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10 SIGNS A Woman Wants To Be Approached – HOW TO Tell if She Wants to Talk to You

10 SIGNS A Woman Wants To Be Approached – HOW TO Tell if She Wants to Talk to You

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. Today, we’re showing the 10 signs that a
girl wants you to come talk to her. And because we don’t want you to read the
signs wrong and go in at the wrong time, We’re also showing the 1 thing that should
tell you she definitely DOESN’T want to talk to you. So…. here are the 10 signs a girl wants
you to come up to her + the 1 thing that guarantees she doesn’t 10. The Initial Room Scan There’s a lot of things women will do if they don’t feel like talking,
They’ll cross their arms, they’ll look at their phones and most of all,
They won’t care who is around them: including you. Which means if you catch a woman learning
who’s nearby by scanning across the room, That might be the first sign that she is open
to being approached. 9. She Advertises Vulnerability Whether it’s intentional or unintentional… when a woman really wants to flirt,
One of the first things she’ll do, is show that she trusts you. And what better way…
than to show you her neck? It sounds crazy, but the truth is
exposing her neck to guys she’s interested in is biologically hardwired into her body
language. 8.She Sets Up the Interception Because there just aren’t that many ways she can make it any easier for you…
…if a girl really wants to make sure you that you don’t leave without talking,
One thing she’ll do is hover close by so there’s no way for you to miss her. Basically, she sets a trap and guarantees
you talk. Which means, if you miss it
There may not be another chance like that one for you to come say hi. 7. When You Look, She Preens Preening is when a girl touches herself up to make herself more attractive… And when there’s chemistry in the air, it’s
something that almost every girl does automatically. So if it seems like everytime you look at
her she fixes her hair, adjusts her clothes, or even does something like clean her glasses… …It might be because she can’t help but
love the idea of you taking a look at her. 6.Hair Playing While it may not be a guarantee for all women, if a girl can’t stop playing with her hair
when she’s in your line of sight, It might be because she’s feeling a little
self-conscious and nervous about you seeing her. In fact,
Some women may get so flustered that they even go as far
…As to put it up in a bun or a ponytail without even thinking about it. 5. Exposed Wrists While it may sound surprising and can definitely be hard to catch,
If you notice that you keep seeing her wrists facing your direction,
That just might be a little bit biology at work…and a classic sign that she wants to
talk. Because just like a woman might put her neck
on display for a guy she wants to talk to, Displaying her wrists is another way women
may subconsciously invite attention from guys …And it’s something that most guys instinctively
respond to. 4. Not-So-Hidden Smile Is she smiling? Is she not? That’s a game girls know you’ll want to
play… and one of the ways they’ll use to get you
to and one of the ways they’ll use to get you
to come say hi. So if it seems like she can’t quite seem
to contain her smile after looking at you, That’s probably because she know you’re
looking and wants to initiate a fun, flirtation-filled conversation. Now one thing to remember here, is that eye
contact is important. Because without it,
You may find out real quick that her smile actually wasn’t meant for you. Just a quick break to remind you that at the
end of this video, We’re going to show one sign that means
a girl DOESN’T want you to approach. So to make sure you don’t approach at the
wrong time, Stay tuned til the end of this video. Now let’s finish with the last 3 on our
list. 3. The Last-Ditch Look About When a girl senses the clock is ticking and she may be losing her chance to talk to you,
One of the last things she’ll do is what’s known as “the look about.” As one of the more desperate methods a woman
might employ, The look about involves a woman randomly walking
up in front of a guy, stopping And appearing confused. Almost as if she’s looking for something
but can’t quite find it. Weird, but effective. So if you see a woman randomly looking for
something directly in front of you, The thing she’s searching for…is probably
your attention. 2. Vocal Proximity Broadcasting Like sending out signals into space to see who picks up on them,
Vocal proximity broadcasting is when a woman says something out loud …that only you could
pick up. In practice, proximity broadcasting is the
vocal equivalent to the look about And is one of the more desperate and bizarre
things a girl might do to get a guy to talk to her. So if you hear a woman say something that
only you could possibly hear, She may be making an attempt to lure you into
a conversation. 1. Confirmation Level Eye Contact Whether it’s because some guys are creepy about eye contact,
Or because it’s just that easy for women to give off the wrong impression,
…girls actually spend a lot of time deliberately avoiding eye contact with guys. Which means, if you find a girl staring at
you and smiling for 2-3 seconds, you can pretty much a guarantee that your
approach is clear for takeoff. En guard! If an approach from you is the LAST thing
a girl wants, She’ll tell you to get lost before you even
try by literally guarding herself with something. She may stand behind a friend or a piece of
furniture, or she may just fold her arms But if you notice her physically putting something
between you and her, That should tell you that that moment is NOT
the time to approach. Those are the 10 signs a girl wants you to
approach and the #1 sign that you definitely shouldn’t. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to let
us know, and give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to click and subscribe. And while you’re here, why not check out
these other powerful videos? Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “10 SIGNS A Woman Wants To Be Approached – HOW TO Tell if She Wants to Talk to You

  1. If you push a woman to much, she will break.

    All women are not the same, like all men are not the same.
    But there are some pattern offcourse.

    “Not to much, nor less” can be used In every thing, be modest.

  2. 2:36 about the wrists. you've got that half baked. By your definition any girl in a t-shirt is interested in me. Her wrists are showing. What you should have said is if the front side of her wrists and palms are facing you it's a promising sign. If she's showing you the back of her wrists it's not a come on, it's a defence posture.

  3. My situation: that's a girl that I like a lot at university, I know she has a boyfriend because I saw her Instagram account, but she do eye contact and a lot of the signs listed in the video to me very often (we study in the same University library, every single day of the week). I don't know if I should approach her or not. Considering that she is engaged with a guy, why she do that? Is she not satisfied by her BF? Does she want only some attentions? I tried in the past to chat her on Instagram Direct but she didn't respond me.
    In various times I tried to ignore her and viceversa, but, after some days or weeks, we start again the eye contact, or to mirror each other us body languages, for example.
    PS It seems stupid that I haven't started a conversation with her yet, but I am a bit shy, and she is the classic girl that doesn't talk with a lot of people, only with her friends. So, it's not that simple to go to her, say "hi" and start a conversation like a lot of guys/girls do.

  4. Holy SHIT this girl I've been talking in class are constantly doing no.6 every time after I sat down for a few mins. Imma go ask her out…


  5. What almost ALWAYS worked for me is, I would act like the least interested guy in the room (didn't try to talk much to her, if at all) yet, let her catch me staring, then smile when she did. Don't know the psychology behind this method, but I assure you, it worked for me. Another thing that will get her curious about you is, stand out, without being loud and obnoxious (wear a type of shirt no other dudes wear, wear sunglasses on the inside of the building your in – I actually had success with both of these, on multiple occasions -, or something else you can think of to show her that you're "your own man, a leader, an alpha". Lastly, if you start hanging out or dating her and you start to have "those feelings" for her, say it with actions and not words (if she tells you she has a shoe collection, take her to buy shoes one day, without making plans to do it, just "out of the blue". It may not be shoes with the woman you meet, but find out what she likes and let her know that you care enough to listen to what she says by doing something similar). You'll know in time when to verbalize your affections, but at first, ACT them out. I'm not a "player, pimp, lafies' man", etc., but I could go back to any female that I've ever had any kind of relationship with right now (well, most), if I so chose, but I shall never do that to my beautiful wife of 10 years now. Oh yeah fellas, I was a late bloomer, so I didn't really start "hitting it off" with the opposite sex until shortly after I turned 19. This advice probably isn't "fool proof", but it worked a hell-of-a-lot of times for me. The main thing, though, is NEVER SELL YOUR CONVICTIONS ABOUT WHO YOU ARE.

  6. Isn't the degree to which a woman's wrists and neck are exposed, a function of what clothing she is wearing? And wasn't that decision made before she ever met me?

  7. I suspect this video has some good points, but a man's best strategy is to just grow a thick skin and approach all women you're interested in, and not care if you get rejected. That's what I am going to try to do.

  8. this eye contact stuff can be dangerous. i had a girl looking at me in the buss once, i looked backed and smiled. seconds later she yells across half the buss "What the FUCK are you looking at"……. 😐 awkward, never looking at the girl again.
    Had to defend what little dignity i had left, so i quickly replied "i was trying to see the commercial TV, but your giant head was in the way".

  9. sorry but if you are a psychopath that stands still and stares at a girl thinking. am i allowed to talk to her then really…

    First of all if you only care about what you want or just after something then go for it. Or lie and pretend youre mr nice guy.

    If you dont feel like any of that then dont talk to her.

    But approaching a girl isnt like saying do you want to start mating. Maybe if youre using tinder yes but theres a whole range of people out there so theres not really one set of rules.

  10. All these signs can be misinterpreted and lead to trouble. Also, what does it mean if a girl lightly touches your arm while talking to you? Because I had that happen to me but it didn't mean shit.

  11. any woman can have any guy she chooses, men not so easy I'll wait for her to come and strike, a conversation with me. ha

  12. Let her know that the ladies don’t call you Woody because you’ve got a block for a head.

  13. I know how to tell if a woman doesn't want me to approach her. She is a woman. If I need to talk to a woman about something I keep it short and to the point. For example they look lost,or need help or they are the cashier. Very simple. Have not had a girlfriend in almost 18 years and I feel much better than the few years I did date.

  14. Guys, if there's one thing I've learned about women over the years is never take advise from women about women. The less you know and care about women – without being arrogant obviously – the better. Get on with building a life, cause guys that's what women really want… and if a woman doesn't out right say she wants to be with you or whatever don't bother. "Looking for the signs" will scare women away!!!

  15. ये बहनचोद के बच्चे सब मिलकर हमको चूतिया बना रे हैं ।

  16. Women aren't complicated. If she want's to be alone with U and she makes eye contact with U then she wants U. If her pupils dilate she is VERY interested in U.

  17. In pursuit of lifes joys, boys will be girls and girls will be boys. Its so hard to know what to do, when you dont know who you're talking to. Steve Goodman

  18. Every woman is about me, me ,me. If you don't do want they want all hell breaks lose. Wait when they make the perfect robot female that is made for you.

  19. There was this girl at the gym who used to make a lot of eye contact with me. She would always smile at me and run her fingers through her hair when we would lock stares. One day at the smoothie bar, she approached me and grabbed my crotch unannounced. I wasn't sure if she liked me so I asked if she wanted a smoothie, but by god she would just not let go of my junk. I walked back to the car and she still had all of it in the grasp of BOTH her hands now, I assumed she was helping me find my car keys (it was kinda difficult to get the keys out of my pocket with her fingers around my dong, tho). I asked if she wanted a ride, but I was confused when she said "do YOU want one?". I've been all over YouTube trying to figure out what all of this meant with her. What should I do??

  20. As a single alpha I know only 1 thing about girls and their response of conversation
    Any random girl that the men finds she hot: I have boyfriend
    This mother fking answer never changed for me last 25 years mostly 90% I'll be nice to them cause I thought women's are gentle creatures but they really dont care someone who really like them they just dont wanna know you more cause they busy building relationships based on lies, I mean how we get to know each other without a simple dinner obviously never cause she busy lying at beginning if you saw some hot girl and you ask for her out if she tells you she have boyfriend she taken or single whore.

  21. I didn't even watch this. But the title? Don't pander to women. Let them approach you. But if they don't you're better off anyway.

  22. My girlfriend is moving to Qatar in 20 days. I'm literally so sad, and she isn't coming back for about 5 years. I'm so gutted.

  23. Not saying this stuff isn’t exaggerated abit in general, although watching the odd video always seems to jog my memory to random times I missed something like 5 years ago, but this stuff isn’t as relevant in countries like Ireland. People in general just aren’t as outgoing or confident as our american counterparts in my humble opinion, and signs form this type of video in general just aren’t as obvious

  24. Don't even wait for a sign. Just man up and approach. Show confidence.
    If you do, she'll probably become attracted to you even if she didn't notice you initially.
    If you're hesitant to approach, look up a program called "Unbreakable Confidence" (pick the top result)
    Those guides will help you shift your mindset and get rid of your insecurities.
    You'll probably find it much easier to get a girlfriend after reading those.

  25. Whyy doesn’t the woman just come up and start it? Or maybe find a reason to start it? Love how women think men are telepathic. No we’re logical people.

  26. I'd rather talk to myself, thanks. It makes me appear crazy, thus stopping them from bumming rent money offa me.

  27. I'd rather talk to myself, thanks. It makes me appear crazy, thus stopping them from bumming rent money offa me.

  28. I always get women approaching me that have boyfriends! Wtf is up with that?? And they always seem to flirt or want to get to know me.
    Can someone explain please, why hot! Taken! Women approaching me??

  29. Had a girl do 3 to me at the gym but I was in excersise mode. From a distance I saw her stare my way so i smiled but kept working out. Rule of thumb when working out dont get distracted lol

  30. Regarding eye contact; what about anyone that is eye-avoiding? You know, like we can't look into your eyes because we can see through the windows and see your soul (silly as that sounds)? I have a terrible time making or retaining eye contact, because eye contact is creepy to me, regardless who I communicate with. It sucks having this, because who knows how many lost opportunities happened because I have this mental condition which I have a hard time acting like a normal human being; further enforced by the societal norms of "attack those who you think are weird". Yeah, doesn't help us much, and also makes keeping normal contact with women exponentially more difficult. It's not a lack of interest, we just * KNOW * we're gonna get hurt. So STANDOFF-MODE ONLINE. In cases like this, some of us are better approached, than to approach. If you can get past our standoff defense measures, and win our trust, only THEN can you communicate with us proper. Ironic huh? You may have to approach some guys like a guy is expected to approach a woman. You brought that upon yourselves there too, Ladies; what with EQUALITY and all.

  31. #8 is 100% right.

    The one not listed, I have found to be true. If she engages with you and plays with her hair. That one has actually happened to me every time I noticed it. We ended up dating.

  32. I don't want to wait for signs. I want to approach a woman that I FIND ATTRACTIVE. You can't just love any girl you see on the streets. Life is not a game.

    Although, thanks for the tips.

  33. I’m a retired engineer and a veteran, I ain’t never been married. I have given up, but I still love the self help you tube vids. Keep up the good work!

  34. I had met this girl and I just kept like turning her way because she was so pretty and she then looked at me and we made eye contact and she smiled at me then she sang infront of the audience and she said “I WANNA SEE WHERE YALL FROM” so then she quickly turned to me and asked and I responded but I was nervous so then she saw me bring a instrument and she wanted one of those but not that type so she had asked my dad where they sell them and she stood by me and looked at me and smiled and my dumb nervous self was so late I smiled when she had already turned around and I missed my chance and I just can’t stop thinking about her and I feel sad now

  35. Yeah, I guess it's men's job to decipher women's non verbal messages now. They do not have the guts to walk up and talk to us so they make men work for it. Guys you are all suckers.

    , commitment is dead because
    there is not one state in the union that recognizes marriage as a binding
    contract. It is called no fault divorce. When she has your baby she is locked
    into your income for 20 years. She can leave anytime she wants and take the kid
    with her. You may get time with your kid but your will have to pay her for20
    years. Also we shell out more for dating and we buy the ring, so much for
    equality, huh guys? If you have to have a relationship then at least have your
    own place and do not live with her. Also, you can have kids but not through
    her. You can adopt or go through surrogacy. protect yourself.

  36. Hahaha I know the last one my ex who left me for someone else was hiding from me in a pharmacy after we accidentally crossed paths. As I walked out I teased her while she hid in the other isle nice shelf your wearing today watching her squirm was so fun 😂😂😂

  37. This channel has gotten me in deep shit…..I now face two sexual harressment lawsuits by women who claims I was going up to them and being suggestive…..this channel and the advice are pranks to get men into deep waters

  38. None of these make logical sense as a means of trying to get someone to talk to you, which is why it makes complete sense this are tactics women would do.

  39. If a girl flips her jugs out at you, and lets you do a motor boat sound in between them, then she's prolly no playing with a full deck.

  40. To be honest there was a time I was in Spain 🇪🇸 in a restaurant and this girl was making 2-3 seconds stares at me every 6:8 seconds and she had a smile 😊 on her face

  41. Watching right now made me realize that the girl I always encounter in the train station was giving me all the green lights for me to approach her! We don't really know each other, I just see and walk pass her once or twice a week in the station, but the preening/hairplay part she did that the last time we walk passed by each other, I mean it's very subtle but I noticed it, add to that a few weeks back while waiting for the train I heard and audible sigh beside me and there she is, this will infuriate everyone but I just look away and stare blankly at the rails and continue my deep thoughts.

  42. The many layers of female manipulation.
    Baiting you then calling you creepy.
    Simple solution:dont talk to the idiots.
    Do your own thing. Let them talk to their cats.


  44. When men approach woman they look for 5 characteristics – when a woman approaches a man they look for 299 verification attributes + his Bank account details.

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