’re doin’ more than, it’s like a one-in-a-million
chance, you feel me? Everything we done so far and everything we’re gonna accomplish. – First place we performed was
somewhere in like Eagle Rock. – Yeah. – Our first real, real show
was at the Observatory. I think one of the differences in music between the east and the
west, probably like the beats. – Yeah, I think that has to be the– – Or how like niggas be dressin’. – Biggest difference. Like, that’s what separates everything. – Yeah, the shows and beats. – Like the beats choice,
producer, you feel me? – My biggest musical
inspiration would probably be– – We sound like Jay-Z, J. Cole type shit, you know what I’m sayin’? – Yeah, Jay-Z, J. Cole be spazzin’. – Kanye West. That “Bitch, I’m a cow, moo!” Doja Cat, Jay-Z, J. Cole, and fuckin’– – Kanye West?
– Nah, Nelly. Best like fan reaction I got, I went into a smoke shop in downtown, and then like the clerk,
like she like looked up and screamed, top of her lungs, freaked me the fuck out.
– For real? – Yeah.
– I got some free McDonald’s. That shit was poppin’.
– That’s hard. – I pulled up to the window
and they said Rob Vicious! I said, aye! – If I had to describe it
completely in one word, it was amazing. – You know how when you
go to McDonald’s, right, you get a McGriddle, and it’s like the perfect pancake bread? That’s what Shoreline Mafia is. – That’s facts, if we were the bread. – That bite into that pancake
bread is like perfect, ain’t no type of like,
chewy or rubbery in it. – The little syrup pockets. – Yeah.
– All that. – Yeah, and it’s really
like hot and it’s poppin’. – If we was a bread we’d
definitely be a McGriddle piece. – For sure. – What inspires our music would be– – Death metal.
– Facts. (laughs) – I don’t know. This shit, life, I guess? ♪ Put ’em both on xanny pills ♪ ♪ Let’s dip and sip ♪

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  2. I hate how everyones on some im to kool type shit but then theres Robs goofy ass not karing bout shit just being himself

  3. Ohgeesy is tripping off the l.s.d cause that's how I get off the l.s.d when am tripping balls he probably pop a tab 1 hour before the interview 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😭

  4. Shoreline can't dress for s***😂 they need somebody to teach them how to dress😂 that's embarrassing. Somebody should tell him to stop wearing that backpack around his chest that shit look stupid as hell😂😂

  5. Oh gheesy hella thizzin cuzzo couldnt sit still and had weird burst outs with his hand and body lol he said he be rollin rollin in these interveiws with my eyes wide open lol or sone shit on WINGS lol these youngin hella wavy tho and i fucz with it heavy jaCCC


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